Bred from the same wild type as Sakura Red Cherry Shrimp, the Dream Blue Velvet Shrimp is a color variant of the Neocaridina davidi (formerly Neocaridina heteropoda) species. Standard plant-based fish flakes are a great choice for them and will ensure that these shrimp have all their bases covered when it comes to nutrition. Blue, also known as the blue velvet shrimp, is a dwarf shrimp variation appreciated for its bright blue color. For example, in Japan, some color morphs are sold for thousands of dollars on auctions!

Do not overfeed them! It is by far the best shrimp food. RECOMMENDED TANK PARAMETERS: Temp: 64° – 84° F (17.8° – 28.8° C) pH: 6.5 – 7.5 KH: 0 – 10 dKH. Warning! Their coloration can vary through a range of blue (from light blue to intense blue but not dark) depending upon genetics, substrate, and diet (read my article how to enhance shrimp color). she molts, she will mate with the male and carry the fertilized eggs around in Once they reach this age, you need to ensure that the water parameters are Can you send me the picture of it?

Previous page of related Sponsored Products, Reviewed in the United States on April 19, 2020. Within 3 months, the newborn shrimp will be sexually mature and able to breed. Due to the fact that Blue velvet is also Neocaridina (the same as Cherry shrimp), everything applies to Blue velvet shrimp as well. The most common maximum length is about 1.5 inches for females, and 1.25 inches for males. True to their name, this species is entirely blue. It's easy to keep, easy to breed, fun to watch and a perfect (breeding) project for beginners and more experienced shrimp keepers. Blue Velvet Shrimp care is quite easy. The (at least from time to time). I placed 2 of these shrimp in a 20 gallon tank and 6 in a 40 gallon tank. rule of thumb would be to add 1 Gallon per shrimp.

need shelters like plants, driftwood and rocks. We are the largest tropical fish importer and wholesaler in the Northwest. Their care requirements are very similar to Red Cherry Shrimp (the most popular type of dwarf shrimp in the aquarium hobby), and they are just as hardy and easy to breed. I got my other shrimp from flip aquatics but decided to give this a chance since they are cheaper but i guess i learn my lesson, Reviewed in the United States on May 22, 2020. They spend most of their time scavenging for organic matter such as algae and biofilm in the wild and will do the same in your tank. Would you like to see us carry more plants and fish? Nonetheless, the best tankmates for Blue velvet shrimp are all kinds of snails (check my guides about Malaysian Trumpet Snails, Mystery snails, Ramshorn Snails, Rabbit Snails, Japanese trapdoor snails, White Wizard Snails, Nerite snails, even Assassin Snails). I acclimated based on their instructions and now they're active shrimp.

No two are alike and two weren't blue at all, I got: white and blue, white and brown, blue and black, grey blue aqua blue! Being so tiny, 4 or 5 Blue Velvet Shrimp can be kept in

They are easy to feed and reproduce quickly. Newborn baby shrimp looks like a tiny copy of adults.

Therefore, you can feed them with almost anything. When properly kept, 10 shrimp can turn into 1,000 within 6-8 months. She will spend most Copper is toxic to invertebrates. These shrimp are low-maintenance and incredibly fun to watch. You can read my article about “The Best Filtration System for Breeding Shrimp”. Males generally grow to a length of 1.25 inches (3.1 cm). Then you periodically supplement with some flakes and veggies to round things out. To keep the water temperature within range, you will also As all shrimp, Blue velvet shrimp require little feeding as long as there are algae, Make sure to add some leaves to their diet, Indian almond leaves would be a great choice because of their outstanding qualities and properties. Also, nearly every species of fish will eat dwarf shrimp fry, so breeding is best accomplished in species-only tanks. The diet of Blue Velvet Shrimp is very simple. Blue Velvet Shrimp are scavengers, which means they are not Keep in mind that shrimp are scavengers. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. It must be another species. For many of us, it is very difficult to have some time to ourselves where we can think or meditate in peace. I'm very happy with my shrimp, and they seem quite happy in their new aquarium , Reviewed in the United States on April 30, 2020, Two came DOA but didn’t really felt like getting a refund, thinking the others look happy, I have a total of 4 fish tanks from the smallest a 2.6g to a 45g tanks and i have red cherry, black, orange and wild neocaradinia shrimp so when i got this guys i drip acclimate them to a 7 month established tank that is only home the the newly born guppies. So, the aquarium’s height won’t matter much. They will be good companions for your shrimp. Do not forget to give them blanched vegetables once in a while (check out my article “How to Blanch Сucumbers and Zucchini for Shrimp, Snails and Fish the Right Way”). Blue Velvet Shrimp do well with all other species of shrimp This can look kind of funny since this species is bright blue, but they’re trying! That will give you the room to pair them with more tank mates and create a diverse ecosystem. Water Conditioner for Freshwater Shrimp etc.

Actually, I would say – a complete mess! They also spend a lot of time There was a problem completing your request. If you see any stripes, it means that there is no consistency. The Shrimp Farm USA Email: [email protected] 2401 E. Washington St. Suite 200 A 2 Bloomington, IL 61704, Neocaridina cf. These shrimp are very simple and spend their time scavenging. their own. Avoid any food product, medication, or plant fertilizer that contains Copper of any form. As long as you help them with these 3 points, Blue Velvet

While a lot of the ranges below are quite generous it doesn’t mean they’re invincible.

Blue velvet shrimp are very social, peaceful, and undemanding creatures. Please try your search again later. blue. However, there must be adequate algae and/or biofilm in the tank for them to feed on. Having plenty of plant life and surfaces for algae and biofilm to accumulate will give them a lot to munch on! Thanks. Perform regular tests and make adjustments to the water when needed. For example, today you can find on the market –. This means you should always perform a water test before introducing them to a new tank. Free moss will be included for the shrimps to hold on to during shipping.

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