You asked a question why choose a horror game on Halloween so I answered,and now you are not happy with me. Founder, Hello Games, Website © 2020 Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe. Didnt know you could read so much into a poop emoji but seriously dude, chill out, listening to customer complaints is an importent part of running a business, so stop being hostile towards everyone who isnt happy with this months selection. I’m not your puppet. It was free during and around the time of E3.

Every month there are two headlining games. Last time I checked I paid a subscription for these “free” games. those two comments were unrelated. I usually try to see the positive about “weaker” PS Plus line-ups, but that game was a horrible decision. Sorry TC, I think that a lot people on here assume that even a 5 year old who own a PS4 would have the basic knowledge that they have to have PS Plus to play online multiplayer in pretty much every PS4 game.

I wouldnt give Sony a single dollar if it weren’t for that single reason. Obviously I have asked a question on a board where only 5 year olds answer. You ever notice they’re always that cheap when they hit PS+? Master Reboot, The Bridge, Rocketbirds 2 and 2064 Read Only Memories also join the service. If you're not willing to pay for their services you can play on PC. It's not annoying that you asked why you could play before but not now. Like @stonesthrow said, even loyalty has it limits. Destiny 2 and God of War 3 remastered were good and fun. It's not that it's difficult to be successful, it's just real easy not to be. i was expecting No man’s buy (eh sky) or The last of us. What would you like Sony to take from the poop emoji in ways to improve there business. For other topics, head to our Forums. I don’t have any voice in the industry. When clicking on Quick Match it prompts me to sign up for PlayStation Plus and if I try to back out of signing up for it, it states that this feature will not be available without signing up for PlayStation Plus. like that Michael Jackson song, “all I wanna say is that they don’t really care about us”.

It’s ludicrously good value, increasing with added time as a subscriber - and this October, it’s in the Halloween spirit. Friday 13th looks and sounds almost exactly like that horror one from the other month. Expansion came out the same month so they hooked people by giving them “free” game and forcing them to buy the expansion because otherwise they wouldn’t be able to enjoy the game fully. Dead by Daylight, then Destiny and now two(!) The Bridge is good but the other PS3/Vita games are terrible. I was really hoping that Diablo 3 rumour was real.

© 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. We’ve an additional four titles for PS Vita and PS3, three of which you can also download for your PS4. They are definitely worth to try out, but the lack of diversity and innovation may put many people off. It’s your chance to step into the shoes of one of Camp Crystal Lake’s ill-fated student counsellors, or strap on the iconic hockey mask yourself and go hunting for helpless teenagers. But then again I suppose if they’d given us a huge line-up perhaps they were worried that announcing it and cross-play in one day would make all their customers explode with joy so perhaps they’re holding back for our own good? Oh well, still better then that garbage cryengine Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 rumour lol. Its too bad i have so many friends on Ps4. If I called you a piece of poop then said chill out how would you take it? Not every month is going to be a winner… Last month was worth the entire year for me. I didn’t even know about this until I saw your comment.

Only a little over £4 chill out.

Can anyone help me kill jason in a private match. Even the Sniper Elite II rumour was more appealing than these…. I couldn’t believe the head of a games studio’s confidence in his project was that misguided and fragile that he’s willing to scour the internet for “trolls” and wanted to single out and contest the opinions of total strangers online. in case you guys didn’t know, if you have amzn prime you automatically have twitch prime, which gives you a few monthly pc games as well, DRM free and yours to keep forever. master reboot was pretty good though, enjoy. More online-only/multiplayer trash? Please, I wouldn’t be surprised if Activision actually paid Sony to put Destiny 2 on PS+ list.

Easily and i mean EASILY the worst month ever by a long way! ;), lol no. Every month I’m forced to subscribe to this, it’s like you’re handing out bad publicity, and it’s been going on for sooo long… *facepalm* Even my loyalty has its limits. Makes one wonder why the subscription fee went up… disappointing. Give us a fair deal, finally! Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. I remember writing a scathing breakdown way ahead of it’s release somewhere.

Put them all together and October’s PS Plus line up looks like this: These will all be available to download on PlayStation Store from 2nd October. End of the day I’m being forced to pay £50 just to play online!

Yeah does seem a bit odd to give us a horror game in October especially so close to Halloween. All rights reserved. When I saw the rumour about Nioh and Diablo I was well excited and this has massively fallen short of expectations! Might give Laser League a go. (you will keep subbing), and it was in almost all possible bundles for 1$. eventhough I’m builing for work, I’ll still be able to play all kind of games with quality settings roughly up to ps4, and thats only without a dedicated gpu. I really dont get it. I have been with plus since launch and have around 10 games that are no longer usable. Given that there were two “leaks” I wasn’t really expecting nioh, sniper 3 or diablo, but this is just depressing. This time they’re complete. @killwanye Why are you all over the comment section dude? Common , Nioh? Wow just when you think it can’t get any worse, what a terrible month.

Created by the studio behind the ruthlessly addictive OlliOlli skating series, Laser League is a lightning-fast competitive multiplayer game that starts out as a simple test of raw reflexes and fast becomes a deeply-strategic team showdown. Not a troll just pointing out you are talking nonsense. Isn’t Friday the 13th pretty much dead in the water because they got hit by a lawsuit by using unlicensed stuff thus ending any further dlc? Cross buy does have nothing to do with plus. GOW 3 on amazon £24.99 Destiny 2 £8.69 he wanted both the games. The games are Free!!!!!!! In the meantime, why not check out September’s line-up to make sure you didn’t miss anything: That’s all for now – join us again next month to find out what big games will be coming to PS Plus in November and let us know how you get on with October’s games over on Twitter and Facebook. You don’t have to comment at all. Now I know. If you don’t care what people’s opinions are don’t ask questions in the comment thread,just put you’re opinion or statement.

Well it’s an optional service so not forced. Friday 13th is way too similar a game to give out a couple of months after dead by daylight. anything? Maybe this should be thought about more carefully when selecting games for the service? When you pay your phone line and if they gave you 2 free games you wouldn’t whinge at them to not give you the games so you could pay less. I am not into multiplayer games at all so both being MP only is a bit of a dud. But sure, shovel junk at us and we’ll keep paying. Master Reboot and The Bridge for me, guess the “leak” about Diablo 3 and Nioh was just wishful thinking…., i7-5820K 3.3GHz, Asus X99-DELUXE, Corsair H110i GTX, 850 EVO 1TB, EVGA GTX 970 4GB FTW ACX2.0, Corsair 760T, EVGA 850W, Orion Spark, Proteus Core, Benq BL3200PT. Have you played the other 2? And in case it wasn’t clear this month’s games again have the last 2 years of “free” games.??? Thank you to the one person that tried to be helpful.

A bit of love for vita owners is something, I guess. 2nd there are plenty of horror games they could give us and they gave us basically the same game as 2 months ago. This is a terrible month. Sound Shapes was also in PS Plus, the online features are shutting down next month I think.

Thanks Sony.

Please Sony have two packages one for PlayStation plus with the free games and one package without the games so for us people who have all these games can get the online access cheaper instead of paying £50 for a year subscription with free games we already own. Most of the multiplayer games, once bought, won't cost you any more money and the games are cheaper as a rule of thumb. I didn't realize this board only contained answers from douchebags.

And you can put those Dualshock controllers down – as a PlayLink title, Knowledge is Power needs nothing but your handy smart phone. To the others, find something to do with your life outside of being infants on message boards. For example generic shooter 2 “costs” 49.99 but it’s “worth” 0. But you can play them on PS4 so they are PS4 games. More info, We use cookies to personalise your experience and ads on this website and other websites.

You can play them as long as you are subscribed.

The £4ish a month is for the online service to play online. I was expecting a LEGO game – which we never got -, but this is far the worst month in the life of PS+. I hope at least you are getting paid by Sony. Not PS4 games that’s for sure, maybe PS3. With September winding down it’s time to say ‘farewell’ to the scorching summer and a big fat ‘Boo!’ to autumn.

But why would that bother you when you say you don’t like online games?….will wait for reply. Well… The Bridge is actually a good puzzle game!

I already have Friday the 13th…and an odd choice since Dead By Daylight is very similar and was on Plus recently (though F13 is better). Haha! Do you even like games? Personally I’m pleased, as I don’t have any this month’s games.

So not quite worth a whole year of plus but he wanted to play Rocketbirds 2 so that about rounds up to the years worth of cash he paid for his plus, GOW 3 has been cheaper on PSN sale than Amazon but still not bad value for only 2 months out of the 12.

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