New paper explores “Rebalancing Rights”.

“After all, he was responsible for the country’s electric car revolution to begin with. Receive investor kits and email updates from Stockhouse and directly from these companies. ... filling up a conventional car with a large gas tank can cost $40 or more. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. “And it’s using ‘Blue Gas’ to make that transition possible.

“It doesn’t involve lithium or batteries or rare earths. By clicking any link on this page you are giving your consent for us to set cookies. Australia's plunging wind, solar, storage costs stun fossil fuel industry, BHP has rights; why shouldn’t the Great Barrier Reef? All of the fuel cell stocks have gone bonkers at one point or another in the past few months, driving this particular one up above $10 for a while (the stock touched $12 last week, though it’s below $10 again now)… so what’s the story? Especially now as green hydrogen begins to attract the attention of policy makers and technology funders. Eventually it would allow us to burn coal with no climate impact. So who’s our little target? Need to check Hyundai as they were going to promote the whole country to hydrogen. @ Copyright RenewEconomy 2018. But this has nothing to do with either. And like all new transportation fuels or strategies, the easiest way to start is with local fleet vehicles — garbage trucks, delivery trucks, and other vehicles where fuel is a major cost and where they travel in a small enough area that they can depend on a very limited refueling infrastructure. 22 mins Tactile Systems Technology, Inc. (TCMD) CEO Dan Reuvers on Q3 2020 Results – Earnings Call Transcript Seeking Alpha 26 mins Inspire Medical Systems, Inc. (INSP) CEO Tim Herbert on Q3 2020 Results – Earnings Call Transcript Seeking Alpha 29 mins Asian stocks stay bid before US elections, ASX 200 gains over 2.0% on RBA’s action FXStreet This gas can then be processed into liquid hydrocarbon fuels through the use of a Gas-to-Liquid unit. use cookies on this site. But then with a marketing makeover, this familiar hydrogen product gets a new name: blue hydrogen.

Stay on top of sector specific news, get industry leaders insights and our best content, delivered to your email. Green hydrogen can be used in the manufacture of steel and other metals and chemicals, and in other industrial processes. Green hydrogen may even have some transport applications. What makes the “blue” version different than regular hydrogen is that it’s produced by a carbon neutral process that uses natural gas alongside carbon capture and storage. They’re still around, and still generally growing revenue, but their share prices are down ~90% from their story-driven highs of early 2012, and I’d be surprised if they regain those highs in my lifetime. “Takes under five minutes to refill. People are sick of the price games at the fuel station So, is there a way to deal with, in one stroke, the fossil-gas industry’s two problems: 2.The rising popularity of renewable (green) hydrogen?

As with Plug Power and Fuel Cell and the rest of the industry, presumably a lot of the future for Ballard depends on what governments or larger companies do to push forward with hydrogen fueling stations… either in China or the US, or elsewhere… and whether alternative energy makes it far enough that generating, storing and transporting hydrogen ends up being efficient and feasible on a large scale (the government lays out some of the challenges here, in case you’re curious). “One energy legend, now known as the ‘father of fuel cell technology’, made a historic discovery that put…, “Fuel Cells on the Inevitable Path to Energy Dominance”, And he talks about some fuel cell stocks that surged last year, Plug Power (PLUG), Proton Power Systems (PPS on the AIM in London), and Hydrogenics… and Hydrogenics was bought by Cummins (CMI), which leads Mengel to anticipate a “buyout surge” that will lead to a takeover frenzy for his favorite secret stock….

An email was sent with password retrieval instructions. We finally get a few clues…, “… the $3 tech stock that first began this revolution 40 years ago.”, “This Is More Lucrative Than Any Pot Stock I’ve Recommended, “Even more than Bitcoin and other cryptos…, “That’s because it’s moving to the epicenter of the trillion-dollar electric vehicle revolution…, “A historic trillion-dollar energy shift that’s already transforming the way that millions power their cars…”, That “40 years ago” bit is relevant, this company is somehow connected to the “father of fuel cells”…. There’s an interesting Bloomberg interview with Ballard’s CEO Randy MacEwen here, essentially pointing to 2021 or 2022 as the first time investors begin to envision a future profit for BLDP, and 2025 as the forecasted beginning of the rapid growth trajectory that he envisions. And thanks for that, because as the kids in our streets and various United Nations committees remind us, we have very little time left to fix our climate mess. More Australian drivers embrace electrified cars, as hybrid SUV sales triple, Tesla refunds thousands for Model 3 as port chaos causes delivery delays.

We get this…, “… after signing $200 million worth of deals with China’s largest engine and auto parts companies…, “It’s the frontrunner for the world’s biggest fuel cell market…. For more information, read our disclaimer and privacy policy.

“My research shows that one $3 stock at the epicenter of the ‘Blue Gas’ revolution is set to trade higher than Tesla. It sure saves time . “The ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles, two of the nation’s largest shipping points, are now deploying a fleet of “Blue Gas” trucks…”.

What's the big payout teased by Jimmy Mengel for The Crow's Nest? So as once we waited for clean coal, we now wait for blue hydrogen.

Indeed, it’s only the plunging cost of electricity generated by the sun and wind that now point us to the end of coal. I consent to receiving investment related electronic messages from Stockhouse and the companies selected. “Just to round it out, it purchased a mere 40 trucks from Tesla…. The article above says Jan 2020 even then it was between $9 and $11 but it’s $18 now.

“That’s why the beer giant recently bought 800 tractor trailers fueled by ‘Blue Gas.’. It’s come up with “blue hydrogen”. “And when this guy speaks, the Chinese government acts. You remember “clean coal?” It bought the coal industry an extra decade of social licence. The equivalent of sweeping under the carpet. This must be little Ballard Power Systems (BLDP)… which is not a $3 stock anymore, and hasn’t been for more than six months (it was right around $7 the first time I saw this teaser ad, about six weeks ago), but it is connected to (the late) Geoffrey Ballard, the father of the fuel cell and founder of the company… and it would not be surprising if they just repurposed the spiel from a recommendation that was made a few months earlier to Jimmy Mengel’s subscribers (that’s just a guess, but it’s pretty common practice for newsletter ad copywriters). But here’s the really special part about blue hydrogen: it comes with a recognisable fossil-industry claim. “It doesn’t involve solar, wind, water, biofuels, or any other form of renewable energy you’ve heard of. “You see, this gas station is at the epicenter of a $2.5 trillion revolution in energy. Geoffrey Ballard left active management at Ballard Power almost 20 years ago, and, in fact, formed another company that was subsequently sold to Plug Power, another oft-touted fuel cell company, but he certainly left a legacy at BLDP. So that sounds perfect, right? And apparently there is some progress in building out the infrastructure…. The most-requested teaser to start this fresh new year is probably the Blue Gas/Tesla Killer one from Jimmy Mengel, in an ad for The Crow’s Nest ($99/yr) — and today I’m finally getting to it. One thing is korea had 3 or 4 hydrogen fueling stations and 2 blew up.

“Unlike batteries… the engine technology behind ‘Blue Gas’ is: “In the race for clean trucks, trains, and buses, “Blue Gas” is second to none.”, A big part of the reason why he thinks it’s going to be big is that China is pushing fuel cell tech forward…, “China’s ‘Elon Musk.’ recently made a stunning announcement…, “In short, he called for a complete shift in China to ‘Blue Gas.’. And he goes into why hydrogen fuel cells are a better option….

", What's being teased as "the next Canopy Growth? “That’s almost the entire company’s shipping fleet. Thanks for doing the research to figure out which company this promoter is talking about. The stock has been teased in the past as fuel cell excitement has heated up, and it has surged a few times before — particularly in 2014 and 2017. “And I’ve identified the next big takeout target…, “The tiny $3 stock I mentioned today, the one founded by the innovator behind the fuel cell revolution.”, Other clues about this one $3 stock?

is being commissioned in southern California, all for the idea of “blue” and “green” hydrogen, Game Changing Battery Metals Co Announces Acquisition to Bring Patented BMS Technology to North & South America, Europe and Africa, Yellowknife Gold Project Announces “High-Grade” Drill Results with More to Come, BC’s Golden Triangle: Aggressively Positioned Player Takes Fresh Approach, 1st Canadian PubCo to “Complete Legal Harvest of Psilocybe Mushrooms”, The Gold Fast Track: From Exploration to Pilot Production in Three Years, Drilling at the Tamarack Project by Talon Metals Points Towards a New Zone of Shallow Nickel Mineralization Outside of the Company’s 43-101 Resource Area, Valeant Pharmaceuticals Securities Settlement: Purchasers of common shares or notes may be affected, The Profitable Plant-Based Psychedelics Mushroom & Cannabis Extractor Company NOW TRADING, $40M in Appraised Water Assets and Breakthrough Technology to Solve Global Water Supply Issues, MILL PURCAHSED: A Portfolio Of Near-Term Production Projects & Cash Flowing Assets, Focusing On Copper, Gold & Silver, The Legal Premium Magic Mushroom Wave Could Soon be Worldwide, The Plant-Based / Psychedelics Hybrid Co. “Positioned For Growth”, The Game-changing FinTech Company You Need to Know About, Buzz on the Bullboards: Markets React to Uncertainty Over US Election Outcome, Aurora shares dip in wake of USD$500M shelf prospectus announcement, EnviroLeach Secures Supply Chain with Middle Eastern Partnership, Naturally Splendid Gets Green Light to Begin COVID-19 Phase 2 Clinical Trial, Banking & Fintech set to Evolve with These New Platforms, Meet Mining’s ‘Prospect Generator’ that’s Generating Real Buzz, New Jersey voters approve legal cannabis ballot question.

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