Provides similar skills to teammates within aura range. Rank 17: 126-151 cold damage, 6 pieces of ice shrapnel for 75-90 damage. Just continue along the path until you reach the dock. Rank 17: 82-98 regular damage, 195-234 damage to undead. Once all slavers have been killed, return to Babik Nurn and let him know the coast is clear. Your allies expect an impending attack. Weaknesses: Virtually no magic. 5 revolution(s). Rank 4: Converts up to 2 enemies for 18 seconds.

Odds of conversion are 56%. Description: Pure spell caster. Move slowly so you don’t trigger too many ants at once. Rank 10: 122-146 damage on impact, 35-42 area effect damage, 4 flares that last 17 seconds. If this happens, you won’t see him running with you as you escort him to the exit.

Rank 17: 490-734 damage, 10 seconds to recast. You're still hacking and slashing your way through hordes of enemies, all the while leveling up and stocking up on the phat loot; a safe and proven formula.

Rank 14: Adds 32-38 damage for 41 seconds, with a 16 foot aura giving 29-35 damage.

Use the pillars that encircle the arena as help against the beast. Rank 18: Extra 100% damage. Rank 12: Increases blunt weapon damage by 70%. Rank 4: 36-54 damage to up to 2 enemies, 26% chance of stun for 5 seconds.

Rank 13: 210% faster mana regeneration for the duration of the spell. Battle through the dark halls of the dungeon and find the entrance back to the castle. Rank 13: 19% chance, 75 units.

Rank 19: 105% health, 12 ft aura, 85% health to teammates. Rank 11: Adds 34-41 damage for 35 seconds, with a 17 foot aura giving 30-36 damage. Move around the area and three souls will appear around you. Rank 6: +31 cold damage, velocity of 43 feet per second, and freeze time of 5 seconds.

Once this contamination was cleaned up, The Guild News Champions of the News Team was only required to remain in the Small Guild Hall regen pool for 3 Norrathian years. Velocity of 39 feet per second. Protect Babik from the ghouls scattered across the Blackdelve shore. Rank 18: 44-53 damage per second, lasting 9 seconds. Rank 3: 42-50 cold damage. Odds of conversion are 46%.

Rank 3: 26-31 regular damage, 55-66 damage to undead. Rank 12: 224-336 damage, 31 foot range, 45 degree cone.

The opening cut scene reveals Babik making his way across the dock to the small island. Rank 18: +91 poison damage, cloud radius of 11 feet, duration 7 seconds.

Their abilities seem random so you may face a few with enchanted weaponry; any resistances boost you possess will prove extremely useful. Halberd 5.

Rank 19: 100% faster mana regeneration.

The vampires are so quick that it’s very easy to make a misstep and attack air instead of the creature.

Rank 12: Adds 43-52 damage for 37 seconds, with a 4 foot aura giving 21-25 damage. Rank 13: 72-86 damage on counter hit, with a 10% chance of success. Rank 3: 16% chance of critical, duration of 22s, aura radius 8 feet. Rank 19: 509-763 damage, 11 seconds to recast.

Required Level: 10 Description: A beam of energy from the caster latches onto enemies.

This is where I thought we were in trouble, because we were clearly not int he Lake of Ill Omen. Rank 13: 206-310 damage, 49-73 area damage of radius 12 feet. Velocity of 49 feet per second. Rank 10: +76 fire damage, velocity of 49 feet per second, and radius of 12 inches. Rank 15: 52% chance of critical, duration of 34s, aura radius 20 feet. Rank 8: 33-49 area damage, 64% chance of confusion, 5 seconds of confusion. Required Level: 15 Description: Converts enemies to friendlies. Oh snap! Rank 16: Increases slashing weapon damage by 90%.

Are the portals that much of a mystery? Rank 2: +36 fire damage, velocity of 34 feet per second, and radius of 8 inches. Rank 6: Extra 40% damage. Additional skill points in healing will help keep your cleric healthy or you could increase your endurance and spend the gold coins and use the added weight for additional health potions.

Rank 4: 44-53 damage per second.

Cold damage slows him down and fire damage causes additional burning damage.

It’s very tough to see on the black ground so you may want to turn up your brightness.

Spells cost more percentage of mana. Occasionally you’ll encounter a group of friendly soldiers that are engaged in their own battle. Rank 18: 92-138 damage to up to 5 enemies, 54% chance of stun for 12 seconds.

Required Level: 8 Description: A blessed character will regain their mana more quickly. 74% motion control.

Rank 5: 58% chance of effect, 47-56 damage per second for 4 seconds with 3 foot radius. Rank 18: 92-110 damage on counter hit, with a 10% chance of success. Find him for more information.

Rank 20: 183-220 regular damage, 383-460 damage to undead, lasts 8 seconds.

Half screen bug in hardware mode is fixed by using Software mode.

Rank 1: 135% mana regeneration rate.

The vampires are insanely quick. Vanarhost drops you into the dungeon--and into a challenging fight.

However, Innoruuk did corrupt the Takish Hiz elves who lived there, so that much is true. Dexterity is your attribute focus with a minor in intelligence to fund the skills that require mana.

Velocity of 50 feet per second.

60% chance of success per enemy.

Rank 17: 72-86 damage, lasts for 47 seconds, 56% chance for spin attack.

As the cavern narrows, the battles become tougher. Odds of conversion are 50%. Find the goblin boss at the end and recover the magic item.

Rank 15: 345% mana regeneration rate. Rank 1: 56-84 damage with radius of 6 feet.

There are ally soldiers in the area and they will help you battle the orcs around the camp’s perimeter. Rank 2: 210 damage with 7 foot radius.

Rank 12: Increases blunt weapon damage by 70%. Rank 6: 38-46 regular damage, 85-102 damage to undead. Rank 4: +49 poison damage, cloud radius of 3 feet, duration 4 seconds. Make a hasty retreat and attempt to split the group into more manageable numbers. Rank 7: 47-56 damage, 2 degrees of motion for tracking. Rank 8: 240% mana regeneration rate. And the cleric should have little trouble excelling given the great quantity of undead in Norrath--many of the cleric’s spells are specialized against the undead. They’re much slower than the first group so you can use ranged attacks and spells more easily. Required Level: 15 Description: Gives an ice effect to your weapons, higher ranks increase damage, duration, aura size, and aura effect. Rank 8: 52-78 damage to up to 3 enemies, 34% chance of stun for 7 seconds. Rank 9: Increases slashing weapon damage by 55%. Required Level: 23 Description: Halts enemies where they stand when successful. Rank 11: Up to 4 enemies for 8 seconds.

He confirms the worst: it’s a trap!

Rank 8: Increases slashing weapon damage by 50%. Rank 6: Increases slashing weapon damage by 40%. 58% chance of success per enemy. You’ll come here each time you use a gate scroll. Move slowly across the plane and avoid a battles that contain magic users and fast ghouls, which can catch up to you when you’re trying to chase down the magical adversary. Rank 20: 208-312 damage with radius of 25 feet.

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