Or when I'm done at the post office and I want to go home. The RX8 is tough to take care of because of the rotary engines.

And like the Alto K10 (next up on the list), it’s a proper pocket rocket.

It’s a Toyota, so you know it’s well built, reliable, and a good value for the money. Mercury This is especially true when driving in confined spaces, such as in a city. Now that the Nano’s available with a power steering system, the minimum turning radius for the car is just 4 meters. Pricing starts at $37,325.

When turning 360 degrees, each machine “draws” an outer and inner circle. I'm sure there are exceptions, but it's seems like it's been a shortcoming of many American cars for a long time. The radius is …

The rules of the road for different regions can only indicate the rule of how to drive in a narrow corner on large vehicles. Subaru This is when cars with a small turning radius shine. That means taking U-Turns won’t be a problem, and same goes for manoeuvring through traffic.

In other countries, there are no strict restrictions on this parameter. For the record, the Roadster and the NISMO version of the Z require an additional 1.3 feet to make the same turn.

The Dodge Challenger is an attractive proposition for anyone looking to buy an affordable but very cool car.

to the data presented here. Pricing starts at $14,745. Pricing starts at $22,995.

This is a list on which small cars are going to rule big time, so quite naturally the diminutive FIAT 500 ranks highly (or is it lowly?) Pricing starts at $14,090.

There are so many modern-day distractions, the last thing new drivers and their parents should have to worry about is the car itself!

So historically, car designers have gone with bigger, longer cars, because turning radius usually isn't an issue.

All of this is in addition to being one of the 2016 cars with the smallest turning radius. M800 and Santro has the SAME radius of 4.4m!

Editor: Falchenko Alexander Kiev, pl. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser.

Pricing starts at $14,165.

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Volvo, Send your questions, comments and suggestions to: [email protected], To report errors and other problems with this page, please use this form.

Happily, the 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage is also one of the most affordable new cars for 2016.

Another popular car, due to how affordable and powerful the car is, the Civic Type R is best left to the petrolheads. Saab 5 years ago.

D in this case is the diameter of the circle, L is the wheelbase, and is the angle of rotation of the tires. The interior is a large improvement over the previous iterations of Alto, and hence makes the cabin a nice place to be in.

Hatchbacks are a popular choice for beginner drivers, due to them being small and easy to maneuver. It's also weirdly angular in places and can be easy to hit against surfaces you thought you could avoid. Don’t be surprised to find a Honda Brio listed among smaller cars!

Reva is the current winner in this category for cars (tbhp is for cars).

The reason it’s here is the almost unbelievable minimum turning radius of the car – 4.5 metres. At 3.6 metres long, the Brio isn’t very big, but is the largest here.

Volkswagen My daily driver is a W212 Mercedes that has a very tight turning radius so when I switch to the Volvo I need to completely recalibrate my expectations regarding low-speed maneuverability. Kia What is the operating temperature of the engine and why does it rise, If you filled in bad gasoline - what to do, How to eliminate generator noise, replace bearings, Solar powered car. Contact Information, Credits, and Terms of Use.

While the Viper is no doubt one of the greatest American supercars on the market, it's definitely not the first car you should buy. We’re just talking about city driving and what could be better than commuting but without burning any fossil fuel! You never know when you’re going to have to pop an impromptu U to get one.

The almost pocket rocket of a car is also available as a CNG version, but much like the Nano, it loses the AMT gearbox. BMW

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on this list of 2016 cars with the tightest turning radius.

The Mahindra E2O, successor to the original Reva i, is a more powerful and usable electric only vehicle. We take a look at the top five cars in Australia that offer the best turning radius. These vehicles are tough to drive and serve better in the hands of experienced drivers. Do they sell manual Honda Odysseys?

It's easy to understand why a teenager with a fresh driver's license would want a cool car, but some cool cars make horrible first cars.


The Kwid will soon be redeemed though, as Renault has plans of introducing an automated manual transmission option to this compact city car.

My mom has an '06 Ford Expedition and it can beat many other vehicles including cars.

Why have they not updated the engineering?

With a smaller radius, parking is easier as well as driving in hard-to-reach places such as off-roading. Search by Car Make: Hyundai

It can be a lot of fun, but the turning circle of the car is absolutely ridiculous. It's heavy and very wide, and can be troublesome in traffic! At 5 meters, the turning radius of the Kwid is the highest in its segment. Cars are his passion. We’ve long appreciated the excellent handling afforded by the 370Z front-midships engine layout, and we’ve observed how easy it is to maneuver in urban situations as well. It can be a lot of fun, but the turning circle of the car is absolutely ridiculous. Maybach

10 Best New (and Almost New) Cars Under $15,000, 10 Cars with the Smallest Engines for the Highest EPA grades. Pontiac Unique lists featuring pop culture, entertainment and crazy facts. Certain specifications, prices and equipment data have been provided under license from Chrome Data Solutions ("Chrome Data"). Pricing starts at $14,435. Mazda Truck

Toyota On the other hand, in the case of the new 2016 Mazda Miata, you can have both terrific handling and a tight circumference when making U-turns. While Mazda is known for creating incredibly reliable cars and the Mazdaspeed 3 is no different, it's not the best vehicle for beginners. A small turning circle can make it easier to shoehorn a car into a tight parking space.

Cadillac It's got a nasty reputation for being incredibly harsh on drivers. With a great space to price ratio, the Datsun Go has another trick up its sleeve – a minimum turning radius of just 4.6 meters, which is equal to what the Alto K10 manages!

Happily, in the case of the 2016 Chevrolet Sonic, the home team has an all-star on the roster. If you know where you are going in the first place, it does not matter what kind of car you are driving. The radius is highly dependent on the wheelbase. Aston Martin Yes, this makes a big difference while navigating through tight spaces in city traffic.

What car has the smallest turning radius?

Omni has 4.1m turning radius. These require regular maintenance, and in the hands of someone without experience, you could run into problems very quickly! The Mitsubishi Lancer is the first four-door sedan with a trunk on this list of 2016 cars with a small turning radius. © I have had to do a 3 point turn out of a parking spot in a tight lot.

The turning radius can be determined, can be calculated by the formula D = 2 * L / sin.

Morgan Photo Credit: Mitsubishi Motors North America.

What’s truly remarkable is that smart’s engineering team actually managed to reduce it from the previous version of the car, even though the new car is wider.

Otherwise, they will not be registered.

It's a common complaint with 5th (and 6th) gen Maximas. While at first glance, an economical and good-looking hatchback, the Punto is best avoided by first-time drivers. Lotus Further, Yaris is one of 2016’s cars with the smallest turning radius. Perhaps it’s a testament to just how small the smart’s turning circle is, when the second-place car on this list comes in more than seven feet larger.

The 1.2-litre petrol engine makes 87 hp, and there’s an optional automatic gearbox available, too.

One of the most liberating moments in a young person's life is when they first learn how to drive. Nissan Truck Personal liking aside, features like these make driving in cities a lot easier than you and I could imagine.

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