The Sun, Moon and Uranus will all be at 8° which is ruled by Pluto and magnifies the themes of death and rebirth. The number 8 symbolises wealth and prosperity in numerology and in astrology is connected to the eighth house of transformation, inheritance and mysticism. Lunar Magick is one of the most powerful energies we as witches have drawn upon since ancient times. Due to its connection to the divine, the moon is the most important tool that witches use for spell-casting, intentions, and manifestations.

Baths are a great time to enter meditative states, and can be made even more relaxing with scented blue candles and essential oils. Once we do, our passion, determination and the momentum will kick in to carry us along. Tasneem can be reached on Twitter at @MuteRiot, and leads, tips, and releases can be sent to [email protected] If you have a specific way that you like to do this already, go ahead! Maybe even the most powerful night of the year. Meditate and visualise yourself under a magnificent waterfall that both cleanses and removes any negative energy and reinvigorates your spirit. But by now, you should know that all things have an ending. You can also add natural essences and oils. Blessed be! 100% Upvoted. The Wiccan Sabbats and the Wheel of the Year.

This Halloween blue moon in Taurus brings opportunities for change and expansion that you shouldn't miss. This will allow us to see and connect with ghosts, spirits, and our intuition—which makes 2020’s Samhain and Halloween the spookiest night ever. Take a piece of paper and write down the manifestations you thought of in the previous stage for example: ‘I am setting myself free from all financial limitations and burdens’. The moon is associated with the element of water, and has a strong pull on the world’s oceans and seas. This is because the blue moon is not caused by the moon's relationship to other planets.

The presence of Uranus creates very unstable energy that is a lot to work with, even if you’ve been doing this all your life. Protecting: Meditate and visualise yourself in a protective bubble, with an impenetrable sphere of ‘armour’ surrounding you in your bubble. The day of the year that plays host to the 13th full moon is a time of celebration. We will meet with certain issues that have been haunting us face-to-face and rather than being fearful, we should see this as an excellent chance for growth and transformation.

Blessed with empowerment, abundance, divine love and blessings, it is a wonderful blend to offer up to the beautiful Blue Moon. All rights reserved. Apart from the very rare times that the moon actually turns blue due to volcanic dust, a “Blue Moon” is an astrological term for an extra full moon that appears every two to three years. The energy of the moon will be given to the water and crystals. By creating an account you agree to Elephant's Terms and Privacy Policy. It also allows all the participants to feel good when they get all of their feelings out. In fact, in some Wiccan circles, the power of magic cast on the night of a Blue Moon is thought to hold twice its normal potency! Why should I do it? I know you many of you have questions regarding the significance of the Full Moon and how exactly you should be celebrating, so here it is! Unfortunately, the Moon won’t actually be blue in colour, but it will be as magnificent and magical as it sounds. Magically speaking, blue and full moons are amazing opportunities to release and heal. I like to draw the symbol of Jupiter on the side as it represents luck, abundance and expansion. If you take a long walk in the light of the Blue Moon, you could in fact charge yourself with lunar power in the same manner! One of my favorite and most popular spells to cast during any Full Moon is my Fortuna (Powerful Immediate Money Drawing) money spell. Keep in mind that magical baths require us to tap deep within; therefore, you can use any blend of oils, flowers, and herbs that feels right to you.

Fold the piece of paper and place it in your small bowl, jar or bag in front of you. This blue moon is the wind beneath our wings that we have long been waiting for. If you're a Wiccan and you're new to meditation, you might have many questions. However, this one will be heavy and almost chaotic in its energy as Uranus will be … It also has the ability to balance your hormones and address fluid retention. The moon's lack of visibility during the new moon phase can be quite mysterious, but despite its enigmatic darkness, the divine fertility of this lunar phase is like no other. We can start fluttering our wings in preparation for take-off, as if we are willing to take the leap, we will discover that we have the ability to fly high and also to venture out to explore the paths that have been ready and patiently waiting for us. Blue Moon’s carry the same regenerative and healing vibrations as regular Full Moon’s do. To receive its benefits you have to open the channels.

The resulting Moon Water stores lunar energy and vibrations like a battery, and can be used to heal the body and bless various objects. That means you get 12.37 full moons in a year. Take a moment to reflect, meditate and set your intentions. The second of the two Full Moon’s becomes the rare Blue Moon. According to NASA, the next time when a Blue Moon and Halloween coincides will be in the year 2039. {:}{:au}Wicca vs. Druidism: What's the Difference? Rather than saying ‘I hope to improve my finances’ try ‘I will find financial stability and abundance’. We will begin to see that world as quite literally one huge playground of love, fun and adventure and we do not need to remain captured any longer with our wings firmly clipped.

Anyone know if there is any significance to getting married during both of these occurrences? We have to pull the switch—no one else can do it for us. This blue moon is a powerful one and it is signalling that it is time for us to take control and take the power back from areas of our lives that have been roaming free and taking us down a road that lead to nowhere.

☼ no salvati, ✨M E R C U R Y R X✨⁣ And being that this an energetically sensitive time, this spell is super important. Say it clearly in your mind or out loud if you want to. This upcoming Blue Moon will appear in all times zones, making it even rarer. With such importance being placed on the seasons and the phases of the moon, it’s easy to see why the appearance of a “Blue Moon”, or “13th Moon” would be viewed as a special event for the casting of spells and celebrations. Halloween or Samhain celebrations traditionally end on the eve of November 1st, which gives you plenty of time!

Your Weekly Tarot Reading: October 26-November 1, 2020, These 6 Scorpio Season Dates Deliver Transformation. We just need to believe in ourselves, to be brave and rise like the phoenix from the ashes and we are capable of soaring. Bonus points if it’s autumnal themed baking) ~ do some self care (face masks, bath bombs/salts, essential oils).

heart articles you love. Your email address will not be published. When you feel ready, end your meditation and place your manifestations (bowl, jar, bag) on a windowsill under the illumination of the Moon. It is a very significant full moon, and it is happening four days before the election and is sitting next to a planet with upheaval, change, surprise, excitement: Uranus.” Chani Nicholas, an astronomer, told New York Times, adding that it is good time to get rid of things we don't need. 5. Do not chime in with advice or commentary, as it’s their time to express their emotions without judgment. In her free time, Luna loves to worship her cat while he ignores her. best. The number 3 holds great mythic significance across almost all belief systems, practices, religions and philosophies.

Try to meditate on the outcomes and successes you’d like to see happen over the coming years, and focus your intent while you wander under the moonlight. Cosmic Soul Healing By Alexandria Lettman. On the final night, find a crossroads far from your home and bury the Moonstone by the roadside, then walk away without turning back. Falling on Samhain and Halloween, this blue moon will serve as an extra illumination on the metaphorical realm, as full moons tend to expose matters on Earth due to its effervescent glow. {:}{:au}Wicca vs. Druidism: What's the Difference? Therefore, when we have a blue moon, which happens when two full moons occur in the same month, we are empowered more than ever. Place bowls of blue colored foods on the altar: Foods represent offerings to the lunar goddess, and even blue colored drinks can be placed on the altar to be infused with lunar energy. NASA says Blue Moons occur about every two and a half years. The moon is always partly lit by the sun, however, a full moon depends upon the position of the sun, earth and moon as to how much of the moon will be illuminated when looking from earth.

Blessed be! While the most common definition for a Blue Moon is when two full moons appear in a single month, the second one is called the ‘Blue Moon'. NASA says that it coincides with Halloween every 19 years. These types of people are also “once in a blue moon” connections and, therefore, we should fully appreciate their places in our lives and show gratitude. I’d recommend waiting for the Moon and Uranus to separate before starting any rituals and manifestations. share. If you’re trying to choose your first Blue Moon spell or ritual, why not keep things simple and take a peaceful and restorative walk under the light of the Blue Moon? The report says that a Halloween full Moon hadn't appeared for everyone in all time zones since 1944. Burning sacred herbs during rituals intensifies the intentions as well clears away negativity energy. We cannot blame other people for influencing ours, neither can we try to influence or alter anyone else’s. It takes 7 seconds to join. WIN: Health for All Seasons Care Package. My, Make a clear intention and offer a gemstone or crystal into the ocean. – Haven’t seen you in a blue moon.”. Create a circle of candles (or tea lights), crystals or salt (or all three) around you and set the intention of being protected/call upon your guides for this protection. Therefore, we must protect ourselves from the evil eye by making blue salt.

This is one magical and mystical opportunity most definitely worth taking! Every time you read, share, comment or heart you help an article improve its Rating—which helps Readers see important issues & writers win $$$ from Elephant. Categories: 2020, Astrology, HoroscopesTags: Aries, Astrology, Astronomy, Blue Moon, Capricorn, finances, Full Moon, Gemini, halloween, Leo, libra, Magic, Magick, manifestation, money, moon, Pisces, ritual, Sagittarius, Samhain, Scorpio, Sun, witch, Restriction vs. Revolution- 2021 Astrological Forecast, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), ✨F L O W✨⁣ How does it benefit me and my Wiccan practice? This ritual can be amplified even more by repeating it for the three nights that the Blue Moon is visible. save hide report. We get too caught up in what other people are doing or what we think they should be doing and this not only holds us back, it prevents others from learning their own lessons and discovering what they need to too. If you’re worried about missing the Halloween spark, don’t! After removing the stone and returning to a normal state, they would go about their regular day. Blue Moon Significance. If you want more, grab a subscription for unlimited reads for $3/month. The journey of the sun and moon is predictable. Blue Moons are also the ideal time for meditation, truth seeking, divination workings, love spells, wishes, banishing and protection spells. Your investment will help Elephant Journal invest in our editors and writers who promote your values to create the change you want to see in your world! Enter Here   >>. Blue or full moons are an ideal time to take a moon bath, as it’s a wonderful opportunity to connect to water which the moon rules here on Earth. The same applies to what you want to release from your life (like a bad habit, situation, or relationship).

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