on the way to work four days after purchasing it, i was side swiped by another vehicle at 55 mph. tl* the contact owns a 2014 chevrolet cruze. i purchased a chevrolet cruze for my son as a gift for his high school graduation february 2, 2014. a month later there was a stop on sales because of the dangerous recall for the front axle right half that can break. they still have my car and can not tell me when it might be fixed because there are no parts available! I had that happen it was the water pump GM actually had a special warranty / recall for the water pump. the vehicle sensor stated that the vehicle was hit on the side (broadsided). Try unplugging it and turn the switch on.

i have heard that the chevy cruze had problems like this in 2012 and earlier. When the dye comes out with coolant it leaves rather visible fluorescent flakes around the seep point. I started with the basics on this but here is what I have done so far. the vehicle was turned off and after restarting, vehicle operated normally. the vehicle independently pulled into the right direction. I put it in neutral and turned on my hazards, within 30 seconds the gauge went back to normal and everything was fine so it seems we are having the same issue. the contact received a notification for recall nhtsa campaign id number: 14v151000 (power train). we left the car at the service center . when driving in a straight line at highway speed, the vehicle will not make small steering corrections. not just that the car also had some other issues with the electrical, the screen kept going black. it feels as if there is no response from the minor input from the steering wheel. tl* the contact owns a 2014 chevrolet cruze. (error number two: per nhtsa we shouldn't have been allowed to leave the lot with the car, we should've been given a rental immediately). Hope this helps. but again the car isn't actually overheating. my vehicle was put into a spin, i hit a curb and snapped the passenger side sub frame, spun out, and my vehicle went up into flames. Might have a leak on your oil cooler bypass i don't recommend buying a chevy, they are not safe vehicles. no other cars were around. i spoke with the dealership and they tried to sell me another car for more money down and higher monthly payments, when i refused and threatened with writing to gm and the attorney general, they said they would do anything in their hands and speak with the regional rep from gm. the failure mileage was 411 and the current mileage was 23,000. the vin was not available. If it's seeping from the thermostat it's covered under the Power Train warranty. gm will not return my phone calls or do anything to correct this issue. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. tl* the contact owns a 2014 chevrolet cruze. i was able to call onstar with my cell phone for help and they confirmed that my battery was fully charged and they had me try my other ignition key and to repeatedly turn/rock the steering wheel forcefully to unlock it with the key in the ignition. tl* the contact owns a 2014 chevrolet cruze.

i felt a slight resistance though the wheel to my steering correction and then the resistance wall would break and the car would rapidly jerked to the direction of the input. the brake pedal went all the way to the floor but the car did not stop. when a/c is on it blowes cold air on the windshield out of the defroster vents and foggs up the windshield ubstructing vision.it can not be shut off by any controals.took car back to dealer,they said factory has no fix for the problem.i have to use windshield wipers to wipe off the condensation off the glass so i can see at night. http://www.top5autorepairs.com Temperature gauge reading low. when i returned to drive home after the car was safely parked for about 1 hour ( time was about 6:30 pm--still daylight) i could not turn the ignition key to unlock the electric steering lock. i called on star and asked them to run a test on the car to see what was wrong with it. Reported in: BABYLON NY || Crash: N || VIN #: 1G1PC5SB8E7. Reported in: FRONT ROYAL VA || Crash: N || VIN #: 1G1P75SZ3E7. i called the agency and they kept my car for a week. So I noticed yesterday that my coolant temperature gauge stays at C, even after driving around for 30 mins. i could start the car to drive again.i called onstar back to cancel the tow service call. my vehicle recently became part of the gm recall below: vehicles affected: about 174,046 model-year 2013-2014 chevrolet cruze sedans equipped with a turbo 1.4-liter engine and manufactured between nov. 28, 2012, and march 7, 2014. the problem: the right front half shaft may fracture and separate while driving, potentially causing the vehicle to lose power and coast to a stop.

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