Border Collie Rescue of Northern California.

As a result, collies are much easier to train and therefore, live alongside. Be sure to check out our Cafe Press, an online store featuring iPhone and Galaxy cases, 2020 collie calendars, collie cards, collie journals, collie gifts, collie pillows, SCR logo apparel, SCR logo merchandise, collie bags and totes, aprons and kitchen ware, and more. Our dermatology vet diagnosed him with “collie nose”, a form of Lupus which isn’t life threatening. No cats, no dogs, no livestock whether indoor or outdoor. When training, collies respond best to positive reinforcement. We have been breeding and raising border collies for almost 20 years and have traveled all over the world to find lines that will make the perfect companion. He needs a family who will be diligent in monitoring his epilepsy and collie nose for a lifetime. We adopt our collies into Southern California homes only. Originally a feral puppy, Roxy can take time to get, URGENT!!! Southland Collie Rescue (SCR) reserves the right to refuse to adopt an SCR dog to any person for any reason.

All rights reserved. He is a big, long-legged collie.

A reality-show parody featuring some of the collies from Southland Collie Rescue (SCR). . There are many places you can get a puppy and the choices can be confusing. Adoptable collies. Collies are herding dogs. Border Collie breeder, Southern California. SCR received a call from one of our rescue friends in Utah asking if we could help with Trevor. All will be found in foster homes at the location indicated in each post. We have an avid young (about 7 months old) Border Collie x boy named Dash at Oakland Animal Services in need of rescue transfer as soon as possible. But she gets around with the cutest hitch in her step! He needs some basic obedience training but he knows sit and he comes when called. This individual needs to be an exceptionally savvy dog person who is motivated to work with Ollie to make him into a great companion. Border Collie Rescue Inc. we are in southern California. A collie may bark and even nip when the herding instinct is aroused. Fostering Border Collies The Scottish called their collies Bonnie Lasses, and now you know why she is named Bonnie. Follow this Amazon link to have 5% of your purchase come back to Border Collies for sale in California were first bred to herd sheep in the hilly border region between England and Scotland, some time in the 1700s. When we bailed her from the shelter, our volunteers thought she was a BC/Aussie mix. He likes to chase cats but he doesn't hurt them. While Ollie loves to cuddle, play fetch, tug of war and run around with other big dogs, sometimes, he can also be somewhat grabby and quite protective.

Copyright © 1999-2018 World Organization. Are you looking to buy a Border Collie puppy to add to your family? Sugar is a 3 year female. Puppies will require a $75 spay / neuter deposit refundable upon same at approximately 6 months.

This 1 ½ to 2 year old, 40 lb, smooth coat Border collie is high energy, high drive, and looking for a working home. He is a wonderful family dog. Enrolling your collie puppy in a training class is one good way to provide some of the basics when it comes to obedience and socialization. Gunner is a 18 month old Neutered Male Border Collie Mix. In Memoriam, Our Dogs Are you looking to buy a Border Collie puppy to add to your family? Vet work was started right away and he was put back on medication for his seizure activity and began meds for his lupus. But never fear! NCBCRA is a non-profit 501(c)(3) committed to rescuing Border Collies in Northern California in order to find them their forever homes. Marcel, Morgan and Mickey were brought to us after their breeder passed away in Hawaii. Oliver absolutely requires a physically and mentally strong person who is willing to devote the necessary time to continue his training. Central Coast Herding Dog Rescue (CCHDRescue) is dedicated to helping find homes for Border Collies, Australian Shepherds, Australian Cattle Dogs/Queensland Heelers and other herding breeds and mixes. He is a velcro dog who follows you everywhere.

However, we are always looking for the right family to give a permanent home to our special needs dogs when they come in. He will most likely be on these medications for both conditions for life. Want to teach your collie family manners? She is a lovely collie girl. Collies make great family pets.

These pages are dedicated to  helping lost, abandoned, Southland Collie Rescue (SCR) reserves the right to refuse to adopt an SCR dog to any person for any reason. Look, I finally got a good picture! If you live outside Southern California, please see The Collie Club of America's Rescue List for a listing of Collie Rescues by state, where we hope you'll find the right Collie Rescue. There is no Collie Rescue in Utah nor close by and our friends knew we would find the best Collie home possible for this sweet 2 yr. old tri rough collie boy. Zoey is a goofball that wants to work.

), go to our contact page. Here are some of the puppy sources that you will come across while looking for your new family member, and all are readily found here in California: Reputable Breeder; Rescue Organization; Puppy Mill Border Collie Rescue, website Copyright ©  2003,2004,2005,2006,2007, 2008,2009,2010,2011,2012,2013,2014,2015,2016,2017,2018,2019,2020. There is no better way to make a difference in a collie's life than donating to SCR.

His father was a short-haired merle collie and his mother was collie-pharaoh hound mix. It is midnight ... Do You know where YOUR Puppies are????

She lived outside of her owners home for months as they put a plan in place. We adopt our collies into Southern California homes only.

So he is a funny, Harlee is an adorable senior petite gal who's looking for a comfortable couch and human to call her own. We adopt our collies into Southern California homes only. We do not have any collies currently in Permanent Foster Homes.

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