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border-radius: 3px; A removable divider allows you to operate the fridge either as a large single zone or two smaller zones, with the ability to independently control the temperature of each zone. Due to larger volumes currently being handled by our freight companies, orders may be delayed due to the increased volumes. Make 4 payments of $107.25 over 8 weeks and get it now! Overall this fridge does work well. I would expect those limitations would be satisfactory for off-road use. - High-efficiency DC compressor and conversion module, - Digital temperature display with adjustable control, - Average power consumption over 24 hours is 0.2kWh, Portable Refrigeration Equipment or Cooler/Warmer. Dual zone with controls to set for optimal temperature for different applications. Please leave us a phone number to contact you about your delivery if required. We appreciate your patience and understanding whilst we do our best to deliver your essential items as fast as possible.

Contact the Techstore should you require more details, 2-3 days for most areas in the North Island and 3-5 for the South Island, 2 Pin DC Power - Rectangular Pins (Suits Waeco). If shipping to a PO Box you must select standard delivery during checkout. .chtile:hover { Fridge and Freezer sections work great, the app provides convenience in checking on the temps etc. Brass Monkey 50 litre fridge/freezer for car, 4WD, or RV use. I do short campings – max 5 days and looking for a reasonable car cooler at an affordable price. We are very sorry but we do not deliver to PO Boxes. } In this article we look at the range of features and the major issues to, MemberMy Profile  My Blog  My Position  Send Message. Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought: Vehicle Connection : Cigarette Lighter, Merit, Item Connection : 2 Pin DC Power - Rectangular Pins (Suits Waeco), Insulation material : CFC and HFC Free Polyurethane Foam, Temperature setting range : -20.000000°C, 20.0°C, Supports power modes : DC, AC (Via power adaptor). Dual zone with controls to set for optimal temperature for different applications. Having built in wheels is also a great feature, making the fridge easily manoverable when full. font-size: 20px; Lightweight and excellent seal ensures no loss of temp. line-height: 12px !important; FRIDGE PORTABLE DC/AC 50L DZ. We do fixed price shipping. I don’t need the expensive ones ($1000), but would be happy with one which can be good for 3-5 days camping. Robust and reliable Brass Monkey portable fridge/freezer for caravan, 4WD, or RV usage. Just want to know your opinion about this product if you own one. Keep your food and drinks cold for day trips and light-packed weekenders. This compressor refrigerator can run on 12 or 24 volts. It is at a great price especially for the features that it has and how well it works. line-height: 40px; Keep your food frozen in one compartment and your favourite drinks chilled in the other with this versatile fridge freezer combo. (all fridge, all freezer and fridge-freezer modes. font-size: 80%; Apply for Account Designed to stimulate conversation about where you've travelled,... Just a heads up folks. • This may exclude: • Temperature setting -20°C to +20°C • … Take to the road knowing that your lunch and tinnies will stay cold throughout the whole journey. With the best intentions in the world sometimes things can still go wrong. This clear vinyl sticker with white or black lettering "" is designed to fit any size vehicle windscreen, rear window,... As a Business Member you can present yourself on ExplorOz with your Business Name in your Screen Name,... Suits beer, soft drink or water bottles. CAT.NO: GH1640. .chtile { Dual zone with controls to set for optimal temperature for different applications.     - Spare parts Please factor these into your delivery. 60L Brass Monkey Dual Zone Fridge / Freezer, 36L Brass Monkey Dual Zone Fridge / Freezer, 22L Brass Monkey Portable Fridge or Freezer, 50L Brass Monkey Dual Zone Fridge / Freezer, 100L Brass Monkey Portable Dual Zone Fridge / Freezer with LG Compressor, 80L Brass Monkey Portable Dual Zone Fridge / Freezer with LG Compressor, 45L Brass Monkey Portable Fridge or Freezer with LG Compressor, 60L Brass Monkey Portable Fridge with LG Compressor, Grey Insulated Cover for 50L Brass Monkey Portable Fridge, Green Insulated Cover for 50L Brass Monkey Portable Fridge, Camouflage Print Insulated Cover for 50L Brass Monkey Portable Fridge, Folding Aluminium Fridge Stand - 150kg Rated, Slide Drawer for Brass Monkey Fridge/Freezers GH1640/2/4 and GH1690/2/4, * Freight delivery times stated are for average volume items with total order weight under 5kg.

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