There’s no need to use a higher pressure because most leaks that occur at normal operating temperatures and pressures will show up with 10 to 40 PSI of air pressure. For the repair of this cracked engine block, we used Belzona 1111 (Super Metal), Belzona 9111 (Cleaner/Degreaser), Belzona 9341 (Reinforcement Tape), and a few tools from our machine shop. A small piece of reinforcement tape wetted out with the mixed material was applied over the crack and encapsulated into the Belzona material already applied. The head still has to be preheated and slow cooled after the crack has been filled. If it's long, take a punch and peen the crack at the ends. When it came time to repair a crack in a numbers-matching 396 block for a Chevelle, the call went out to Kelly's Block Welding in Los Angeles, where owner Garrick Preece and welder Jun Nakawatase applied their considerable cast iron experience to this repair. Smooth the bolt even with the surface. Over 70 years ago the Metalock Engineering Group developed special tools, jigs, fixtures and materials used in this simple but ingenious repair procedure and these tools enable the successful cold repair of all types of machines and in the restoration of heritage structures. The Metalock Engineering Group is an established mechanical equipment repair company with proven expertise in quality repairs, maintenance, bespoke modifications and equipment upgrades around the world…. This is why it is the perfect metal for engine blocks and cylinder heads. A leaky head gasket, water pump, radiator or coolant hose may have allowed a loss of coolant that eventually caused the engine to run hot and overheat. They have been successfully used in both cast-iron and aluminum blocks and heads. These include the areas between the valve seats in a cylinder head, the area between the valve seats and spark plug hole, the deck area between combustion chambers, the top center area of the head, and the exhaust ports. When compared to welding there are many possible problems and using this metal stitching technique to fix cracked components, is the preferred repair solution. The second type is longer, has a flat tip, uses spiral-hook threads and uses a non-tapered head; it exerts a radial clamping force and is used for structural integrity and sealing.

Save your valuable serial numbers. 2. An alternating current is used to alternately heat the metal and burn off any oxide that forms. This all has to be completed, often with a minimum downtime, frequently involving 24/7 working. Always start at the ends of each crack. First, spray or paint your penetrating dye over the suspected crack and the surrounding area, then wait 5 minutes. They are the bane of all car crafters, and cast iron cracks are among the most difficult to repair. Tapered pins or plugs are installed in essentially the same manner except that the depth of the pin is more critical for a proper fit. This engine block magnafluxing procedure assures the highest quality cast iron blocks. The holes for adjacent pins are drilled to overlap slightly, which helps lock each pin in place. The illustration of the Metalock Repair System (Metalocking), shown below, is a basic repair to a flat surface. can also be repaired. Identify the three types of stitching pins in your kit. If you're sealing a portion of the block that intersects a water jacket, then use the manufacturer-recommended thread sealant on the pin threads before you install them. where can I find this product and what is the cost?

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Named iRacing's New Executive Director, PerTronix Performance Acquires Aeromotive, Waterman Racing, California Pony Cars Mustang Timing Chain Cover, The Science of Speed in Motorcycle Drag Racing, AJPE 521 cid ProCharged Hemi Pro Mod Engine, Motor Oil Additives Play a Crucial Role in Engine Protection. With cast iron heads and blocks, 80 percent of cracks can usually be repaired with iron or steel pins or tapered plugs while 20 percent of cracks will require furnace welding, flame spray welding or brazing. Yulia holds an MBA degree with Concentration in Service Industries. "Engineering Group" logoRegistered Trade Mark No. Learn how to identify and repair your cracked engine block quickly and permanently! This series shows tapered plugs used to fill cracks in a cylinder head. Once you've finished this third series of pins, you'll have created a fully contiguous "weld" running the length of the crack where the sides and heads of each pin overlap the next. The Metalock Engineering Group has an excellent record in performing successful cold cast iron repairs using the cast iron stitching method. Bed the wetted layers of Belzona 9341 down over the crack into the product already applied. A cracked engine block in a vehicle is not uncommon. For our cast-iron engine block repair, we were put in touch with Josh Sprinkle, Industrial District Manager and expert welder, whom we were told could handle it, if anyone could. Apply the thread lock or sealer provided in the kit and torque the bolt. Identify the crack with your three-part penetrating dye system. The upward rake of the threads produces a pinching or clamping effect when the pin is tightened. Therefore, there are various methods of repairing cracked engine blocks: from welding and brazing, to cold metal stitching. Also, don’t use too much air pressure to retest a head as this may push out the thread sealer before it has fully cured. Grind the bolt down close to the surface, and then peen the bolt again with a punch and hammer. These pinning kits have the proper tap, if not use a tap from your set. Tungsten thorium electrodes work well with aluminum, but zirconium tungsten electrodes (which are much more expensive) are considered the best. A long, slow cool down relieves stress in the metal, which if not relieved could lead to cracking. Once a crack or leak has been identified, it’s important to inspect the casting closely to determine the full extent of the crack. But some areas can be difficult to inspect with magnetic particle detection alone, so pressure testing is recommended to check for “hidden” cracks in intake and exhaust ports and water jackets. The cracks can lead to a series of problems, for that reason they need to be eliminated. 3. The studs are then run down until the heads shear, the remaining rough metal being removed by pneumatic chisels. It’s a two-step process, starting with a roughing tap and followed by a finishing tap.

Use Belzona 9111 (Cleaner/Degreaser) to degrease the repair area.

Cracks in an aluminum head or block, on the other hand, are much more difficult to repair by pinning because aluminum is a softer metal than cast iron so the pins and plugs can’t achieve as much “bite” as they do in an iron casting. For more information about ASE, visit the official ASE website at, Sitemap Privacy Policy Disclaimer All Rights Reserved ©Copyright 2020. Thank you for your interest in Belzona products. Welding is usually the preferred repair technique because aluminum is relatively easy to weld compared to cast iron. Wet out a suitable length of Belzona 9341 (Reinforcement Tape) with the mixed product. So it’s important to identify and eliminate anything that might have caused the engine to overheat before it is put back in service – otherwise your crack repairs may be short lived. Set the spotfacer's depth guide so that 1/8- to 3/16-inch of material is left in the casting for the pin threads to grab onto.

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