In fact it could become more violent. *Not Affiliated, Sponsored or Endorsed by any University. A general anti-Western coalition, however, seems unlikely in the immediate future. He emphasizes that although the West is still strong and growing in many areas, other civilizations are growing at a faster rate. It is of a civilization in decline, its share of world political, economic, and military power going down relative to that of other civilizations. Huntington acknowledges that conflicts and violence will also occur between states and groups within the same civilizations. Basically, having achieved political independence, non-Western societies wish to free themselves from Western economic, military, and cultural domination. New York: Simon & Schuster.

Web.5 November.

The revival of religion, “La Revanche de Dieu,” as Gilles Kepel labeled it, provides a basis for identity and commitment that transcends national boundaries and unites civilizations. Further, this view proposes that the West is now confronted with slow economic growth, stagnating populations, unemployment, huge government deficits, a declining work ethic, low savings rates, social disintegration, drugs, and crime. Finally, the last syndrome mentioned is “cleft countries”. Third, the processes of economic modernization and social change throughout the world are separating people from longstanding local identities. Cloning Technology: With Respect to Faith and Reason Essay, Military Discrimination against Homosexuals Essay, Essay about Criminal Law and The War on Drugs, The Impact of Digital Technology on the Film Industry Essay, Christina Rossetti's No Thank-You John and Robert Graves' A Slice of Wedding Cake.

States define their interests in terms of power but also in terms of values, culture, and institutions presently influence how states define their interests.

As the conflicts in the Persian Gulf, and Bosnia continued, the positions of nations and the cleavages between them increasingly were long civilizational lines. In sum, Huntington concludes the West’s power is a decline in three core elements. Global politics has become multipolar and multicivilizational and as the West attempts to assert its values and to protect its interests, non-Western societies confront a choice. Sparta was an oligarchy dominating the southern Peloponnese region, a peninsula in southern Greece which, despite being in a position to dominate the Ionian Sea and with allies in position on the Aegean Sea, preferred building a large and well-trained army to. The clash of civilizations thus occurs at two levels. Further, he believes these cultural differences do not facilitate cooperation and cohesion but on the contrary, they promote cleavages and conflicts for a number of reasons. Said, Edward W. (2001).

The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order. The most prominent for of this cooperation is the Confucian-Islamic connection that has emerged to challenge Western interests, values and power. Asian assertiveness is rooted in economic growth; Muslim assertiveness stems in considerable measure from social mobilization and population growth. A similar example of these criteria has been Mexico. What it is, and what city- states are involved in it? Available now on Amazon (UK, USA, Ca, Ger, Fra), in all good book stores, and via a free PDF download. Villages, regions, ethnic groups, nationalities, and religious groups, all with distinct cultures at different levels of cultural diversity. Third, identity at any level-personal, tribal, racial, or civilization can only be defined in relation to an “other” as opposed to the “like us”.

This is an excerpt from Understanding Post-9/11 Afghanistan: A Critical Insight into Huntington’s Civilizational Approach. Huntington suggests that the old groupings of the Cold War are no longer relevant (First, Second and Third Worlds). Islamic government groups, on the other hand, castigated the West for not coming to the defense of the Bosnians as over two dozen Islamic countries were reported to be fighting in Bosnia. Peaceful encounters bring transfers to new goods, new technologies and new ideas, while encounters built on conflict can change outlooks, governments and ways of life. Huntington in his thesis clearly states that the new era of world politics will not be based on conflicts occurring due to ideological or economic clashes amongst states, but rather the dominating source of conflict will be cultural. This occurs when large groups belong to different civilizations causing the populace to become deeply divided. download 18 files . Huntington states: “Trust and friendship will be rare”. At the micro-level, adjacent groups along the fault lines between civilizations struggle, often violently, over the control of territory and each other.

East Asian societies are well on their way to equaling the West economically. In Huntington’s (1993) essay “The Clash of Civilizations?” the political scientist posited that whereas nation states had been aligned previously on cultural terms in the past, in the coming years of the modern world these terms would become disjointed as various cultures emerged or re-asserted themselves. Language is realigned and reconstructed to accord with the identities and contours of civilizations. He defines. Civilizations can and have reformed and renewed themselves. In sum, the key issues on the international agenda involve differences among civilizations. At, we provide students the tools they need to streamline their studying, researching, and writing tasks. Yet in politics a common enemy creates a common interest. Peoples and countries with similar cultures are coming together. And finally the last paradigm is Sheer Chaos. The central axis of post-Cold War world politics is thus the interaction of Western power and culture with the power and culture of non-Western civilizations”. Huntington discusses six reasons for these conflicts and explains each accordingly. An E-IR Open Access Book by Deepshikha Shahi. The first is of overwhelming, triumphant, almost total Western dominance. Huntington (1993) argues in his well-known theory about the clash of civilizations that the future conflicts in the world will be between civilizations, most especially along the fault lines of these civilizations. As the ideological division of Europe has disappeared, the cultural division of Europe between Western Christianity, on the one hand, and Orthodox Christianity and Islam, on the other, has emerged. This was witnessed during the Gulf war, as Safar Al-Hawali describes “The West against Islam”. All you need to do is fill out a short form and submit an order. How about make it original at only $13.9/page? Huntington presumes a West at the peak of its power confronting non-Wests that increasingly have the desire, the will and the resources to shape the world in non-Western ways. He claims the expansion of the West has promoted both the modernization and the Westernization of non-Western societies. An image of universal and uniform anarchy provides few clues for understanding the world. Spurred by modernization, global politics is being reconfigured along cultural lines. On the northern border of Islam, conflict has increasingly erupted between Orthodox and Muslim peoples; including the carnage of Bosnia and Sarajevo, and the violence between Serbs and Albanians. The political and intellectual leaders of these societies have responded to the Western impact in one or more of three ways: rejecting both modernization and Westernization, embracing both, or embracing modernization and rejecting Westernization. The overriding lesson of the history of civilizations, however, is that many things are probable but nothing is inevitable.

Population growth in Muslim countries provides recruits for fundamentalism, terrorism, insurgency, and migration. Find out more about E-IR’s range of open access books here. Such war would unite people with similar beliefs, views on the world, language, tradition and history. The interactions between the peoples of different civilizations are increasing; these increasing interactions intensify civilization consciousness and awareness of differences between civilizations and commonalties within civilizations. The world’s language is known to be English but Huntington argues this assertion and states: The overall pattern of language use in the world did not change dramatically. Some possible cleft countries, Huntington presumes, are India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Philippines, Indonesia, and maybe even Canada. Those relations, Huntington states, are also complicated by demography. By continuing we’ll assume you’re on board with our cookie policy, The input space is limited by 250 symbols. . Furthermore, the balance between the West and other populations is also changing. difference in Civilizations is another issue that may cause a conflict.

An example of this is seen with North African immigrants in France who generate hostility as opposed to Catholic Poles who are seen as “good” immigrants. Africa is well known with diversity of culture and many colonial masters. In the twentieth century improvements in transportation and communication and global interdependence increased tremendously the costs of exclusion. As people define their identity in ethnic and religious terms, they are seen as “us” versus “them” relation existing between themselves and people of different ethnicity or religion.

This relative decline is; of course, in large part a function of the rapid rise of East Asia. Next is economic product, which is been declining since the Second World War for Westerners.

The central issue for the West is whether, quite apart from any external challenges, it is capable of stopping and reversing the internal processes of decay. It stresses: the breakdown of governmental authority, the breakup of states, the intensification of tribal, ethnic, and religious conflict, the emergence of international criminal mafias, refugees multiplying into the tens of millions, the proliferation of nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction, the spread of terrorism, the prevalence of massacres and ethnic cleansing. Retrieved from, This is just a sample. These commonalities will define cultural groups; and the largest cultural group possible, at the broadest level, is a civilization. Some people believe that the next step would be a war based on a cultural sense and religion. Along these cultural lines, the discourse of modern politics would be situated. Second, its public has to be willing to acquiesce in the redefinition. These two theories both established in the same era refer to issues within economies like the Women in the Middle World. Huntington uses graphs and charts very effectively in this section of his book to visually depict the decline of the West’s population, territory, and economic influence. Second, the alienation of cultural identity creates the need for more meaningful identities as the power of non-Western societies stimulate the revitalization of indigenous identities and culture. The Gulf War left some Arabs feeling proud that Saddam Hussein had attacked Israel and stood up to the West. The “us and them”, but more commonly the rich (modern developed), and the poor (traditional, underdeveloped or developing) countries. If you need this or any other sample, we can send it to you via email. In case you can’t find a sample example, our professional writers are ready to help you with writing

. It is his hypothesis that the fundamental source of conflict in the New World will not be primarily ideological or primarily economic. Just as most nations are aligned with a particular civilization or grouping there are others which have difficulties aligning and finding commonalties amongst civilizations.

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