Be notified each time a new post appears on our blog! Denounces “slanderous piece of yellow journalism”…, [UPDATE 24-APR-2020 03:00 UTC: Church Militant‘s Response to SSPX]. The Society will willingly come to the assistance of aged, infirm, and even unfaithful priests.

Opposing “LGBT” Errors with Truth and Charity: My Twitter Exchange with Fr.

The SSPX is committed to full transparency in all of these cases.

Cancel at any time to avoid future

This product has the following tags; click the tags to see similar products : We've made it easy to quickly gift a Premium Church Militant video subscription to anyone you wish. Church Militant reports there is a state wide probe in Kansas, USA, for pedophilia, involving as many as eight priests of the SSPX. Watch.

]” Not only has Fr.

McLucas sometimes visits.

FBI: Homosexuality

McLucas that you do to your articles about Fr.

Refinishing the Great Facade: The Vatican, the SSPX, and the “Restoration of Tradition”, SSPX responds to ‘Church Militant’ Report on Sexual Abuse, Look up the US District’s website on the Protection of Children >,, “I believe in Pope Francis…”: Bizarre Pseudo-Creed recited at Mexican Parish, Pope Pius XII speaks on the Obligation to Vote, Nothing Sacred: Idiotic Buffoonery at Novus Ordo Parish in Nebraska. President Cancels Prelate on Mocking Islam, Our Bishops Deserve A Break — Let’s Give Them One, Italy’s Freemasons Celebrate ‘Fratelli Tutti’, Viganò Blasts Pope’s ‘Blackmailable’ Circle, Nice Jihad: Bishop Blames Europe, Cardinal Names Islam.

Nicholas Stamos wishes to make clear: he has never heard of, nor spoken to, the author of this article. McLucas’ lawyer issued the following statement in 2018 when the recent accusations were first made: While Father McLucas was not charged with any crime, the shocking and horrible accusations in the report – without published evidence, without trial, and without due process of law – will nevertheless blacken his reputation and destroy him in his profession. In both situations, Church Militant assumes the place of a judge that only civil or religious authorities are entitled to. Justice and charity demand that the Society not disclose publicly the nature of any investigations, both to protect the good names of the innocent and the privacy of alleged victims.

Hosted by Michael Voris, this DVD debunks the "science" behind the concept of man-made global warming. Father Phillipe Pena was found guilty several years ago by an SPX tribunal of abusing 11 year-old boy in France, making him sit on his lap as he followed his genitals, according to a 2017 expose Swedish media after the boy reported the abuse, the SSP sat on the information for a year before then Superior General father Fran Schmid transferred Ponyo to a new congregation.


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