1916, 6th Sept - John Andrews, Mirror 20.3lb from Cheshunt Reservoir. Now fifty years later some truly huge fish (including a new UK record carp) have been landed in the depths of winter. There was a problem. This 68-page publication entered the marketplace with a 30-year-old and 40-year-old product already established. The grass carp does not muddy the waters of ponds or lakes in its efforts to eat plant materials; like its cousin the European carp. What is the largest freshwater fish in Britain? The record claim of 68lb 8oz was reduced to 68lb, one ounce below the current record. Two-Tone capped off a successful stint on the lake for Oz, during which time he also banked the second-biggest mirror, The Friendly Mirror. The BRFC rejected the fish as a record on the basis that it had been cultivated, as in being fed to a record weight artificially.

Though the fish were small by Redmire standards, the bait showed promise…. The common is the original carp prototype that made its way from Asia to all the corners of the world. The female fish are naturally larger than the male. Extending to over 14-acres in 1910 it was leased by the long-established and famous Highbury Angling Society. With renewed vigour, Bob Richards, determined to come face to face with a big carp fished a total of ten trips during the 1951, often accompanied by his friend, John Thorpe.

When researching my book, The King Carp Waters (Crowood Press 1993) during the late 1980s I went with Chris Yates to the Royal Arms in Langarron - probably the closest pub to the lake - to meet with a character that Chris and Rod Hutchinson had met in the pub when they first joined Jack Hilton’s Redmire syndicate back in 1972. Current records supported by photographic evidence, Current records not supported by any photographic evidence, Ambiguous record claims (no venue given /not accepted / expunged), Dangerous non-indigenous (invasive) alien species, 21 lb 2oz Barbel caught by Chris Mack on the Wensum 2008, 38 lb Ferox Brown Trout caught by old Willie Maule, 8 lb Burbot largest ever recorded in England, caught from the river Trent around 1700–1800, 83lb 4oz Mirror Carp "Big Plated" caught from Wingham syndicate carp lake in Kent, November 2017, 10 lb 8oz Chub caught from the River Annan in 1955 by Dr. J. It was a grueling 90-minute fight that he wasn’t sure he was going to come out on top of. Others that were greeted with critical acclaim were Phil Thompson’s Waiting for Waddle, Dave Lane’s An Obsession with Carp, Terry Hearn’s In Pursuit of the Largest, Paul Selman’s Carp Reflections, and perhaps the most remarkable of the lot, Jim Gibbinson latest carp work, Gravel Pit Carp,. The fish measured 7ft long and weighed 122lb.

The member who told me, Harold Bolton, had fished there all one night and the next day, in the year I believe 1949, quite by chance owing to the River Garron being in flood at the time. He carefully flicked out a few pieces of side-hooked corn, with just a blob of plasticine for weight. The 1980s was another period of tremendous growth in carp fishing influenced greatly by the publication of two milestone carp angling books. Quick Answer: Which Has The Largest First Ionization Energy? In its brief time at the top of the list, The Parrot has been buffeted by claims from RH Fisheries The Avenue, and Holme Fen. History. Others fished at Redmire Pool through the 1950s; in the main they were friends of members of the Carp Catchers’ Club, (the original specimen group.)

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