Celebs you didn’t know have an LGBT sibling. What Is Bye Felicia Origin, What Does It Even Mean, Why Are... What Does Demisexual Flag Look Like, What Does It Mean To Be Demisexual? US, In an article about that brief moment, which saw laughter from fans as well as cast and crew, The Cut‘s Allison P. Davis calls Gray to answer for the line. The phrase is a perfect dismissal for annoying people who for a reason or the other, have overestimated their worth. The phrase ‘Bye, Felicia’ comes from the 1995 American crime comedy film Friday. The moment that Ice Cube’s son (playing Ice Cube) tossed out a groupie with a simple “Bye Felicia” is when the line started running afoul of its audience. The clip that launched the timeless meme features Chris Tucker’s Smokey eviscerating a neighbor named Felisha after she asks to borrow a car, then borrow a joint. When she turns to another guy sitting there, Jones, played by Ice Cube, to now ask him. More than that, it is equally a badass way to specify that their absence would be cherished.

After Tucker’s character, Smokey, refuses her repeated requests, she turns to Craig Jones, played by Ice Cube. Keep reading to learn more about Manigault’s interview and the actual meaning behind the popular catchphrase that’s clearly become everyone’s fave. Definition Let’s go back to the start, the “Bye Felicia” origin story. After two friends left for new opportunities, I found myself with Giphy in one open tab and a Google image search in another, desperately hoping the animated loop I was about to send would suffice. If we must pick synonyms for the saying, phrases like “take a hike”, “get lost”, “shut up”, “piss off”, “go to hell”, and “away with you” would make our list. Note: Your privacy is important to us, so please know that your information will always remain confidential! And at the end, O’Shea Jackson Jr. says, ‘What if I said “bye Felicia?” Wouldn’t that be funny?’ And we all busted up laughing, and I said, ‘Grab the cameras, grab the cameras, let’s do this one more time.’ And so we added this little extra coincidental joke,” Gray says. To better comprehend the explanation we’ve given, check out the context at which the phrase was first used in the video below…. But even some TV nuts don’t realize the term originated in a famously bad episode of Happy Days, in which the Fonz (Henry Winkler) waterskis over a shark.

Ice Cube can also be credited with created another soul enriching phrase: ‘It’s on like Donkey Kong’. The 20 Best "Bye, Felicia" Memes For When It's Time To Move On From Your Toxic Relationship. MORE : Will my internet bills go up because of net neutrality vote? In its original context, Ice Cube’s character speaks it to dismiss the neighborhood crackhead, Felisha (Angela Means). bye felicia A line from the 1995 film "Friday" starring Ice Cube and Chris Tucker that is becoming increasingly popular for no reason.

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Introducing ... PEOPLE's Products Worth the Hype, began searching the phrase in the last two years, making the expression part of popular English, "US Government Shuts Down, World Says, ‘Meh.’".

Is the New 007 Keeping Cinema Historically Accurate. “Bye Felicia” was commodified for a larger audience when it hit the LGBT scene. Now there’s “Bye Felipe,” because apparently calling a fuckboy by a female name is somehow unacceptable. Just like twerking , it has been around and well established for many years, but has recently become more mainstream as white girls attempt to use it, most often incorrectly and oblivious to its origin.

But if you’re wondering what caused it to be so popular now, you’re not alone: Google Trends shows that more and more people began searching the phrase in the last two years. Text us for exclusive photos and videos, royal news, and way more. Her work has been published by Bustle, Uproxx, Death and Taxes, Rolling Stone, the Daily Beast, Thrillist, Atlas Obscura, and others. So how did it randomly gain popularity so recently? Previous to that, the term referred to a literal money pit used to stash pirate treasure. This is no longer the case, Bye Felicia, like all other phrases and words you would regard as a slang, is now restricted to a particular context and specifically used for people exhibiting a certain behavior. Suddenly, two armed men start pounding on the door — one of them is looking for his girl, Felicia. True, Felicia is a feminine name but that does not mean you can’t use the Bye Felicia phrase while addressing a male. Except both Smokey and Craig are unemployed, and Smokey’s meager source of income is something he just can’t stop smoking. In August 2015, online discussions about "Bye Felicia" saw another notable resurgence after its inclusion in a scene from Straight Outta Compton, an American biopic film about the 90s hip hop group N.W.A directed by F. Gary Gray, the same filmmaker behind the 1995 urban comedy movie and origin of the quote, Friday. How to Overcome Female Stereotypes in the Workplace, 4 Motivational Poems You Need to Get out of Bed, 5 Nina Simone Civil Rights Songs You Need to Hear, A Woman You Should Know NOW, Pauli Murray, 10 Edith Eger Quotes From Her New Book That Promote Healing and Reflection.

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And going through the topsy-turvy history of “Bye Felicia” has even called into question what it means to use the phrase. A former Weekend Editor at the Daily Dot, April Siese's reporting covers everything from technology and politics to web culture and humor. O’Shea Jackson Jr., Ice Cube’s son and the actor who portrayed him in the movie, came up with the line in the middle of the night after dozens of takes of the scene simply hadn’t stuck. She’s demeaned, physically assaulted, and slut-shamed. According to Gray, its appearance in Straight Outta Compton was a matter of the stars aligning.

All Craig (Ice Cube) has to say is “Bye Felisha” to send the message that they’re not about her mooching ways. Will my internet bills go up because of net neutrality vote? Let’s go back to the start, the “Bye Felicia” origin story. Dismiss a Felicia no more once they turn aesthetically pleasing. From the foregoing, it is pretty obvious why people are fond of the saying. As the mixtape was released in 2014, the same year VH1 started its show, you don’t have to wonder why Bye Felicia memes were always going viral then.

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