Rocky Dabscheck is a musician/songwriter and front person for Rocky and The Two Bob Millionaires. Support independent journalism Subscribe to IA. To keep us speaking truth to power, please consider donating to IA today - even a dollar will make a huge difference - or subscribe and receive all the benefits of membership. MORRISON: What the fuck have you done? You say it is the same as a Blue Grenadier, but the shop where I bought BG last week had a different looking fillet in the next tray, called Hoki. MORRISON: You know I prefer Thai green curry, but we’ve got to shore up our stocks in WA, so I want you to spread the word, back in your home state — I deferred to your preference for Indian curry. MORRISON: No formalities here.

(Morrison puts his spoon into the simmering Rogan Josh, has a taste and instantly spits it out.). Atlantic Salmon. When introducing new foods, watch closely to see if it's eaten. CASH: Pity I’m not still the Minister for Employment.

Limit to one serve (150g) per week – orange roughy (deep sea perch) or catfish, with no other fish eaten that week. Butter Chicken; Rogan Josh; Vegetable Masala and naan. MORRISON: Yes. The Hoki was thinner and had smaller "leaves" than the Blue G. anon25712 yesterday . Fish will rarely eat left over flake food on the bottom of the aquarium, and scavengers would have eaten it if they were still hungry. He looks like he is eating his way through the Elvis Presley cookbook.

MORRISON: Do not use his name in vain, ever. But see that whiteboard over there? It is best when feeding your fish, to do it in small amounts, not more food than all your fish can completely eat in about five minutes. MORRISON: Did you say, flake?

Butter will make it too heavy. Another great option is frozen food cubes. MORRISON: Finally you get something right.

Better not make the night a dead loss. CASH: Yes. MORRISON: You’re asking me to trust you?!

I’m not eating this crap. In addition to flakes and pellets, there are also freeze-dried foods such as krill, tubifex, and shrimp.

This is a problem, unless you take quick action. Yes, it’s very good, Prime Minister. You don’t use butter.

Dr. Nick Saint-Erne has worked in veterinary hospitals treating a variety of animals, including zoo animals and exotic pets for over 35 years. It can be very confusing, but just remember most aquarium fish are omnivorous. Some manufacturers package several types of flakes in a single can.

MORRISON: Yes. Frozen foods are made from a variety of ingredients, such as brine shrimp, worms, vegetables and algae. Love the hair. For older fish, less protein is better. If the wafer hasn't been consumed within 24 hours, remove the remainder so it doesn't foul the tank. (Cash sheepishly steps out from behind the whiteboard.). (A forlorn Cash retrieves most of the cloves from the pot. This gives you a higher chance of supplying the proper nutrients, while introducing variety into the diet. Tubifex generally comes in cubes, which can be firmly pressed to the inside glass of the tank. It’s Vegetable Masala, not butter masala. I highly recommend trying one of them. Help us sharpen our knuckledusters. MORRISON: But what? Until you get a feel for how much flake food your fish will eat, you may over-feed the aquarium. You ate Red Rooster chicken in front of that loser Turnbull, that big-time Roosters supporter? The best protein comes from, you guessed it, other fish. Brittle, crisp batter encases blue grenadier or gummy flake (there may also be barramundi) that, like the fat, fluffy, hand-cut chips made with locally grown spuds, is fried in cottonseed oil.

However, like all good things; too much, too little, or the wrong type of protein can cause problems.

Dr. Saint-Erne is is part of The Spruce Pets' veterinary review board. You'll enjoy seeing them tear into it - they almost look like a pack of wolves. CASH: Jesus, Scott — I was only trying to lighten the mood.

Using freeze dried, frozen or pelleted food along with the flake food provides great nutrition for all types of fish. CASH: Always good to see you Prime Minister. They both move to the dining room to consume their meal.). Holiday and Vacation Fish Care and Feeding. Keep ‘em honest. On average, you will find 10 to 20 formulas and brands of flake foods, another dozen or so granular foods, a variety of pellet foods and a freezer full of frozen foods, all marketed for feeding your fish. MORRISON: Finally you get something right. CASH: Yes. MORRISON: Which fish with your chips?

Fucking terrible! CASH: Of course, Scott.

To keep us speaking truth to power, please consider donating to IA today - even a dollar will make a huge difference - or subscribe and receive all the benefits of membership. Why not? Flakes are ideal for top or mid level feeding fish, while algae wafers and sinking pellets work best for bottom feeders such as plecos.

Look at the Guaranteed Analysis on the food label to see what the protein content is in the food. Here’s what you should consider when choosing flake foods for your fish.

MORRISON: How good is my Butter Chicken looking! Just wait till you taste it. (Morrison loads his plate with Vegetable Masala, takes a mouthful and furiously spits it out.). He is also the author of '42+1: The (Real) Meaning of Life' and ‘Stoney Broke and the Hi-Spenders'. I’ll order a pizza. And I think it is better you address me from now on as Prime Minister.

Fish some of the cloves out of the pan. Sharks. © Copyright 2020 Independent Australia - All rights reserved. Under her armor she stands at 6'2. Well, I’m not him. You must either net the excess food out of the aquarium, or siphon it completely off the bottom and out of the tank. And look where that Commie is now. I could raid Palmer’s office, find some dirt on him and get him to agree with the way we see things. PLEASE DONATE NOW! This video is unavailable. Is Your Fish Omnivore, Herbivore or Carnivore? Some fish only eat vegetable matter. Our free guide can help keep your tank clean and your fish healthy.

CASH: Trust me, Scott. Mmm. Protein is the essential nutrient in the fish diet. Eat 2–3 serves per week – of any other fish or seafood (for example, salmon or tuna).

Tassal, the largest producer of Atlantic Salmon in Australia, has achieved Aquaculture Stewardship Council accreditation for fish grown in their Macquarie Harbour farms. What will you have? MORRISON: Michaelia.

Fish will rarely eat left over flake food on the bottom of the aquarium, and scavengers would have eaten it if they were still hungry.

Your curries are so fucked.

Support IA. Now. Shirlie is a fish and aquarium lover with 16 years of experience writing on the topic of raising and keeping fish at home. {They go to the kitchen, grab the curry ingredients and place them on the bench.). Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Australia License, Queensland poll rejected race 'dog whistles' in media, CARTOONS: Mark David wins hearts and minds, Proposed Commonwealth Integrity Commission would be an LNP weapon, Queensland — it's time to stop swearing at the Queen, Sussan Ley's approval of quarry development set to destroy koala habitat, Biden edges closer – Trump looks weak – after closer than predicted U.S. Election, EDITORIAL: Biden confident, while Trump declares victory (or fraud), Frydenberg and Coalition prioritise Israel, shunning Palestinian aid.

For them it's critical that you provide foods such as Spirulina (algae) flakes. Apperance. Feed your fish a varied diet consisting of a flake food as the main ingredient, as well as a occasional meal of freeze-dried, frozen, or pelleted foods and you can't go wrong. Do not make the mistake of overfeeding when you are feeding your fish, allowing flakes to remain on the bottom! Support IA. No one ever, ever, fucking well eats shark in front of me. MORRISON: I love this kitchen since the reno has been completed. Not bad.

Must have gone into rapture. MORRISON: Check your track record supporting your prime minister of the day. Armor Enhancement: Flak Armor Voice Actor: YouKnowWho: Contents . CASH: All the top Indian restaurants – and I’ve eaten at each one of them – say the secret to a great Rogan Josh is to be generous with cloves. Have you seen him lately? Select a variety of foods, and rotate for each feeding.

MORRISON: Okay. However, you'll find almost all your fish will enjoy a serving of algae. Arizona is the stronger twin, while Montana is the older twin. MORRISON: What is it with you and butter?!

Take care when feeding algae wafers; feed only one at a time and observe how long it takes your fish to eat them.

I’d be crazy to trust you.

CASH: Mmm, indeed. CASH: Fish and chips always goes down a treat.

Get it? [ learn more ]. Blue Grenadier? No one ever, ever, fucking well eats shark in front of me. She has the Mark VI, with a EVA right and left shoulder, and has the CQB chestplate.

But we need your help. Rogan Josh only needs a few cloves at best. The larger the fish the larger its appetite—and its mouth. Fuck this. These are very nutritious - and the fish find them delicious. 384 Brunswick St, Fitzroy, (03) 9417 7740, (also in Hawthorn and Windsor), Your fish will be healthy, colorful and will grow robustly.

So good of you to come. I thought we could knock up a curry meal as we talk.

How’s your Rogan Josh going?

Watch Queue Queue. Keep ‘em honest. Oohynderblubshkookoo. And who do I barrack for? Whiting?

Faites votre choix parmi les films, séries TV, reportages ou documentaires qui seront diffusés ce soir à la télé et concoctez-vous une soirée TV réussie ! Our little mate Clive is stirring up trouble for us west of the Nullarbor. Sharks. Am I your Prime Minister, Leader of the Government? Some large fish, such as the Silver Dollar, are vegetarians even though they look like meat lovers. Get it free when you sign up for the Spruce Pets. CASH: A curry for the country. This gives smaller fish a chance to compete with the larger fish for the food. (Cash lurks behind the whiteboard until the meal is cooked. Become familiar with what your fish eat in nature. You will find them in various sizes, designed to match the size of the fish.

(Morrison dips a spoon into the butter chicken, has a taste and goes into rapture.). This is "Curry in Canberra" not Last Tango in Paris, for God’s sake, Michaelia!

It contains news and opinion from Australia and around the world.

IA punches above its weight. Find alternatives for your seafood recipes here. (Cash, shocked, moves to the whiteboard and seeks refuge behind it.).

Floating and sinking pellets or sticks are a good choice for larger fish such as cichlids. MORRISON: I don’t accept your premise. This is a problem, unless you take quick action. Sharks.

Standard Names: Atlantic Salmon AMCS lists Sea-cage farmed Atlantic Salmon as EAT LESS.

How many cloves did you put in? Until you get a feel for how much flake food your fish will eat, you may over-feed the aquarium. You’ll love it with butter. All you have to do is twist the top to get a different selection. Cash attempts humour with her boss.). You use ghee for Rogan Josh and vegetable oil for Vegetable Masala. Naturally, large fish prefer something larger to eat. Too much protein for mature fish can make them fat and causes fatty liver disease (hepatic lipidosis). MORRISON: Gldbergoogoohabadeeyo. A new fish keeper is faced with a wide variety of foods in the average tropical fish retail establishment. We need YOU! MORRISON: It’s not fucking clove stew, you idiot. Love it!

Select a food that has the first few ingredients listed as fish meal, shrimp, and other seafood on the label. IA is dedicated to providing fearless, independent journalism, free for all, with no barriers.

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