So my job here is to simply bring out the shape the tree is already growing toward. But it needs some work. I’m growing pretty confident this one is going to make it. Out of stock. Good luck! This small Cedar elm, Ulmus crassifolia, was collected in 2018 and is the last of three I had in the pot (they went on to their own pots last year). They’re plentiful in Texas. It takes at least a decade before bark begins to form. As for privet, I think you could do some limited pruning now if you’re in the South, but I’d wait till spring if farther north. SKU: Celm28pre Category: Uncategorized. I uncovered a bit more trunk base when root-pruning, and it has a nice turn to it. Water it for no more than four or five hours in this way. The bark of cedar elm is light brown and furrowed into broad, scaly ridges. On a full-sized tree, it's not noticeable. Ulmus crassifolia: Native to (mostly) East Texas but also Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and some populations in Tennessee and northern Florida. Good luck with your new collects, and Merry Christmas! This is one of the best examples I have on my bench. Now I move to the front, repeating the process. It’s a somewhat odd tree, what with that low branch, but I figured why not do something a little different? Overnight orders Need to be submitted the previous day by 11 AM in order to go out the next day. It is the most common elm here in GA and it also has small leaves for an elm, quite vigorous growth and corky twigs. Water as needed, don’t let the soil dry out. You will get exactly the tree you see on these pictures. It complies with my rule of thumb that calls for chopping a branch or leader two or three basal diameters from the point where it emerges from the trunk or trunk chop. The leaves are: elliptical or lance-shaped, If you collect your own: cedar elm has a stout wood, so I always recommend use of a cordless reciprocating saw to make the work easier.

Eventually you will need to do so-called renewal pruning to thin the interior of your bonsai. In this photo I’ve trimmed the crown a bit, but also shifted the tree so that the low upright branch is a little more forward.

Jeanette, seedlings need to be grown to a suitable size for bonsai training, so either grow them in the ground or in an oversized pot until the trunk base is at least 1″ thick (for a small bonsai). Healthy specimens can be defoliated in late summer, but the practice is not recommended but every other year. In my view, there’s seldom a good reason to try and force a tree to be something it clearly doesn’t want to be. Nice fall interest and lovely … It’s time to check in again on my big Cedar elm. I have big windows for solar gain and plenty morning sun plant spots. I think this is better. Cut the trunk to roughly 12-24”, then sever the lateral roots to within 4-6” of the trunk. An unheated garage, cold frame or other method to protect the root zone. SCIENTIFIC NAME: Ulmus crassifolia COMMON NAME: Texas Cedar Elm. This procedure is a multi-step, multi-year process and there’s no short-cutting it if you mean to get it right. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. Good luck in finding your husband a cedar elm.

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