The increased power would result in a fuel saving as they would be at rich climb fuel flows for less time. Comparing the 700 Aerostar to conventional aircraft is a bit unfair. Page 1 of 44 The Cessna 340 was originally equipped with two 285 hp turbocharged Continental TSIO-520-K fuel injected engines with three-bladed propellers.

For instance, while the standard 414 intercooling system allows induction temperatures to vary between 180 degrees F to 200 degrees F at altitude, ULTRAcooling (under the same conditions) maintains temperatures between 70 degrees F and 90 degrees F. At medium altitudes ULTRAcooling reduces the induction air temperatures, approximately 110 degrees F. To understand what that means to your engine, try remembering the last time you flew an aircraft with carburetor heat. With the pilot of the American Aviation turbo-intercooling 310 HP 340 holding 31.5″ and 2450 RPM, I flew on his wing in the RAM 325 HP 340 holding 34″ and 2500 RPM. But flying the 340 or 414’s turbocharged engines with the basic intercooler is like flying with the carb heat on all the time.

When you combine the 100 % pressure recovery from the inlet with high flow manifolding and proper heat exchanger design, the results are near constant inlet air temperatures at all altitudes and power settings.The benefits of this work extend throughout the entire spectrum of the aircraft’s performance. Every thread about a 421 mentions that you have to treat the geared engines very carefully.

The fuel system consists of two main tanks, two optional auxiliary tanks, two optional wing locker tanks, fuel selectors for selection of main, auxiliary or crossfeed fuel and other necessary components to complete the system. Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association Find it free on the store. The prototype 421 took to the skies for the first time in October 1965 (three years after the 411 Pilot Shortage: Where’d All the Pilots Go? (3) An aerodynamically engineered P-51 style cowling and inlet that maximizes the recovery of ram air velocity from the propeller. The 421B will have most of the same systems at the 340/414. All three sections of the design interact perfectly with one another for optimum thermodynamic efficiency. Perhaps the biggest complaint of new pilots is keeping track of the fuel between the various tanks, but this becomes a non-issue after just a few hours of flying time.

@Copyright 2014 • American Aviation Inc. • 2265 West Aerostar way, Hayden Lake, ID 83835 • 208-762-8815 • 800-423-0476 • [email protected] It does, and very well. The cruise performance suffered equally as much as the climb, again due to superheated air entering the engine.

But for increased performance, a much easier and cheaper modification swept through most of the fleet, and that was the addition of vortex generators.

The twin Cessnas were the only ones that 'work' if I factored the cost of the capital, and the operating cost. The conclusion then was clear: No matter how you turbocharge engines, they won’t be practical until the cabin itself is pressurized. The actual power loss we calculated at either climb or cruise climb power was about 40 HP. Our experience with other aircraft allowed us to complete the task in a little under a year and FAA certification was completed shortly thereafter. We also saw an increase of 150-200 fpm in hot weather climbs – when you need it the most.”Read more…. That was not unexpected, as the modified engine uses even more manifold pressure resulting in more heat of compression in the induction air and with RAM conversions, the original intercooler is simply reused as in the standard airplane. You have made a substantial investment in the purchase of your Cessna 340 or 414. Often in aviation, it seems to me, we worry over pennies in our analyses while the hundred dollar (or worse) bills flowing out of our bank accounts go unnoticed. “I am averaging 200 FPM increased rate of climb from sea level to 18,000 feet. This airplane is certificated in the normal category. After countless hours in front of the flight simulator on the family computer, he finally earned his fixed-wing license right before joining the Air Force. In my experience, there are at least two things pilots can’t get enough of. This is like comparing a warrior and an archer. The landing gear is the same as the 414, but the horizontal and vertical stabilizer, elevator and rudder are the same as the 310; minor changes in … Once in the civilian world, John made the leap to helicopters, going all the way through CFI-I in the unforgiving flight training environment presented by the mountains around Lake Tahoe. It’s interesting to note that at 38″ and below, a RAM modified engine is virtually identical to a standard engine, and the stock intercooling system remains unchanged.

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