Back at the track, with The 14kt safely loaded onto its trailer, Walsh sits on the truck platform with the rest of the team, watching the final races. He said the state considers it the same thing. BG: Absolutely. Gunther: And then wrote a book…What made you decide to write a book?

Walsh implied he was arrested. He qualified for the feature by winning a qualifying heat, his first-ever win. Gunther has done more for charities than 100 Rons?

He made sure he got the last word in, "hitting the post" as radio announcers say, by blaming Daddona for all of Allentown's ills --a constant source of conflict between the two -- in the final, dying seconds of the show. The case with Dr. Cotturo never happened? Is that kosher? it would be halarious if ron angle did sue, and continues to throw good money after bad. As the first qualifying heat of Sportsman Modified sprint cars roars around Grandview Speedway, Bobby Gunther Walsh, morning drive-time radio personality and part-time racer, allows himself a moment of retrospection.

Going into the Aug. 23 race, Walsh qualified for only one feature race, where the top racers from each of the qualifying heats get to race against each other.

Cracks began to show between Bobby Norris and his ex-boyfriend Matt as things appeared tense while on a couple's retreat during Sunday's episode of The Only Way Is Essex. Did he threaten cops? The Morning Call story doesn't make sense. I say that because I read some of these stories in here, including the one about where you stopped to rescue a guy and pulled him out of a car, and right after you got him out, the car exploded. This is a last-chance effort to get to the main feature race; winners of the consolation races get to compete in the 30-lap feature race.

I have a couple questions about ones that I read, if you want to do that… but I didn’t know if you had one…that you thought ‘boy, I gotta tell him about this one.’. BG: Correct, a story to start it out with, followed by a Bible verse, and you see some sort of philosophy about the story and the Bible tied together. Shes been frantically running all over west easton mounting her own write in for controller. I think that's the point of the question and something you are using semantics to get around.

"We weren't considering WAEB as an advertising medium, but what impressed us was the fact that he believes in what he talks about. You are a troll. These destructive traits are found to have started in early childhood that was filled with almost constant punishment, degredation, and negative re-inforcements through daily criticism.Tell us Bernie and Ron, how many times a week were you cracked by the whip, the belt and the hammer? It is a significant deprivation of a citizen's freedom of movement. Walsh did take some chances on this particular evening, but also seemed to hesitate at times, especially after his car hit the track's outer ring. He was arrested and then he fled in his car and drove recklessly?What probably happened was a security person tried to detain ("arrest") him, he said "f u" and took off driving like a maniac, and was pulled over. There are no judgments against Angle. "Arrested, charged, and convicted are different things. Ex-Congressman Lt. Col. Allen West talks with Gunther about life on Capitol Hill and an upcoming... Ex-Congressman Lt. Col. Allen West talks with Gunther about life on Capitol Hill and an upcoming appearance in Berks County. BG: I’m not sure why I have always had that desire…, Gunther: You didn’t have a desire to be in the State Police, but you always had the desire to write a book…, BG: Right. "When you advertise with someone, you're basically paying them to say something, whether they believe it or not. Angle was not involved in any sort of theft then? When the first car reaches an agreed-upon point, roughly near the start-finish line, the cars' engines roar and the qualifying heat has begun.

This juror would not side with the plaintiff. The jostling that Walsh complained about in the qualifying race continues. And that requires you to be on top of your game…. He is a disgrace to talk radio.I would sign my name but then I would be at the mercy of this sadistic Broadcaster. Any dummy can run as a write-in. And to my knowledge, Gunther has never made an anti-Semitic slur. What Questions Would You Have For Bethlehem City C... Nazareth Pool Pipe Cracked, Has Leaked 70,000 Gallons. Again. The management of WAEB first approached him in 1983 to take over the morning show. "People sometimes say I'm too hard on Craig, but we're good friends and he knows I'm just kidding," Walsh says. They get a lot of mentions during his air time. . Walsh traces some of his longevity to his ability to make money for the station. I was once told by my lawyer when I questioned the accuracy of a document from NJ that said I'd been arrested, yet I'd only been cited. Their imaginary world lets them live with their false sense of self, that caters to their grandiosity and "unflawed" opinions of their own self worth. Especially Democrats or Democratic candidates. This seems to be true"It is a lie. Angle attacked Gates once and thought his money would bully him into having to take it like he did with so many others. He walked up like a regular guy. 5:35, it was in The Express, but you don't have a link. What part of the following is untrue? Can you cite a public reference that Gunther Walsh "should have known"? He paid $1,060 in fines. Long-term stays at medium- to large-market radio stations are even less common -- "no matter how talented you are," Miniaci says. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *. The stories are really an easy read, and then it has a Bible passage behind it and a sort of a wrap up at the bottom…  it’s a great book! Vic Scomillio Appeals For Votes at Candidates' Night, It's Official! Look at the question. You should remind your viewers of the $80,000 paid to Elmer Gates for having been slandered by the one you as usual go to such great lengths to support. This guy has top of the line equipment for years for his racing "hobby".

Or am I right?? I can not find the app on my iPhone. He declined, but when they asked again in 1984, Walsh agreed. His days are long, and he's often at the station long after his morning show signs off at 9 a.m. Gunther: Joining me now is Bob Gerken…I’ve known Bob for a long time; he was a corporal in the Pennsylvania State Police and then retired from that after 25 years…did a bunch of other stuff including doing security for some pretty rich people that needed to have their homes and travel and everything else secure. Bobby Gunther Walsh is a sick person. The fact that the judgment was satisfied doesn't change the fact that a judgment (which now may be marked satisfied) was entered against him.Secondly, did the conspiracy against your hero extend to the shore when police who presumably didn't know him from Adam found a factual basis to cite him for the theft of socks? "People just have no idea," Walsh says, shaking his head. Asking because I'm not sure...Doesn't NJ allow citation in lieu of arrest? This is defamation. It's also helped his racing career, for many of the station's advertisers sponsor Walsh's car.

After some bumping between cars, Walsh's 14kt ends up pinned against the three-quarter-inch-thick metal wall, which forms the outer ring of the track. Walsh has good rapport with the other people, both those on the air and behind the scenes, which wasn't always the case, he says. I jumped out, ran up, and at this time the car was engulfed in flames…there really was not anything I could do, even going back for a fire extinguisher wouldn’t have helped at this point…as I looked into the car, the operator…looked like a young male…was sitting there, which appeared like his hands were still on the steering wheel…but when I looked closer… both of his hands had been burned off. Standing outside the team's garage in Emmaus on a recent Tuesday evening, Kelly remembered the first night Bobby came to the garage, to ask about leasing the car. Join Facebook to connect with Bobby Gunther and others you may know. Are saying that Ron Angle has never lost a civil case in court? Walsh implied he was arrested. Bethlehem Area Vo-Tech Turns Sally Into a Pink Lady, Registration Drive Kicks Off at Gracedale, Updated: Kane's Office Hit With Search Warrant. Drive time, especially the morning version, has always been important for radio stations, but it is even more important for an AM station such as WAEB, which generates much of its revenue and attracts most of its listeners during Walsh's morning program. Walsh's politics are conservative, and it's not too difficult to hear conservative themes of self-help and hard work in his comedy routines for the morning radio program.

Bobby Gunther Walsh Chats with Former State Police Trooper and Author Robert F. Gerken, It’s a Dog’s Day at Leader of the Pack Canine Institute. When WAEB lost their identity and became part of FOX Broadcasting, Gunther thought this was his passport for saying anything he wanted about anyone. That’s a memory that I have till this day, and that happened a long time ago. Actually, when Angle had his own show, it was making Timmer quite a bit of money. Ratings also soared for the station when Walsh and former Allentown Mayor Joe Daddona took to the airwaves for the final hour of Walsh's show. It was two against one," Daddona said.

Thats why he surrounds himself with fellow low-lifes. Gunther: That was your badge number, right? Gunther was hosting Catino precisely bc he is running against Angle and knows very well what was meant by that question. For many of his longtime advertisers, he doesn't read from a prepared script, but talks about the product or the service with a relaxed, conversational manner. Walsh has an ongoing schtick with the station's in-studio traffic reporter, Karen Lewis, trying to make her laugh as she reads traffic updates. Why is Angle a "write-in candidate"? Maybe you should. Its all quite amusing. Read More. " Clintonesque quibble about whether that's the same as "charged with theft" would be a real hoot in front of a jury. The cars inch closer to each other as the pack approaches the starting line. I was in college, and was not happy there…so the State Police were recruiting, and I thought, well let me look into that, and I did, and very soon after that I was on the State Police. By all means, speak. In law enforcement there are a lot of difficult situations that you have, but everybody has trials in their life…and I think this book tells where you can gain some…, BG: Yeah…and I think it’s important to know that it’s not specifically for any special denomination…it’s just more of a relationship with our creator…whether you’re Roman Catholic, Episcopal, Presbyterian…it really doesn’t matter…that’s not what it’s all about…, Gunther: It’s a book of faith, not of religion…  so you had 365 days to fill…you’re sitting there recovering from surgery, I guess is when you started to write this….

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