Thanks for all your input! As for right now, I'm in love with csp! I often use the watercolor brush to pull colors if I need to.

Mythro Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2019 Hobbyist Digital Artist . I really appreciate it. I say the money is well worth it if you decide to go with clip studio.

I have no clue, for me everything is working normally. I can't seem to get into using regular watercolor or circle brushes bc it makes everything look too plastic-y for me hahaha.

CaseyCorrupted Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2020 Hobbyist Digital Artist .

I think I'm getting way more comfortable with the brushes now. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art.

Medibang pretty good though if you're don't intend to use 3d models and other tools that clip studio uses. If you use clip studio paint, you can download in asset studio. Medibang kind of like the basic version of csp. It can be found in the "oil paint" brushes :0 I really like it a lot for painting bc it's textured, but not overly so, and blends very well! FireAlpaca does that with the ink pen, and there is nothing with a hard edge that will use the Flow rate, while the brush paints with a flow rate. Hey guys, I'm relatively new to digital coloring, and I just want a bunch of opinions on which brushes to use (for coloring illustrations and character art, particularly). I feel like the default brushes you get with clip studio paint is pretty good and way better than Medibang's default brushes.

My Clip Studio Paint brushes start lagging every time I turn my brush stabilizer above 20. Hello, A couple of brushes I have draw in the same shade of grey no matter what colour I select on the colour wheel. I tried it a couple times but it seemed more trouble than it's worth tbh. I'm a long time Paint Tool SAI user.

I've been using CSP for a while and I'm always looking for new brushes to use!

Recently I decided to try some Gouache and cloud texture brushes to give my art some texture.

I found that those watercolors and the airbrush work really well. I use the default brushes a lot but I also have a pack of brushes I use a lot as well.

This brush set on DeviantArt by user martinacecilia is one of the best ones we could find for Manga Studio, which still works well with Clip Studio Paint. That makes it harder to do textures that depends on paint building up. I used FireAlpaca a lot more and I can tell when a brush uses flow or opacity, because opacity paints to the set limit and will not build up paint when it overlaps, and that is something I never want a brush to do. I have bought brush packs and have tons of brushes, but CSP has really gotten it right with their own brushes really.

activity for a month. For shading like in my pfp piece, I downloaded this oil brush off the csp assets gallery for it.

Forums > Technology > Software & OS. Default brushes for general coloring, custom ones for doing specific things like textures. Thanks for all the insight! Obelis Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2020 Hobbyist General Artist . Forums > Art Related > Digital Art. Hope it helps. I usually just "shop" through the gallery and download like every brush I see that I like.

I use the Gouache brush! Yeah, I tried a bunch of downloaded brushes, and I still liked the ones that came with CSP more. For shading I love opaque and dense watercolour, and soft airbrush. Forums > Art Related > Digital Art. I appreciate it. It's a nice combo of color lay-down and blending all in one. It's a little difficult for me; I can slog my way through a painting process, but it's always a clunky process for me, and I just haven't found a brush that really clicks with me. Forums > Technology > Software & OS.

GigasGhosts Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2017 Hobbyist Digital Artist . I never like the action of a brush that uses Opacity instead of a Flow rate.

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