I find the grooves somewhat confusing.

Very, Latest review: Replaced 4 new tyres for my falcon 235/55/17 from day one i feel uncomfortable and poor handling,checked couple of times nothing wrong found in car spoken with bridgestone care too but nothing sorted.

Quiet in use, sticky tyres that are great roadholding and wear characteristics for the, Latest review: Been a courier driver for 11 years.

These voids are designed to swallow up tire noise by breaking up the air compression events that cause the noise to begin with. NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Bridgestone Americas Inc. has launched the Turanza QuietTrack, an all-season touring tire that offers upgraded performance over the Serenity Plus it's replacing. Tire Business would love to hear from you. What to buy. Modern Mazdas are great cars but their road noise is worse than a 323 hatchback with a rusty roofrack. NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Bridgestone Americas Inc. has launched the Turanza QuietTrack, an all-season touring tire that offers upgraded performance over the Serenity Plus it's replacing. Pricing starts at $132.99, according to data posted on bridgestonetire.com. The Serenity's are a great tyre - quiet and grippy with with better comfort than the Achilles - I highly recommend anyone looking for a replacement tyre to go with the Serenity. The 4 serenity plus tyres are so much more quieter and I feel my Suzuki SX4 just gliding on the surface of the road.

I have only done 23000 km. The failure to choose the correct vehicle may affect the selection of the product that fits your vehicle and your claim for fitment guarantee may be rejected.

That's a tall order, but one that Bridgestone seems to have largely filled.

The Bridgestone Turanza QuietTrack tire offers a 20% improvement in wet traction and 44% improvement in snow traction over the previous generation Turanza Serenity Plus tire and will replace the Turanza Serenity Plus offering, the company says.

The tire, which launches in 37 sizes, is backed by a 80,000-mile limited mileage warranty. My set lasted about.

These tyres come fitted from the factory on the toyota hiace lwb. The QuietTrack tire offers a 20% improvement in wet traction and 44% improvement in snow traction versus the Serenity Plus tire. They are noisy, which means they grip, and wear out too soon. It certainly seems to work quite well.

4.6 from 71 reviews. The first drive I noticed the difference. *Please note, you are responsible for a safe keeping and handling of the order that is under our Fitment Guarantee policy. Click the buttons below to leave Low noise level. When we're working with our engineers, they say, “You're asking for everything!” and we say, “Well, yeah.

The cheap no-name tyres were hard and noisy. These are some of the best tires I have driven in all my adult years.

It covers 50000 km. Excellent tyres, low noice, excellent grip even on wet surface, bridgestone quality, reliable, comes with 50k warranty. By controlling tread block flex with self-locking sipes, Bridgestone's engineers are helping to control tire noise, tread squirm, and high treadwear caused by too much flex. It is the responsibility of the customer to verify that this information is correct prior to placing the order in order to qualify for Fitment Guarantee. The vehicle must be unmodified and has all original factory settings. Our vehicle database is sourced and verified by third party and to the best of our knowledge is accurate and up to date.

{{review.ReviewContent | limitTo:review.limit }}. Took advantage of Bridgestone‰Ûªs buy 3 get the 4th free sale when really all I needed was to replace a punctured tyre as I had 3 Bridgestone Ecopias already on. Rims that require hub centric rings or different wheel nuts/bolts are still considered a correct fitment.

A set of Bridgestone Serenity Plus (thankyou Mr. Cantstanya) will reduce the road noise to a more gentle roar while the handling seems much much sharper.

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