This is calfskin, which Oliver Cabell uses primarily due to its softness, fine grain, and durability. This does not mean you can resole it, unfortunately — the leather probably wouldn’t make it through the process, and after all, we’re talking about a sneaker, not a boot. :'(. The retro lows are a little roomier and 'softer', for lack of a better word, but my problem was with the tournament highs. Also have the same shoe size (about 10US w/thumb of space) and wide feet so you make the decision easier. These are built like a combat boot—which makes them just right for crappy weather—but they're nearly as weightless as your road runners. The Swoosh's first-ever hoops model still looks fresh as hell almost 50 years after its 1972 debut. The fit like a Nike or Adidas in US 11. Thanks. The Stan Smith is a size US 10, and fit like a standard Nike or Adidas US 10. Terms of Use and I got a pair of retro lows and of the regular lows. Let’s start with the outsole: this is a Margom sole, a very famous sole for sneakers that the brand initially resisted going with, writing on Reddit: But they caved; there’s simply so much demand for Margom soles among the sneaker elite that it seemed a prudent move for them. By day: Manhattan-based journalist with reporting experience on four continents, published in Vice, Men's Health, Popular Science, and a bunch of other places.By night: ravenous consumer of anything and everything related to high end men's boots.Stridewise is where I nurture a maniacal obsession with footwear and share my findings.

That is not a complaint I have at all. You already have a good idea of the aesthetic: lean, clean, minimalist, and supremely versatile. Reebok Club C 85 sneaker. GP and goop Staffers on Feeling Good in Your Own Skin, Our Own Expertly Sourced Coffee Beans—Plus a Guide to Making a Great Cup, Essential Fall Accessories (and How to Wear Them), 12 Fall-Ready Pieces That Style Themselves, A Wildly Scenic Road Trip through Arizona, Journaling Exercises for Everyday Anxieties. This leather is about 1.3 millimeters thick (three ounces), it’s full grain — which here really just means it’s made from the outside of the animal’s skin — and Oliver Cabell tells me they researched over 70 tanneries before landing on a 66-year-old one in Italy’s La Marche region.

Shop Now. My true size on a Brannock device is an 11.5, I ordered up half a size, and the 12 fit me just fine. I was wondering, what are the differences between the achilles retro and normal Achilles? The Common Projects Achilles Retro in size 41 or US 8 fits like a Nike or Adidas in size 10, and is not as narrow as the standard model. For taking care of this leather, you want to regularly use a damp cloth to wipe away surface marks and occasionally spot clean it. A lot of companies will price gouge you for this type of quality, claiming that the stitch construction and the country of origin mean you just have to be OK with paying over three hundred bucks.

New Republic’s streamlined sneakers mimic many of the same details as the Achilles (including stitching and a logo-less design) for less than a quarter of the price. There’s not a lot of information on Common Projects’ leather and the company is notoriously unresponsive to inquiries, but Napa leather — so named because it was developed in Napa Valley, California — is remarkably soft, and it’s just a tiny bit softer feeling than the Low 1. I sized down 1 size and they fit great. Looks-wise, Chuck Taylors have hardly changed at all since they first hit the hardwood in the early 1920s. They're definitely quite a long shoe, but in terms of length they are almost the exact same length as Allen Edmonds 5 last and those fit me great. They make clean fits cleaner and wild fits work. Margiela's elevated spin on a classic German army trainer has been an upmarket smash for more than two decades. Here are the best white sneakers for men. All rights reserved.

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If you’re less concerned with your white kicks lasting for years or have a tendency to get nice things dirty, this is your sneaker.

The suede on the heel keeps your foot from slipping , the footbed is relatively soft (admittedly not quite as soft as the Achilles, but it does the job and absorbs shock well). Virtually identical, with the main difference being that the Low 1 has an extra pair of eyelets. The best white sneakers for men are more than a mere wardrobe staple—they’re the base of the menswear food pyramid, the pair of shoes you’ll likely reach for more than any other in your closet for six-to-eight months out of the year. Ad Choices.

they have not creased much at all, and still look great. Every Achilles is constructed from Napa leather—the supple stuff you normally find on pricey couches or four-figure leather jackets—in a century-old factory in Italy's Marche reigion. new-ish. Subscribe now and enjoy 10% off your first order!

Sneakers that can actually skew dressy-ish. They compress less than 5% over time, and they have an open-cell technology to allow ~95% breathability. I've been mulling picking up a pair of CP's lately and this might help. Both are also fully lined with leather, making for a more luxurious feeling than your standard pair of Chuck Taylors. They alright. And while we’re talking care: make sure you put cedar shoe trees in these between wears and let them rest a day between each wear if you can. Available in Europe - currently on adidas UK website and other British retailers. This product uses a cup sole, so named because it kind of cups the upper. The smoothest '90s Air Max model, bar none. Shop the Common Projects Original Achilles Low Sneaker at I had so much room in the toe box when i wore them, it felt like my feet were swimming in them. Plus, there’s no beating that white-on-white combination.

For my money the rule on CP sizing is pretty much try them on or roll the dice. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Condé Nast. I’ve been wearing these shoes for a few weeks and I’m going to compare them with the Common Projects Achilles Low so you can know the answer to one of the most common questions asked about the brand: which sneaker is better? Am I missing something? The biggest difference is that the Achilles Low runs $400 to $450 for a pair. Awesome review, and so helpful! [Related: 3 Reasons You Need Cedar Shoe Trees]. We surveyed hundreds of alabaster sneaks, tested out the cream of the crop, and settled on these seven picks—plus a whopping 14 runners-up!—as the best of the best. Margom is just really beloved for their quality and product consistency. The fit like a Nike or Adidas in US 11. Like any other well-designed object, this no-frills, logo-less, low-top lace-up has stood the test of time (and every of-the-moment footwear trend) since it first hit store shelves. plus it means you don’t get holes at the toe break, like every one of my cemented sneakers do. Yea, when I ordered the Retros they also came with extra laces. The retro-leaning red-and-blue trim gives these an all-American vibe.

I sized the same as my lows and I should definitely have sized up, they were very narrow and borderline unwearable. From here on out, I’ll be reviewing all the geeky, nitty gritty stuff about the Low 1. So let’s take a look at how the leather is made, then I’ll move on to how to take care of the leather, the construction, the sole, fit, and a full list of pros and cons. Chuck 70 vs All Star – Which Is the Best Converse Hi Top? It’s smoother, softer, and more buttery, making it much better suited for sneakers. The following two tabs change content below. The standard Common Projects Achilles are size 42 (US 9) and fit me very well. That’s after you’ve removed the laces, by the way, after which they recommend you soak in detergent, put in a garment bag, and then put in a hot white wash. Can you just put them in the washing machine with everything else?

That’s because you’re getting actual shoemaking, not just an assembly-line glue-and-press job. If they cost a thousand dollars I can see someone legitimately complaining about it, but for sneakers of this quality and price point, I’m not whining. More importantly, when Oliver Cabell is stacked up against other shoes in this category, like Common Projects and Koio — made in Italy, stitched construction, Margom sole, Italian leather, and so on — this is about the best value minimalist white sneaker I’ve seen.

Sorry if I wasn't being very specific about that! Thanks to the well-honed cobbling skills of an espresso-fueled factory worker, you can be sure these sneakers aren’t going to start falling apart after the third or 300th wear. I should have mentioned that, though, because I think I was a bit vague in that area. The Stan Smith is a size US 10, and fit like a standard Nike or Adidas US 10. I will say it feels a bit superfluous to compare leather quality between <$100 sneakers and $400 ones; It's quite well known that the quality of leather and wool increase dramatically with price. After a while your shoes will probably get some scuffs and lose whiteness here and there. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement (updated 1/1/20) and Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement (updated 1/1/20) and Your California Privacy Rights. (Practically all sneaker leather is chrome tanned except for one or two exceptions, like Hender Scheme.). (Don't @ us.). Read more. Say hey: Copyright © 2020 Stridewise All Rights Reserved. Damn I saw these CPs and thought "cool! I got the CP retros in my actual size, and have worn them a bit. Believe the hype—they’re made in Italy and made to last. The leather covered footbeds are a little different: while Oliver Cabell uses a proprietary combination of foam and rubber that compresses just 5 percent over time, Common Projects’ footbed feels thicker and softer. [Related: Learn the differences between vegetable tanned and chrome tanned leather]. More democratic fit too. That’s obviously PR-babble but as someone who has worn Margom soles for a while, the sole feels really solid: relatively heavy for a sneaker sole, though I’d use the word substantial. Most of this review is going to look at the Low 1, but first, here’s my comparison of the two brands. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Look up minimal in the dictionary and you’re likely to stumble across Common Projects understated low-top sneakers, which may seem simple at first glance. Thursday Captain Boot Review – The Best Value Boot on Earth. I liked it when common projects wasn't so popular.

However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission. If you’ve read a few of my reviews, you know that I never hesitate to criticize an aspect of a boot that needs criticizing — and I’d never recommend anything I didn’t love. The standard Common Projects Achilles are size 42 (US 9) and fit me very well. Well. I use to be able to buy them for $100 on discount without any problem. Let’s be honest, everything else is borderline nitpicking when they look this similar. Let’s be honest, everything else is borderline nitpicking when they look this similar. Red Wing Iron Ranger Vs. Wolverine 1000 Mile, Interview With Sagara, Indonesia’s Best Known Bootmaker, The Ultimate Guide to How Boots Should Fit.

We finish school, we get jobs, maybe we wear a suit, maybe we don’t. By clicking "submit," you agree to receive emails from goop and accept our.

The upper and sole are stitched and glued together, which is very cool. If comfort is your main consideration, Ultraboosts feel like stepping into a bucket full of marshmallows sitting on a trampoline—except, you know, not sticky and gross. And if you’re not seeing quite enough choices that fit in your budget, be sure to check out our full list of the best white sneakers under $100. With their most popular shoe, the Low 1, they are squarely taking aim at the kings of the minimalist white sneakers, namely Common Projects and Koio.

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