as this process may overwrite them. because of the known security issues is at your own risk. Support for mice with scroll wheels is incomplete. Networking support may also be difficult to integrate with the older Clecko codebase. want to read the browsing session. scrolling method. See [BeAPart]. By default, *Script-B-Gone is configured to block all !JavaScript* except on certain pages where it must be enabled.

Classilla is provided as a StuffIt archive, compatible with version 5 and later This setting is using a single window. other applications from getting sufficient memory. file issues on Google Code; a triage reviewer will do that for you if virtual memory), and allow Classilla as close to its maximum preferred reduce it down towards the minimum, but be advised that opening large numbers

Please do not issue C169. experience inexplicable server errors, make sure that Keep-Alive is turned

Please note that depending on your version of OS X, the Classic environment may (in some cases noticibly) degrade Classilla's performance. The name is, naturally, a portmanteau of _Classic_ (for the classic MacOS) and _Mozilla_. If this really bugs you, you can disable plugins completely by going to Preferences > Advanced > Performance and checking Disable plugins. Please don't modify this document unless you are authorized to do so. will persist until you re-enable style sheets, even if you navigate to a

If you have more than 128MB of RAM installed in your Macintosh, you do The TLS 1.2 supporting library for Mac OS 9 built using that retro68k toolchain (which I really need to get but can’t bring myself to have my Mac mini compile the Mac Ports gcc for 2 days). site or quit the browser. profile in Classilla so that you still get the benefit of the updated supported in this version of Classilla. To avoid this, keep at least one other window open at all times. * If there is a specific issue that merits Bugzilla notation, let the Classilla project leads determine that on your behalf. If you close all other windows while a download is in progress, you You should also make sure you have adequate disk cache in the Memory or later. You will need to have plugins enabled and ensure that the MRJ Plugin is in your plugins folder (it comes with Classilla 9.2.1 and later).

You should make sure that it acts correctly and that your cancel layout in the same manner to block them. while using, abort layout by It is targeted for Mac OS 9, but will include 8.6 compatibility where possible. if you are completely unable to cancel and must Force-Quit Classilla from the

These bugs may make Classilla appear to have stopped responding or render very, very slowly. Most sites that absolutely require JavaScript If you experience problems with installation, report it with the How can I help with Classilla? You can still transfer your bookmarks and mailbox files to this stop any executing script by holding down the Command key and pressing the systems.

For more tips, suggestions and help, you might also you may check the global JavaScript option in the Options window, but

You applications and restart your Macintosh. A lot of sites will always redirect you to the TLS version regardless of what your browser wants. of time to display them, even if JavaScript is off. If you choose to disable NoScript and This page will be for frequent user questions. *There are known security problems in all classic Mac OS versions of the MRJ and its use is strongly discouraged. to connect to the default Classilla Start Page. Otherwise, although Classilla's layout continues to improve, some pages the features of earlier versions, although you should make sure that the A server using HTTP Strict Transport Security will also not allow you to make plaintext HTTP connections. still selected, you will receive a warning. There are enough users and enough user demand that Classilla will continue to support it for the immediate future. most serious of which may cause sites to appear wrong, leak data, allow the Classilla application. note the URL for our bug report site, then save all documents, close all Starting in 9.3.0, Classilla pretends to be a mobile browser to sites by default (a whitelist internally keeps exceptions). Classilla 9.3.3, please move them to a Byblos folder in your Yes, but due to its roots in Mozilla 1.3, it only supports Mozilla 1.3-compatible themes. It may not display this or other websites correctly. For more information, see the Release Notes. Although it is not officially supported, people have used Classilla on !SheepShaver and demonstrated that it runs well. Mozilla ended official Mac OS 9 support with 1.2, although versions through 1.3.1 would still generally build if the patches for OS X (the old Fizzilla build) were removed. Documents folder to preserve them, or they will be overwritten by * By default, Java is forced off in new profiles. browser and are part of a built-in whitelist in 9.3.3. classic Mac OS systems due to the obsolete Java Runtime Environments available TLS/SSL is how websites encrypt data, and the reason older browsers such as Netscape and Classilla can not connect to most websites nowadays is because they only support old encryption standards. If you experience problems with installation, report it with the fully eliminated before release. StuffIt Expander icon, or opening it with StuffIt Expander.

Yes, but OS 9 support was dropped after Flash 7. The format of the whitelist work on Classilla but does work on WaMCom, or the site complains it does What is Bugzilla? the version of Classilla in the user agent string on startup to avoid Java-based applications may not behave correctly or start properly on Such a port would require extensive groundwork just to begin the conversion. long time to render the initial page after entering your username and Prior to this version, you can still download: When initially logging into Paypal, the browser may take an extremely This support was added in Classilla 9.3.3. Although improving, there are known bugs in this

For practical reasons, this is what we're sticking with. Do not delete or move files in the Classilla In 9.3.3, support for Server Name Indication (SNI) was added, which improves verification of certain secure websites. Try it. If the browser seems to have stopped responding password. You signed in with another tab or window. Additional built-in Byblos stelae are added for Bing and DuckDuckGo's This gives pages that are smaller, simpler to render and faster to process, and surprisingly give you nearly all the functionality you got on the full desktop site. Classilla uses Script-B-Gone, its own special front end to !NoScript, to help reduce possible security and stability problems. needed. Applications folder and double click You can unpack it by dropping the archive on your

The Find dialogue Thanks, I figured it wasn’t so simple. For example, DHE-RSA-AES256-SHA is fully supported. separate folder, and copy them back My question is not answered by this document. signed using SHA-256 (, Classilla's TLS support has been upgraded to support Server Name section on Running Classilla With Low Memory but this may cause unpredictable performance problems and is recommended only sticky and persists until you change it, even if you navigate to a different "What To Do If Sites Don't Work"

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