Caddy has powerful request URI rewriting capabilities that support regular expressions, conditionals, and dynamic values.

You can uninstall it any time if you wish (the caddy untrust command makes this easy). Examples: Caddy serves public DNS names over HTTPS with certificates from. When I tried to inquire about its features and deployed it to testing, I must say it is amazing. If we threat model this, we generally have a flow chart numbered below.

Caddy is not designed to handle high traffic production environment. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Caddy solves the DNS challenge which does not involve opening any ports on the machine. It also can add its root cert to your trust store. Contact us: [email protected],,,,, pki: Initial commit of PKI app (WIP) (see, v2: Implement 'pki' app powered by Smallstep for localhost certificates, v2: Implement 'pki' app powered by Smallstep for localhost certificat…,,, pki: Initial commit of embedded ACME server (,, reverseproxy: Support auto-managed TLS client certificates (, What do you want/need most from this feature? do you use it? You can also subscribe without commenting. The trust chain consists of a root and intermediate certificate.

The rest of this page goes over the details for advanced use cases and troubleshooting purposes.

@mannp I've just created a certificate using an acme provisioner and it should be able to support mTLS, it supports also client authentication. Certificate templating to support other purposes & EKUs is on our short-term open source roadmap. If you haven't checked out our CA it is pretty easy to get started, and I'd be very interested to hear feedback on how we can make things even easier. Let Caddy render your Markdown files as HTML on-the-fly. Learn how to enable the DNS challenge for your provider at our wiki. Client certificates are validated by the server, if it's enabled. Caddy 2 was boldly engineered to simplify your infrastructure and give you control over the edge of your compute platform. $ caddy reverse-proxy --from --to localhost:9000, Run server with Caddyfile in working directory (if present), Local file server with template evaluation, HTTPS reverse proxy with custom load balancing and active health checks, HTTPS site with clean URLs, reverse proxying, compression, and templates, Change only a specific part of the config, # Load balance between three backends with custom health checks,, # Templates give static sites some dynamic features, # Compress responses according to Accept-Encoding headers, # Serve everything else from the file system. It's simple to use and secure over HTTPS for most purposes. The material in this site cannot be republished either online or offline, without our permission.

TecMint is the fastest growing and most trusted community site for any kind of Linux Articles, Guides and Books on the web. Some use cases that we think may be interesting to the Caddy community are: @mholt I am not totally familiar with all of Caddys capabilities so this may not be totally relevant but in general, I see private PKI as being super important for API Key like use cases (mTLS) and service to service authentication (again mTLS). I built this previously and that’s exactly what it does: While it is possible for step-ca to work together with AD CS we've heard from a few folks that they'd rather not run more than one CA. I will be testing it on the CentOS server, as well as Debian Server, but the same instructions also work on RHEL and Debian based distributions.

These days, this validation process is automated with the ACME protocol, and can be performed one of three ways ("challenge types"), described below. After thousands of lines of refactoring and weeks of work on foundational things, I've finally pushed my WIP implementation of certificates for localhost to #3125. @mmalone That all looks great! A proxy to do DNS challenges to CloudFlare or something so that we can get back valid LE certs.

Customize how Caddy runs with its simple, cross-platform command line interface; especially great for quick, one-off server instances.

Is MDM too expensive (I honestly don't know what MDM solutions cost)?

If one of your private keys becomes compromised, you can use Caddy to easily revoke the affected certificates. HTTP/1.1 is still used when clients don't support HTTP/2. For me this project is too young still works flawlessly and seems powerful and promising. 10. Here are some questions to help bootstrap development discussion: /cc Smallstep: @mmalone @maraino @mikemaxey.

( ) - Option 2 using step as the certificate resolver and TCP & TLS configured.

The client keeps its client certificate renewed just like a server certificate. To help get a conversation going I wanted to drop a couple ideas to gauge interest, and share a few links for anyone who wants to learn more about this stuff. Caddy will store public certificates, private keys, and other assets in its configured storage facility (or the default one, if not configured -- see link for details). Remove that friction and we will buy. Caddy is the HTTP/2 web server with automatic HTTPS. I was rather hoping this caddy support would give me that auto cert generation for mTLS using acme :).

For the Dev environment, specifically, I'm looking to use an internal non-IANA domain e.g. Caddy may prompt for a password to install its root certificate into your trust store. Sign up for a free GitHub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community.

You can use step certificates to create client certificates, but it's true, that there are no acme challenges supported for clients, you will need to use a different provisioner, i.e. then sites will be served over HTTPS automatically and without problems. To set up a domain, first, you need to point your domain’s A/AAAA DNS records at this server in your DNS control panel. When the going gets tough, Caddy gets going on more CPUs. Caddy is the only first web server that can acquire and renew SSL/TLS certificates automatically using Let’s Encrypt. Storage and renewal is managed by Caddy; signing and keys and other cryptographic things are managed primarily by Smallstep.

But the response from Methew was that I should learn how to use computers first before I attempt to use his product. Microsoft Intune SCEP really is a Microsoft proprietary protocol; they’ve added other stuff to it that’s not standard, the “standard” parts are not necessarily conformant with the SCEP draft either (there is no final RFC) and the CA must ask InTune to validate some proprietary blobs (a mix of XML and JSON as I recall) in the request prior to issuance.

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