scoped, depending on barrel Magazine capacity: Cartridge dependent Length of pull: Adjustable from 14 to 15.25 in. Using thumb and finger to press inward on wing latches at the sides of the frame drops the assembly into your hand.

After chatting with the Blaser folks, I think I might have found a definite answer. Switching from shooting an over-and-under to a side-by-side shotgun.

While most of the R8 rifles have a more traditional, pistol-grip-style stock, the R8 Ultimate uses a thumbhole-style design with a palm swell grip and a nicely textured grip.

The wheeled cardboard target has two full-size, back-to-back, head/neck/shoulder/rib cage areas of a bull moose with the nose of one pointed left and the other to the right. In the middle of the recoil pad on the left side is another spring-loaded button to raise the recoil pad up and down. I enjoy the craftsmanship and hand touches of a Gewehr 98 Mauser or pre-1964 Winchester Model 70.

From .22 LR to .470 NE, I’ve got a rifle for just about any occasion. The barrel is retained by just two captive bolts within the lower portion of the action. It sounds complicated—and it is—but the rifle I shot worked to perfection. All rights reserved.

They were of turn-bolt design, and it was not long before military powers began taking a serious look at making them faster to operate. The Standard group currently consists of 21 different cartridges ranging from .22-250 to 9.3x62 Mauser.

Hook a finger into the front of the magazine, press inward on its left-hand side with the thumb and lift it out.

While I was at the Dallas Safari Club convention, I wandered past the Blaser booth and paused to consider the benefits of owning a rifle capable of covering all—or at least nearly all—the bases. The best load was Federal’s 165-grain Fusion load, which put three shots into just over ½ MOA. Because the cartridge has to be struck on the edge of its rim rather than in the center, the centerfire firing pin strikes an offset striker located in the bolt head. Adjustable buttstock allows a supreme fit.

It was apparent from the first group that this gun was a shooter. Some of the cartridge groups are quite large. Blaser use their own straight-pull system, which requires a rearward pull on the bolt handle to unlock the bolt – if you are not used to it, you try to lift the bolt handle. The Blaser R8 really needs no introduction. Accuracy was quite good. And speaking of that, regardless of the number of times bolt heads and magazines were switched or a barrel was taken off and put back on, the rifle never strayed from its zero. The 2019 introduction of the .22 Long Rifle option makes the R8 more versatile than ever.

How to deal with eye dominance when shooting, How to choose the right cartridge for your shotgun, Country hotels offering shooting facilities, Clay pigeon shooting tips and terminology.

The road to the famous Remington 700 rifle was paved with classics like the models 725 and 30s. Design limitations required reducing the number of locking lugs to 10, but that’s more than enough to handle the .22 LR cartridge. Rotating the bolt head a few degrees will free it for removal.

I had a couple of Federal loads, a pair for Sig Sauer and a Nosler factory load that I’m particularly fond of. America’s first and only military rifle of that type was the Lee Straight-Pull of 1895 in 6mm Lee Navy.

Left-side-eject bolt heads are available. The mount attaches to opposing notches machined into the barrel. The barrel is screwed to the forend with two Allen-head bolts; the manual indicates that “finger-tight” is sufficient. A worn walnut stock, replete with the scars of many hunting adventures, grabs my attention. Then, the two rails of the bolt assembly (with the proper bolt head installed) are slid into the rear slots of the receiver. Most of the rifles were Sako turn-bolts in .30-06 or .308 Win., but mine was in 9.3x62 Mauser. This unit contains the cocking/de-cocking lever. It also spawned an entire family of cartridges. If you appreciate flexibility, I can’t think of a better system for you than the Blaser R8 Ultimate. How to buy a decent shotgun for under £500. Blaser R8 Black Edition rifle. This rifle can send the lead downrange faster than any turnbolt and second only to an auto-loader.

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