Rate. Was it the weather?

Then in true Bondi style - lifeguards spot Hugh Grant walking past the lifeguard tower. The lifeguards have the challenging task of patrolling a beach filled with last night's revellers. The lifeguards are devastated when one of their own is severely injured in a surfing accident. Once every 4-6 years, a swell hits the Sydney coastline that is so incredibly huge it becomes a part of local folk-lore. A drunk woman goes missing in the water so the boys bring the chopper to help find her. Whippet and Bobby try convincing Kerrbox to tackle his fear of heights with a ride on the dreaded slingshot. a mid-season competition to prove who's the fittest and fastest among the elite watermen. Lifeguards are called to the north end of the beach where a man has dislocated his shoulder. In the throes of massive swell and unpredictable weather, the Bondi lifeguards push each other to their limits in the annual lifeguard challenge. However the Lifeguards are on edge due to extreme weather condidtions and large crowds. Meanwhile, trainees, Taco and Jesse, have a difficult day in class struggling with the books. Huge swells arrive at Bondi and a ten-foot wave hits a pair of unsuspecting scuba divers right before Harris' eyes. Tempers flare in the heat and a fight erupts.

With Anthony 'Harries' Caroll, Chris Chapman, Ryan Clark, Matt Dee. 0. Lifeguards discuss beach etiquette. Fearing the worst, a major search is launched for the missing man.

The world’s best surfers, including 9 time world champion Kelly Slater and current world champion Mick Fanning, descend on Bondi for the Boost Mobile Surf Sho.

18 year old Stephanie was swimming with friends when she hit her head on a sandbank. Tensions run deep between old-hand Corey and young Turk Reidy as they go head-to-head in the water. Double Episode 12+13: Tonight's season finale is a double episode jam-packed with adrenaline, laughs and tears as the season ends on a personal note for the lifeguards. It's Christmas Day on Bondi Beach & the lifeguards patience is being tested by beachgoers. Cons: Some Coarse Language, Medical Procedures. The Jet Ski can?t get close enough, and a rescue board would be deadly. The sun is out, the waves are high and the crowds have descended on the world's most famous beach.

The threat of injury is constant, but becomes a dramatic reality when lifeguard Ben Sutherland crawls ashore barely conscious.

When lifeguard Brad moves his hand to inspect the cut, blood rapidly spurts out. Cyclonic waves pound the coast as super big swells hit Bondi. She is pulled from the water unconscious, and not breathing. During the gruelling race a tactical error is overcome by a Herculean effort from one of Bondi�s legendary iron man champions.And, Kerrbox is selected to enter a radio station�s dating competition. The reality is not every Bondi wish comes true. An early morning walker calls the police reporting a lifeless surfer at the southern point of Bondi. 4. Lifeguards on Jet-skis are kept busy doing water safety for the event, as well as managing the massive crowds. With no breath and no pulse a frantic resuscitation effort begins as lifeguards come to his rescue. At Bondi some chase big waves, while other just want to relax, find romance, or get a tan.

Many beachgoers bite off more than they can chew, ending up sunburned, dumped by waves, and/or caught in rips. Blake performs a mock tube rescue with fellow lifeguard Beau acting as the drowning patient. It’s the hottest day of the year, and it seems everyone has headed to the beach. But this year some uninvited entrants have joined the course, forcing lifeguards to evacuate all swimmers back to the beach - pronto.Blake, the trainee lifeguard from Penrith hits the water and pulls a man from the water for his first rescue.And a thief caught red handed by lifeguards as he pilfers beach goers belongings, is swiftly handed over to police.

status...big surf.

However, calling them "imbeciles" and "idiots" puts him in hot water.

It's Christmas day on Bondi and road weary travellers, local families, and Christmas orphans come to see Santa make an appearance. Another accident in the surf involves a man with a major cut to his head from a surfboard. And after a long hot summer, lifeguards reflect on the season that was, working at Australia's busiest beach. (Summary from Ten.com.au - Permission granted), It's Christmas Day and the swell sends shivers up the back of the Lifeguards as they set up the beach in the morning. Just when lifeguards are ready to pack up and go home to their own families, a group of drunken backpackers are spotted in a rip.

26-year-old Roy is found in a highly intoxicated state by lifeguards, who must defer to police when Roy is unresponsive to their attention. When a car free falls off a ledge, tumbling upside down onto one of the Australia's busiest walking tracks, the Lifeguards venture off the sand to help keep beach goers safe.

There's drunk bathers, teen overdoses and hundreds of reveller rescues. It presents its' own dangers to beachgoers. Part two of our Best Of compilation revisits some of the most enthralling and much-loved stories from the past eight years.

Her rescue and hospitalisation is a major incident on Bondi. The deep-thinker has a cheeky side but don't be fooled: he is serious about his lifeguarding career. Swapping snowflakes for sunscreen, many of them are unaware that lifeguards do not patrol the beach after 7pm.

Lifeguards investigate an incident where someone falls off the cliff but the question is: why did he fall? Tragedy in the water: Young Troy faces our lifeguards toughest challenge. He returns to Bondi to tell lifeguard of his experience. Thieves are at large and anything unattended is always at risk. Rival trainees Maxi and Jake reach crunch time as Hoppo reveals their future. Rupauls All Stars Drag Race Untucked.

One man, Mohommed, was found lost in the impact zone as huge waves broke on top of him. A tornado hits Bondi, but that doesn't stop a group of tourists hitting the beach and getting in serious danger.

The Best TV Shows About Being in Your 30s, Narrator Click here and start watching the full episode in seconds.

A frantic day test the skills of new lifeguards. Watch Bondi Rescue season 11 episode 13 online. Beach goers plan their visits to Bondi around hot and sunny days, but often they get a lot more than they bargain for. Her first day is typical of a Saturday at Bondi when the tower is overrun by blue bottle victims.

(Summary from Ten.com.au - Permission granted), There�s madness and pandemonium at Bondi on a busy Sunday when a flash rip sweeps dozens of swimmers out of the flags and into deep water. Maxi puts his life on the line to rescue two fishermen from a capsized boat. Singlets races to a rescue in the buggy and gets a surprise passenger.

In the mix, an Italian backpacker dislocates his elbow. Becoming a lifeguard is a rite of passage for many a local Bondi kid. Temika's baptism of continues when a girl is found in a highly distressed state, having hit her head diving under a wave.

Christmas and New Year's means lifeguards are overwhelmed with crowds and the dangerous combination of partying and swimming. For a while the beach is bizarrely quiet, then all hell breaks loose when nineteen year-old Natalie suddenly collapses in the water for no apparent reason. Parchedclerk. Reckless behaviour ensues as lifeguards look after masses of people no longer able to take responsibility for themselves. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

At the beach, stripped down to our cossies, no one can tell a brickie from a banker or a musician from an accountant.

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