This is the only way to be sure I receive your e-mails. Although I encourage lively peer debate about the texts, the assertiveness such discussions require can be intimidating, especially if students are unused to expressing deep, somewhat personal or perhaps even revealing thoughts.

E-mails from personal accounts (Hotmail, Yahoo and the like) are ultimately unreliable, and the Citrus mailing system may block or count your e-mail as SPAM. No make-up exam is allowed for the Final Exam. Many students have been led to believe at some level, unconscious or otherwise, that on matters of deepest importance or in the presence of icons as powerful as the literature we are going to discuss, they are not "authorized" to speak; in other words, their observations are not valid. Remember me on this computer Enter your Citrus College Network Login as your username. Right away this question lets you know that I am not looking for passive vessels merely taking up space and expecting to be filled with facts. Enter your College ID Number and we'll send you a link to change your password. Calendar Inbox History Help Close. If you do not drop the class prior to the drop deadline (and are not dropped by the professor), you will be assigned a grade for the class. If you wish to drop the class, it is your responsibility to officially withdraw by the deadline.

The syllabus page shows a table-oriented view of the course schedule, and the basics of Also, as I like to remind DE students all through the semester, overall you have at least an extra 60 hours of free time given that you aren't having to drive back and forth from campus and aren't attending three or more hours of class each week. and I understand them. 6, When you are prompted for the username and password, use the first part of your email (before the @ sign) for your username and use your Citrus email password as the Canvas password. I look forward to working with you throughout your study. Skip To Content. Knowing all that will be required from the start will help you plan and succeed. Please read through the entire website now. Make good use of your time, stay connected with me, and you’ll do well.

Examine and evaluate written texts and materials pertaining to literature including video presentations and internet resources to apply critical analysis, Demonstrate understanding of literature and critical analysis of literature to differentiate and contrast critical perspectives, Read analytically and critically evaluate the personal, cultural, philosophic, religious, and social issues represented in literature, Identify and evaluate the writer’s use of literature as a persuasive tool to identify and assess the effectiveness of literary works, Employ deductive and inductive forms of reasoning in the development and defense thesis and judgments to demonstrate knowledge of critical analysis tools, Write well-organized critical essays in response to questions posed in literature to demonstrate and synthesize literary theory with critical analysis, Recognize the historical and cultural context of material to evaluate the impact of various cultural phenomena on perspectives presented in literature, Analyze differences in cultural perspectives to comprehend, recognize, and distinguish cultural perspective demonstrated in literature, Demonstrate command of appropriate technology in research and information acquisition. Students who have completed and paid for registration can purchase a parking permit at Permits may be purchased four (4) hours after completing registration during regular business hours.

The Norton Introduction to Literature: Shorter 12. (2) What is your declared major (if any)?

Thank you for considering Citrus College. Furthermore I affirm that I understand and agree to follow the regulations regarding academic integrity and the use of student data as described in the Student Conduct Code that governs student rights and responsibilities. These should be thoughtful and probing contributions that go beyond the obvious and that will provoke your peers to become engaged. On your very first login to this area, you will use your birth date - MMDDYY (example: April 30, 1988, enter … Examinations = 100 points x 3 = 300 points, Weekly Discussion = 15 points x 10 = 150 points (based on thoroughness and clarity). You do not need permission from me to do so. Please use it to e-mail me at all times, and make sure that you are able to retrieve replies to that email address (by forwarding them to your private e-mail or checking them on a regular basis). ); then click on the link at the top of the page entitled "Create Thread"; then enter your paragraph in the box that appears; finally, click the "Submit" button. This courses uses literature as a basis for the teaching of critical thinking and composition. Make-up exams are discouraged and will only be given in the event of illness or exigent circumstances. Please note: The above is a lot, I know, given that you are also working on your research paper, but if you budget your time carefully and work at the projects a bit each day, you'll find you have enough time. The penalty for plagiarism is an immediate F for the semester, no exceptions. However, do not assume that if you fail to complete two consecutive weekly assignments that you will automatically be dropped from the class. You are responsible for making sure that I receive all work assigned (this is especially important when you send me your paper).  

The computers are located in the Citrus College library and the main computer lab (IS107). If you fail to complete two consecutive weekly assignments, I may suspend your access to Canvas and send you an email requesting a detailed explanation of why you failed to complete the assignments. If that describes in any way your own thoughts and feelings, please let go of them for this class. Each week post on the Discussion Board an insightful statement or observation or question about the week’s reading assignments.

The class will require a significant time commitment on your part. Students are also encouraged to take full advantage of our Writing Center on campus. At the start of each week I will post on the Announcements page more details along with a question or two to respond to on the Discussion page. Apply for Admission - New and Former Students Only, How to Apply and Register - WingSpan Handbook. You are ultimately responsible for making sure that the college has recorded your status as dropped so you do not receive an “F” in the course. Roll Call will occur in the following fashion: I need your current, working e-mail address, so please make sure that the address registered with Wingspan is correct. Listen to T.S.Eliot reciting his own poem:, Poet in Depth: Robert Frost (Dramatic, 704, 709, A4), “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” (1116), Introduction to Short Fiction (12-13, 15-16, 53), “The Management of Grief” (Bharati Mukherjee, 432-45), “The Birth-Mark” (Nathaniel Hawthorne, 339-51), Characterization (218-25) and Setting (284-90), “The Lady with the Dog” (Anton Chekhov, 290-302), “The Jewelry” (Guy De Maupassant, 655-61), “A Good Man Is Hard to Find” (Flannery O’Connor, 470-81, 506-18), “Lusus Naturae” (Margaret Atwood, 261-62, 262-67), Character (1178-80) and Plot and Structure (1180-82), Setting (1182-84) and Tone/Language/Symbol (1185-87).

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