The additional projectiles don't hit the same target if you are right on top of them? Odealo supports player-to-player trading for the Path of Exile Currency, Orbs, and Unique items.

Was able to do Sirus carry on A8 deathless easily, and clear fully juiced T18’s with 100% delirious.

Gold: 225,484.22. Joined: Jul 14 2009. 2) CoC Breakpoints. CoC Gem has Breakpoints affected by your Cyclone (APS) Attacks Per Second, your gears (ICRS) Increased Cooldown Recovery Speed, and Server Ticks. Is the enemy a boss? 50 maximum Life As someone who plays the CI version, I am a little concerned how glancing blows being pretty much unavailable affects the survivability of this version, its 8 points (and u get a jewel for 1 point) definitely an option just has a cost now. 10% increased Movement Speed Gold: 8,033.00. Yeah sadly Cospri's Malice is still on the list of uniques I have never once seen drop, in eight full leagues of playing SSF. Still as assassin? With 14% cdr it becomes 131.5ms (150 / 1.14). 0:08 Tier 16 Volcano

This build feels really good, when you have all gear required for it and leveling Cast on Critical strike might be hard, that's why we recommend using Frost Blades for leveling, until you hit level 68, when you can wear all the required unique items. These translate to 6.66 & 7.60 atks per second respectively.

I noticed a lot of people are doing frost bomb on their second cospris but you are doing ice nova, any advice on which one is better? Yes, only if you use Vortex or have Chilling Presence while The Pandemonius Jade Amulet is equipped. CoC Gem can only proc if your Cyclone lands a Hit, and that Hit MUST be a Crit.

If I forgot anything, notice any mistakes, or have any questions leave a comment below. Odealo is one of the biggest Path of Exile marketplaces. Ice Nova Damage x Number of Frostbolts x Hits per Second x Critical Strike Chance You also have to account for Shock, Cospri’s, Cyclone, Culling Strike, and so on. The build pretty easily reaches T16 maps, though I never optimized it since both leagues, I found a Cospri and wound up playing CoC Ice Nova which I like a lot more. If you dont have a crit chest + bottled faith, use increased crit strikes in 6l. Is it because finding a budget elder ring is harder?

Spiritual successor to Diablo 2, Press J to jump to the feed. While Cyclone does deal damage, it's more there for triggering Cospri's/CoC Gem and mobility.

One, if you have the Opportunistic Ascendancy node. 7.52 atk rate no elusive, 8.72 with Elusive. You care about your # of attacks per second. Prev 12. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. This keystone causes you to be blinded, but you have 25% MORE melee critical strike chance. 29% Lightning Resistance Quite a lot inc crit and multi. Group: Member. Two of them, to dual-wield? 0:49 Tier 16 Siege If you are really struggling with survivability: Drop Herald of Ice for Flesh and Stone (Sand Stance), Medium Cluster Jewel w/ Enduring Focus (pair this with CDWT+Immortal Call), Avoid "Elemental Reflect" Map mod, unless you have Opportunistic Ascendancy node w/ 100% Crit Chance against non-Chilled enemies, Avoid "Chance to Dodge is Unlucky" Map mod. Posts: 64 .

Is that true? First go with ES recovery on kill on chest and Es recovery on block on shield.

But I don't know how difficult it would be to come by two weapons with those specific modifiers in ssf =/. Cospri's CoC Ice Nova/Glacial Cascade Assassin build - Odealo's Crafty Guide One of the fastest map-clearing builds in Path of Exile based on the powerful Cospri's Malice Sword. I've done a budget CoC VD assassin in both Metamorph and Delirium.

Views: 262 Replies: 13 Track Topic. Only change for bossing and super hard maps is to swap in Conc effect instead of increased area. If you have any other build requests please leave that in the comments below. They are not ATTACK Skills. 6) Survivability comes from Acrobatic + Phase Acrobatics, Mistwalker Ascendancy node, Soul of Lunaris Pantheon and Cast When Damage Taken + Immortal Call/Steel Skin. TwistedFury #11 Oct 23 2020 07:23am.

Otherwise really nice to see how high the build can reach! Joined: Sep 29 2020. 3) CoC DPS to figure it out get your Ice Nova Average Hit and times it by the number of CoC procs per second. These are the APS Breakpoints: with 0% ICRS you want under but close to 6.06 APS = 6 Ice Novas per second, with 14% ICRS you want under but close to 7.57 APS = 7 Ice Novas per second, with 52% ICRS you want under but close to 10.10 APS = 10 Ice Novas per second. 7) Avoid These Modifiers.

Question. Ive always though that i need 14% icr and keep my APS under 7.57 with 2x Cospri.

If the caster targets near their Frostbolt projectiles, it will expand from a number of those projectiles instead.

5) Cospri's DPS to figure out the DPS for each individual Skill Gem in your Cospri's you times the Skills Average Hit by your Cyclone APS, then divide it by the number of triggered Skills. Thanks to the addition of Cluster Jewels we can push this build's DPS even further. Another fun thing with lycosidae is the second side keystone from a timeless jewel. We have updated the video for the current Patch 3.11. Unless something has changed in the past month, there is no difference between 14% CDR and 15% CDR.

And what CoC cooldown threshhold did you go for? This will provide another 10-20% MS. This means that cast on crit support gem and cospri's malice procs on a more steadily basis. It's just far more beneficial to invest into scaling the majority of the Skill Gems, which are Spell Skills. Edit: Got a big upgrade and changed my mind on the sale. Accuracy Rating During leveling focus on upgrading your weapon to the highest Elemental/Physical DPS you can find. This change made Cast on Critical Strike based builds one of the strongest in the game. This build is focused mainly on triggering Ice Nova and Frostbolt with Cyclone, but it fits all kinds of Cold spells really well, so if you prefer to play Glacial Cascade or Freezing Pulse, you don't need to change anything except the desired Spell Gems. Ive done uber elder, sirus 8 deathless, 80% delirium maps with ease, heist etc. It's a level 93 Assassin with Carcass Jack, dual-wielding Cospri's, 5300 Maximum Life and approximately 300k Ice Nova Hit damage (sadly, it's very hard to calculate this build's overall DPS). The gameplay is pretty straightforward - you Cyclone into packs of monsters and trigger all your socketed Cold Spells. With multiple sellers competing for your attention, you are to expect the best prices, prompt delivery, and high quality of service. 1:27 Tier 16 Lair of the Hydra If you hit every 140ms, but need to hit every 150ms. Just rolled it and my gear is rather similar -hh and the crit chest (running 6link carcass). is about half or two thirds of your actual DPS when accounting for ailments/items/effects.

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