Congratulations on the new family addition. Dear (Name), I just want to congratulate …

All the best for the future, dear. We are so proud of you. So many good wishes for the next chapter of your life.

20. My heart is so pleased for you and your achievement in passing this exam. My soul and heart are thoroughly touched by the warm message of congratulations you send me. I would like to use this quick message to thank you from the depth of my heart for sharing in my success and happiness. We are eagerly waiting to meet your son.

May God bless you with many more successes like this. Write your message to give congratulation for the new job.

May all the Buddhas, past and present, continue to bestow

Share the joy of special occasion with a congratulations message.

Best wishes. No need to explain to them, I got you covered! Congratulations for adding another dimension to your achievements. 11.

Congratulations! It’s hard to say who is blessed more, you are for having a new baby, or it could be your baby having you as parents. I have seen all your success and all your struggles behind the curtain.

A baby is the most gracious gift of great happiness and joy, so don’t be afraid to express your emotions, and congratulate the couple on the new arrival of a newborn to the family. May you have a fantastic journey. You have accomplished the things that most men can only dream of. Keep up the great work. Congratulations to Mama Bear and Papa Bear.

Wishing you all the very best for the safe arrival of your baby boy.

Take a bow for such an amazing performance. What a fun thing it is to move into a new place.

Your messages will surely help them in inspiring and motivating them. We hope and pray that the pregnancy and delivery all go smoothly. Congratulations! New experiences are coming! Have fun! We'll be praying for you and looking forward to meeting the newest member of the family soon!

Promoting you is one of the rightest decisions this company has ever made. I am excited for you, and I am wishing you the best.

My warm wishes go to both of you. Be blessed, forever!

Your hard work for all these years has been paid off.

I left a loving message inside one of the books I gave, it explains how they were born. May your new journey is full of joy, happiness, and love. Graduation marks the beginning of new opportunities. I always knew you’d accomplish big things in life.

Welcome to the new big world little one, this is a place full of excitements and wonders. Congratulations!

Watching you chasing the best in life makes me so happy that I cannot describe.

Dedication and hard work never remains unpaid. You keep your winning streak, and it makes my heart fly. congratulations to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, Birthday You are a well-deserved candidate, and I am truly happy for you.

May you find babyhood and parenthood a wonderful and rewarding experience that is filled with lots of loving memories.


Thank you for congratulating me on finding a new job.

SINGAPORE: President Halimah Yacob and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong have written congratulatory messages to Malaysia's new king, Singapore's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Thursday (Jan 31).

Graduation Wishes and Messages - Congratulation Quotes, Best Wishes For New Job - Congratulations Messages For New Job, New Home Wishes : Congratulation Messages for New Home, Twin Baby Congratulation Messages - Wishes for Twins, Engagement Wishes For Brother - Congratulation Messages.

This is a sample letter which is a format for congratulating an elected official for his or her successful election to the post. You worked hard, and you deserve it— my best wishes on your promotion. You have achieved your goals.

Newborn Baby Congratulations Messages and Wishes; Love is something that cannot be defined until you become a mother.

Congratulations on newborn baby!

Wishing you all the best for your baby girl. You have accomplished a lot.

17. Read: Appreciation Messages For Good Work. Sample congratulation letter for Election to elected officials I am very delighted to know that you have won the elections for the President of the University.

their precious blessings upon Your Majesty and all the Thai people. Hey, you finally did it! Everyone deserves some words of appreciation on their special dates and special achievements. You, two beautiful people, are even more beautiful as a couple. Unlike many other messages, wedding congratulations messages is based on the fact that the couple is starting a new life together and will need all the goodwill messages they can get. These are more than 60 examples of ideas to write in a card.

I have always know that good things would come your way. I hope you handle all the challenges that come while raising a boy.

Here we have compiled an extensive list of new baby congratulations messages and quotes for you! I wish you the best as you move on from work to even more important pursuits. Congratulations!


Life will only get harder I tell you, just wait until they start talking and walking. Nice work you have done, and I hope success will keep following you in the future.


These words of congratulations can appreciate people who have done great in their job or are promoted to a new position, a newly married couple, or a new parent.

This is incredible news!! Congratulations! With every success of yours, you take yourself to a whole new level. Here is a look at some great sample congratulations messages for achievement. I hope that you enjoy your new environment whether you are hanging out or working out in the yard. This is not a new surprise for us to see your success.

Welcome to parenthood, may your new baby born bring you happiness, love and joy.


Congratulations on being engaged! Dearest friend, I have planned a wonderful welcome home party for you. 11. If you are unable to choose the perfect words or write a wonderful congratulations message …

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