For additional care tips, download the Charvel owner's manual. Usually its a six digit number after the C. This is a white/white guitar, HSS pickups, chrome plate on the bolt-on neck, on which is stamped “Charvel by Jackson/Charvel.” There’s nothing but the little “r” next to the logo on the headstock.

Can you tell me what it is?

Don’t feel bad, SS. Loving having something different from the norm. Why is there a reluctance on the part of some Surfcaster owners to divulge complete serial numbers, i.e. My guitar has the Ft. Worth plate and the # is 231509 it has 1 double coil pickup and only a volume knob no tone control it has the original locking system and tremolo.

the 382XXX serial number puts it in the correct general range (we’re still talking the 1000-piece range until we get a dialed in #) as a few others in the database, but without pictures or more detailed info we’re just assuming at this point. I'm trying to identify what model and year it is.The plate on the neck says Made in Japan, serial number JC10001842, PO Box243, San Dimas, CA USA. Posted by Luke on Fri, 08/24/2018 - 04:42. I’ll post serial and pics. I guess I’m a heretic too. Is this site still active other than this comments section? I'm at a loss finding where it was made or what model it is.

I have a good friend (Chief of Police) who can broadcast the details of a stolen instrument to the majority of law enforcement agencies in the USA and Canada, as well as pawn shops and second-hand musical instrument dealers.

2. Here’s something perhaps unusual about this guitar: it doesn’t have the asymmetrical “Gumby” headstock that every other Charvel labeled Surfcaster I’ve seen has. Manufactured in the Japanese Chu Shin Gakki factory, charvel model 1, charvel model 2, charvel model 3, charvel model 3a, charvel model 4, charvel model 5, charvel model 6, charvel model 7, model 8, neckplate Charvel Jackson P.O. Again, welcome aboard and I hope your Surfacster gives you many hours of enjoyment. I’ve done some research and the serial number is from 1996 (Japan).

Hi there! 3789XX). White charvel lettered headstock, highly figured orange top. all the raised areas are chrome and the other area is black. Your serial number 378361 puts it closer to September of 1993 rather than September of 1991 so I’d be interested if you can confirm your information somehow. However, not all locations are equipped to handle every type of service issue, so we recommend that you call ahead and verify that the service center can address your specific repair needs. Re: Graham- yes, the original production surfcasters were all 2-lipstick configured. i will keep in touch ! I disclosed the fact that I string my 12-string as a 6-string and SignOfTheDragon chewed my tail. Use a capo to press the strings to the fingerboard at the first fret while using a finger to press the low E string to the fingerboard at the fret at the neck/body joint. But a Surfcaster would be difficult to knock off and the market isn’t that big so the chop shops aren’t going to be interested.

If you have acidic perspiration or perspire excessively, please keep the hardware well-oiled or it will rust and corrode.

Hopefully this is helpful to somebody. Neck plate on a Charvel 475 Deluxe from 1990. Thanks, BC. Pickguard was badly and unevenly yellowed.

: It’s definitely factory. Thanks Silversurfer. Lorenzo. 379 is still within the early tremolo surfs, before the humbucker, which I think are all 380 and above.

These neck plates say "Charvel PO Box 245, San Dimas, Ca, 91773". First Owner, bought new in shop at 08.28.1995. For example, C800210 is built in the year of 1988. To me, this is almost as good as having an insurance policy, except it’s free!

It looks like you bought it on eBay from “gravitymusic”. I wished i would know which year for sure… The bulk of these neck plates (serial numbers 6011 - 6041) were used on the 2002 Limited Edition Charvel Bulls Eye Reissue guitars.

Black Surfcaster 12-string Great job on putting this site together, so far BTW, It must be some other neckplate. 3853XX.

The first serial number used was a Strat-style guitar withthe Heineken beer bottle label painted on it, November 9th, 1981.

charvel logo on back number plate thing – it has a made in Japan sticker too I have lost the tremolo arm – any idea where you can get it? The guitar is in South Australia, professionally set up and it plays like I hoped it would. There are certain cases where a broken neck may be covered under your Charvel warranty, but if the neck broke outside of your warranty, please contact your local Charvel Authorized Service Center to determine if the neck can be repaired or replaced. Charvel guitars are the very embodiment of high-performance tone machines, and discerning players who prize superior sound and feel have turned to the company's finely crafted guitars as their weapons of choice for over four decades now. Posted by Deano on Thu, 09/12/2019 - 13:40.

the back is mahogany color, the logo is white and it’s a 6 string tremelo with 2 lipsticks in it.

The third link is on the Variations page and is a pdf matrix that illustrates all known variants of the Surfcaster and how many of each are known.

I shall email you some pics … thanks for the welcome, I’ve just been quietly (it’s nearly midnight here) been running through the whole of The Byrds Greatest Hits … can’t put the thing down ! Purchased in 1992. The only neck-thru version of the basses were the Model 3B.

Guys, do you have any information for a charvette ? Two lipsticks or one lipstick and one humbucker? 96195XX. Email “Surfcaster” with pics and he’ll put them up.

6-string or 12-string? Posted by Jeff on Mon, 12/07/2015 - 18:02.

Also, is there an email address I can send all the other details so it can be included on this (serial number) page?

I’d post a link to a picture but posts with links don’t show up.

Posted by Mike Pantoja on Mon, 05/04/2020 - 23:55. She’s in great original condition, barely any wear and playing sweetly, just a couple of tiny finish surface dings, with what seems to be an original case going by the perfectly bodyformed internal – rectangular, black leather ends with white piping & stitching.

Ser# 375819 Here’s a link to a table of over 200 Surfcaster Serial Numbers: I own 377718.

He’s asking $700. It's made of solid wood I think it's mahogany. Posted by daniel on Sat, 11/20/2004 - 02:12. One of the best made, best finished guitars I have owned. My first effort was to trash all of the spam posted to the various pages. This site is published by Hitsquad Pty Ltd.

The 20K spread sounds reasonable considering ALL of the guitars that were made in that period, but I’ve never been able to track down how many of them were Surfcasters.

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