With more than 10 years of writing experience and a background in news reporting for Ohio newspapers, she's published pieces in multiple print and online publications. Guests have reported apparitions in period clothing and ghostly ballroom music when there is no one around.

The old train depot has played host to many tragedies and notable events in the town history, so it is easy to see where the basis of these rumours lie.

Three students who went into the basement to explore reported hearing the jingling keys as well. Although this reataurant is currently closed for repairs, it seems to be a favorite spot for the haunts. April is the Ohio staff writer for Only in Your State.

This historic playhouse is situated on an old farming property, as the theatre itself is a barn conversion. The Mulligans bought the house in the early '70s. Pleasant Valley Cemetery is haunted by the Rose Family buried here. Between 500 and 600 people were on the bridge at the time and as a result of the accident five people are dead and over 200 injured. At 4:50 o'clock Monday afternoon the bridge on Main Street over the Blackfork, in Shelby, collapsed. The University of Akron, founded in 1870 by the Universalist Church, has a few buildings rumored ot be haunted. Crybaby Bridge SC (Real paranormal investigation) - YouTube She is an Ohio native with a Bachelor of Science in Journalism from E.W. What do you think of this local legend? According to her story, she was in love with a boy who didn't feel the same. This popular local eatery and restaurant is haunted by a former owner, who passed away several years ago and is still attempting to run his establishment.

Thank you! Guests and employees alike have witnessed unexplained noises, electrical issues, and faceless apparitions.

Long-forgotten structures of the past with roads that are no longer drivable, they’re often the center of Ohio’s creepiest legends. Formerly a restaurant and filling station, the building is supposedly haunted by a ghostly man carrying a leather briefcase.

Major Buxton operated the inn during the late 1800s. The Bissman Building, once a grocery warehouse built in 1886, is said to be very haunted; ghost hunts and tours are offered here. Whatever the story, many say you can still hear the child's cries at night. (Credits: John Christman) Crybaby Bridge– It is said that a woman and her baby once fell from this bridge and drowned in the water below.

Since then, visitors and staff have reported various strange occurrences, including ghostly voices, disembodied footsteps and strange whistling noises.

The prison, defunct since 1990, was the setting for the movie The Shawshank Redemption.

Crybaby Bridge off Egypt Road Although the bridge is off of Egypt Road near Salem, Ohio, it is actually on what used to be West Pine Lake Rd., which now dead-ends to the east of the bridge.

It is believed to be haunted by former patients of the infirmary.

The original ghost is Baxter Wood who opened a hotel called the Center Hotel in the building which now houses local watering hole, the Doug ... Spooky happenings reported here include apparitions, unexplained handprints on mirrors, and the smell of phantom cigar smoke. We have 3 ghosts. (Submitted by Callum Swift). Many ghosts are known to haunt the building, causing objects to fall off of walls and are the source of mysterious footsteps. It has been used as a setting or featured on many other movies, music videos and TV programs, including Ghost Adventures.

This historic depot is heritage-listed, and also believed by many to be one of the towns most haunted buildings.

The Bryn Du Mansion and grounds comprise a fifty-two acre estate in Granville, Ohio. Those who fall asleep here, especially men, have been awoken by her hitting them on the back of the head.

The museum opened in 1975.

Rogue's Hollow Bridge, or Crybaby Bridge, has a couple of legends attached to it that may explain the ghostly crying sound heard here. The building has since been demolished. You will receive your first email soon. Many of those who took their own lives now haunt the dam. Some say the child drowned beneath the bridge, while others say it just wandered off. Steele Mansion Is A Historic Ohio Inn That Dates Back To 1867, Feast On Homemade Tortillas, Tasty Tacos And Tequila At Vivir Modern Mexican In Ohio, Explore A Historic And Haunted Book Shop At Browse Awhile Books In Ohio, Dine Inside A Private Igloo With Your Very Own Firepit At The Blue Heron In Ohio, The Stories Behind These 9 Haunted Bridges In Ohio Will Keep You Up At Night, Not Many People Realize These 11 Little Known Haunted Places In Ohio Exist, Stay Away From Ohio’s Most Haunted Street After Dark Or You May Be Sorry, Don’t Drive Down These 7 Haunted Streets In Ohio…Or You’ll Regret It, https://www.onlyinyourstate.com/nominate/, The Legend Of Ohio’s Screaming Bridge Will Make Your Hair Stand On End, Indulge In Italian Cuisine Right On The Water At Ciao Bella In Ohio.

Many of these are genuine and documented haunts, but others may be legend or hearsay.

Something reportedly presses down on students in bed and throws off their blankets. This historic building turned sweet shop is haunted by a whole horde of ghostly children. We have had numerous sitings at the Taverne. The building was built in 1886 in Richfield Ohio as a hotel/stagecoach stop. » Find museums in Shelby, OH, Brownella Cottage and Galion Historical Museum, Fostoria Area Historical Society and Museum, Doc Henderson's Restaurant - The Castle Bed and Breakfast. Several of the injured are believed to be fatally hurt. Thank you!

The city manager was able to receive a grant to have the building renovated from an opera hall to a city courtroom. It is said to be haunted by Ceely Rose. Mystic Nirvana / The Historic Stoner House - it was built in 1852 by George Stoner as an inn and tavern. Lockington Dam – the dam is said to be the site of hundreds of suicides over the years.

His association with the place is unknown.

One such bridge is the infamous “Cry Baby Bridge” in Salem, Ohio.

It is said that in Room 169 during the 1900s, a guest named Mary hanged herself in her room.

Rumor has it that at night at the Darrow Family Cemetery, which only has 7 gravesites, tombstones that are whole in daylight appear broken, and strange things can be seen and heard: Unexplained bright lights, running water, screams and howls. A TV on the third floor turns itself down when the volume is turned up, and toilets flush by themselves.

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