"Elvis was surrounded by the first wave of what would become known as the Memphis Mafia." Ewan McGregor Is In A Happy Relationship With Mary Elizabeth Winstead After The End Of His 22 Years Long Marriage! They wrote about Presley's years of prescription drug abuse which eventually led to his death.

For example, he would rent an entire movie theater to watch a film. Will the children of Lisa Marie Presley be able to attend grandfather Elvis Presley’s 85th birthday celebrations in Memphis! 7 unknown facts about Joe Biden’s daughter-in-law! [2] At that time Judy Spreckels seems to have been the only woman. In the photo from 1957 of Elvis cutting hair, that is the late GENE SMITH….not Billy Smith. I don’t know how you can look any better, but he did.”. "[14], When Presley emerged as a major celebrity in 1956, he was constantly besieged by adoring fans and the press, making a normal lifestyle impossible. “Crossing the footlights, revealing the legendary singer as a man preparing for an emotional career comeback, the fans who travelled from all over the world for this history-making event.... and the electrifying live performance of the man who gave us rock 'n' roll.”. Charlie Hodge harmonized with Elvis, played background acoustic guitar, and gave him scarves and beverages during concerts, as well as being responsible for inspecting each stage layout before the concert. The official synopsis for the documentary film reads: “To celebrate 85 years of Elvis Presley and 50 years since the film’s original 1970 release, the King returns to cinemas – remastered – with Elvis: That’s The Way It Is, an unmissable event for fans around the world. Many people were employed with the group through the years but some of the more prominent members were Joe Esposito, Lamar Fike, Alan Fortas, Marty Lacker, Billy Smith, Richard Davis, Red West, Sonny West, Dave Hebler, Al Strada, Dr. Nick, Larry Geller, Charlie Hodge, Jerry Schilling, Sam Thompson and Gene Smith. Lamar Fike handled Elvis' stage lighting. The most publicized fallout came when Vernon Presley fired Elvis' longtime friends Red West and Sonny West on July 13, 1976.

[7] Elvis' wife Priscilla, helped with the creation of this logo on a flight through stormy conditions. Over the years, Elvis Presley dated many beautiful women from Linda Thompson and Ginger Alden to his only wife Priscilla Presley. They speculated that Elvis has done facelifts and also dyed his hair to look younger and more charming. Vernon Presley suffered a heart attack in the spring of 1975, just two years before Elvis' death. Billy Smith, the cousin of Elvis Presley talks about his cosmetic surgeries and rumors of his webbed toes! Presley's rapid financial deterioration was partly a result of his divorce from Priscilla Presley, which was finalized on October 9, 1973. Most of all, Elvis was concerned his daughter Lisa Marie Presley, would be adversely affected by the contents of the book. Elvis Presley’s mother was Gladys Smith and her elder brother’s son is Billy Smith. “It was hard, it had to be heartbreaking.”. They were a big family and Elvis lived in a "milieu of a protective brotherhood. In 2007, Sonny West released Elvis: Still Takin' Care of Business, which was a softer look at his relationship with the King. [18] Each Christmas all Presley employees received bonus checks. Go to the lounges, see Fats Domino, Della Reese, Jackie Wilson, the Four Aces, the Dominoes – all the old acts. There were a lot of rumors circulating at the time that Elvis was alive. The Members of the Memphis Mafia had specific jobs. Elvis and the Colonel discussed offering Red West and Sonny West a monetary settlement in return for a written agreement the book would not be published, and their experiences with Elvis, on stage and off would remain confidential. This first referred to their image, as they usually cruised the city in black mohair suits and dark sunglasses.

This included Marty Lacker, Jerry Schilling, and Lamar Fike.[19]. But how true are these rumors? Nick Adams and his gang came by the suite all the time, not to mention the eccentric actor Billy Murphy, longtime friend of John Wayne and Robert Mitchum".

... Know about their married life, children, net worth, biography. Since the emphasis was on large and potentially lethal fireworks, everyone had to wear air force jump-suits plus gloves, helmets, and goggles. Billy revealed that Elvis had two facelifts in his lifetime. Elvis Presley was a great actor and pop singer. "[20] Gerald Marzorati says that Elvis "couldn't go anywhere else without a phalanx of boyhood friends.

Billy Smith net worth is.

“And it didn’t mean that he didn’t love each one of them, because he did.”, READ MORE: Elvis Presley’s cousin on TRUTH of facelifts, dyed hair, webbed toes, Jo said: “I think he loved all the women…most of all the women.”, While Billy added: “He just loved women.”. All about Joe Biden’s Family History! Presley had the tail of his private jet painted with the initials "TCB" and a lightning bolt and gave away gold and diamond chain necklaces with TCB (and TLC) logos as gifts. Since the late 1970s, some former members of the Memphis Mafia have written books on Elvis. Another game was called the 'Whip' game. Presley and his friends and employees also adopted the acronym TCB which meant "Taking Care of Business". “On July 31, 1969, in Las Vegas, Nevada, Elvis Presley staged a triumphant return to the concert stage from which he had been absent for almost a decade.”. Priscilla Presley said these employees were paid an average of $250 per week during the 1960s, which rose to $425 per week in the 1970s, however one pay stub does exist that showed a weekly pay of only $35 for the '63-65 era.

[15] These threats were kept out of the press for fear of triggering even more.[16]. The guys were fired, but not by Elvis in person. For instance, they were employed to work for him as bodyguards or on tour logistics and scheduling. Over the years they were joined on the payroll by Alan Fortas, Richard Davis, Marty Lacker, Jimmy Kingsley, "Chief" Ray Sitton, Jerry Schilling, Mike Keeton, Dave Hebler, Sam Thompson and numerous others.[5]. Priscilla sketched out the design on note paper; positioning the letters and lightning bolt in various ways before they found what they liked. [9] According to Patrick Humphries, they "acted as Elvis' bodyguards, babysitters, drug procurers, girl-getters, mates and car buyers." An agreement was not reached, and when Elvis received a copy of the book entitled Elvis, What Happened? Also, the photo of Lisa Marie & Elvis IS photo-shopped.

Some members of this inner circle became close friends who served as replacements for the normal everyday friendships Presley's fame would not allow. One more mistake: The guy sitting in front of Graceland is NOT Elvis….it’s the late David Scott who played the teen-age Elvis in “This Is Elvis” – sadly, he committed suicide in 1993. His wife continued: “He was just not the type to be with one woman. David Icke, former footballer and COVID-19 conspiracy theorist: His Twitter account permanently suspended! She says that she "was with him and the guys all the time." Meanwhile, this year marks the 50th anniversary of Elvis That’s The Way It Is. Sometimes he would have a bad dream and come looking for me to talk to, and he would actually fall asleep in our bed with us. Among Memphis natives, he was most known for renting out the entire Memphis amusement park Libertyland in order to ride his favorite roller coaster the Zippin Pippin. order back issues and use the historic Daily Express The first one was in 1957 and the other one in 1975. But now his cousin Billy Smith and his wife Jo, who lived near Graceland and were part of his inner circle, have revealed a “heartbreaking” truth surrounding his relationships. This so-called Bodyguard book came from the West cousins and Dave Hebler. Elvis used to sit in Billy’s room and chat for hours.

“He didn’t put all his eggs in one basket. They drove bumper cars in Las Vegas Valley, rode horses in California and hung out at Graceland. and a newspaper reporter picked up the story. She describes herself as having been like a sister to Elvis, a companion, confidante and keeper of secrets in the exciting days of his early career.

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