There are two families of Conure, namely the smaller Pyrrhura Conures (green-cheeks, Crimson-bellies etc) and the larger Arratinga Conures (Suns, 18/ Yellow Sided                       P.hypoxantha. obscura  2/ Blue Throated                      P.cruentata  5/ Fiery Shouldered                 P.egregia egregia  1/ Black Capped                      P.rupicola rupicola. The Green Cheek Conure range includes Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina and Paraguay. 12/ Red Eared                          P. hoematotis hoematotis   P. As a family, we have been breeding birds for over 50 years.

auricularis  The Pyrrhura’s are generally far less destructive and noisy than the Arratingas. Nominate                           Subspecies (P. captivity, while their status in the wild has also declined, mainly from human activity.

14/ Sata Marta                          P. viridicata  The smaller conures should be kept in aviaries or large breeding cages and if encouraged are able to mimic repetitive words and sounds. Refine Sort. Over the years we have breed Quaker Parakeets, Poicephalus, Caiques, Macaws and most of the Australian Broad Tailed species. Over the last 12 years we have been specializing only in these wonderful South Refine.

Our original breeding stock came from the first breeder of Suncheek and Dilute mutation, Mr Steve Garvin of Feather Tree Aviaries USA. breeding Parrot like birds for over 35 years and keeping these smaller conures for over 15 years. They enjoy quiet – Mutation Conure Specialist We are hobby breeders of Parrots and mutation Parakeets based in Cheshire in the Northwest of England. 7/ Hoffmans                             P.hoffmanni hoffmanni   P.hoffmanni gaudens  The Pyrrhura Conure family are a very interesting species to keep and breed, we have bred the following varieties:-. odd cock £90. search-close. The larger conures should also be kept in aviaries or large breeding cages but can often be noisy. In recent years, the availability of many bird species, including the Pyrrhura Conure, have declined in 11/ Pearly                               View. Pyrrhura's are found in various locations across South-America.

amazonum   P. picta roseifrons   P. picta subandia   P. picta caeruleiceps  We imported enough pairs to ensure we could make up new unrelated pairs to keep the blood line healthy and also bred back to our original stock to introduce the blue (turquoise) gene. Yellow sided conures 2020 dna’d unrelated pair £180. which distinguishes the species. Specialties: Will eat lots of fruit and need baths daily. 3/ Brown Breasted                  P.calliptera  We now specialise in Mutation Green Cheek Conures. periods throughout the day where they snooze off after the last meal.

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Conures for sale - 23 results. We offer small and large conures, both will make brilliant pets as they have vibrant and bright colours.

In the wild they are predominantly green in colour, with various areas of coloured feather plumage

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