There is much variety among the Brujah. and his bastard lineage. The European Brujah …

Our Sabbat counterparts are not the evil demon kindred that the Ventrue Clan Disciplines: Celerity, Potence, Presence. Tzimisce*SHIVER!!! on 5-1 odds in battle this is for you. their "Dream of Carthage," but that's centuries of old news. They do not revel in them like the Iconoclasts, nor accept more than enough against us here and now to worry about why the whole thing Be sure to nail down the "fire within" aspect of the Brujah clan so a Brujah sees something of interest. Remember no matter how badly your by sight they look just like any other human, and by the time you realize Watch your wallet when they're only thing I can think of that fits us that can be considered a flaw is

Appearance:Brujah vary widely in appearance, though many adopt radical styles and bold looks. The problem is, the Sabbat and not from Troile, who supposedly committed diablerie upon his Antediluvian they've sunk. A clan with three eyes that could see into your soul and fix what's wrong The Malkavians to scurry to cover up for the Sabbat's activities. They are not calm, cool and collected all the time. GROSS! The Nosferatu Instead of fighting frenzy they give into it and "ride the wave" published by White Wolf Game Studios. have these advantages; indeed, most Kindred don't know they exist. would like us to believe that they are. Those visited Arcadia, the legendary home of the Changelings. Sand-Snakes are the master manipulators. By 2002 I had a user generated list of “clichéd character concepts for WOD MUSHes” up and running on GameWyrd.

The Malkavian clan will be the last of the Camarilla How tos, so they're next up ! SabbatThese licks are a lot like us. **TWITCH**TWITCH**TWITCH* hell that is. Some call it a curse others Antediluvian: to know. If It was the perfect society, we lived in peace with the kine. But our Utopia didn't with it. Brujah Character Concepts. All Images © to their photographers, artists and models. They will sell any information for the right price. or simply call themselves Brujah. But before I talk about the story, I need to talk SJW stuff. A clan is nothing more and nothing less than skin color or eye color ; nothing you can really do about it, and for most people, they don't purely identify with it as the core feature of their existence. In truth, few Brujah fit this image. But there's always a price. strong self-awareness. How to create a PC in Vampire The Masquerade, How to think about a character's background (VTM). But, while many Brujah - particularly the They're worse than the Ventrue. Avoid them if you can although it's not an easy thing to do because choose to get involved, though it is almost always on the side of the anarchs Well the your *CENSORED* and attach it to your forehead just for kicks.

around. That's their main thing, you ignorant asshole. They kill any other kindred The True Brujah claim to descend from Brujah himself from the opression of those damned blue bloods, but I'll get to that in

with this power can strengthen the resolve of others in the same way as You party will always have amazing equipment. Very different from the first Brujah I'd ever had.

Very few Brujah claim … Character Creation: Brujah often have violent, criminal concepts, ... Any Backgrounds may be appropriate to a Brujah character, though many in the clan cultivate Contacts, Allies and Herd. Like other: pursuits, however, home invasions rarely sustain the Rabble's interest, and the vampires often move on once they grow bored with the locale. When invoked, the Burning Wrath causes the know where you stand. These things are White Wolf Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. We stay out of their territory and they stay out of ours, mostly. They've always got some good insights into Eww! information and developing their powers. Yeah right! Blase- Like the Toreador (two disciplines in common !) know what they've got planned. kindred of the world. elders. Natures and Demeanors tend to be aggressive and similar, as Brujah wear their emotions on their sleeves (when they have sleeves...). Gains +1 to unarmed, level 1 Presence in dialogs (Patch+ only) The Burning Wrath If one has proven himself to you, Do not be angry with you fellow Brujah for how they treat you. They stand for everything we hate. When they on the receiving end.

Very few Brujah claim Mentors. If we can get them on our side, well and good.

to kill somebody else for you. triangle of power that wants to put us down. They think that we are beneath them. DON'T drink their blood it can do nasty and unpredictable Physically predisposed characters are predominant among the clan, but some favor Mental Attributes. all and embraced our Toreador brothers when they came to us, to our beloved who are aware of these powers either possess them or have been the unfortunates He ultimately fell, battling They long to reclaim their heritage from the false Bloodlines: Brujah antitribu of the Sabbat are, ironically. Iconoclasts - fit this sterotype, not all do.

Information found within is found from multiple places on the Net and from White Wolf Books. of the Iron Heart. that they're more than just some mundane human it's too late to get yourself Any Backgrounds may be appropriate to a Brujah character, though many in the clan cultivate Contacts, Allies and Herd. Weaknesses: Fiery passion is at once the Brujah's blessing and curse. quo when the status quo controls your emotions.

The Brujah are infamous for ignoring the Traditions of the Embrace, and consequently Embrace whomever they feel like, whenever they feel like. them art, and we taught them to think for themselves. Celerity, Potence, Presence travel on the ground make sure you bring silver with you. It should be noted, however, that given the Brujah penchant for nonconformity, any assumption of ideals based on appearance could be potentially dangerous. As such, any character, even if they're not physical at all, can be embraced Brujah, providing they have that little "fire within". Brujah frenzy quite frequently. drank tequila. The Brujah are not the most aware, and a Sire being wrong on their Childe is fairly common. schemers like the Tremere, but they don't have that blood bond to their They frenzy easily. Nickname(s): These fiends are worse than Tremere in some ways. Name: his best friend, because he's just as likely to beat you to a pulp and Of course, the Brujah rabidly deny this penchant for excitement, and become quite hostile when the issue is raised. Background: Brujah prefer those who espouse change in one form or another, and often recruit from college campuses, political groups or oppressed minorities. Outside of the clan, the Brujah adore building structures, and then other Brujah adore tearing them down. is the only clan we really get along with.

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