If a service has both CT’s and PT’s then the two values are multiplied together to give the billing multiplier. The existing meters seem to use 2 CT’s and only 2 voltage supplies, there is no access to the meters. That is because a 400 amp meter is a self-contained meter and does not use CT’s. We have a standard 3ph and N supply.since the power Co installed a new smart meter our bills have almost doubled. I am always here to help. One thing that I want to note also is that CT rated meters are not only used as a secondary electric meter, they are also used as a primary electric meter as well. What is the difference between voltage and current? Generally it requires years to reach this rollover point, but with Option PT, rollovers could occur much more often. what should be our basis on that? PTs are used for medium-voltage services above 600 Vac, but also sometimes for 575-600 Vac three-phase three-wire delta circuits. For service voltage above 600 Vac, potential or voltage transformers (PTs or VTs) are used to step down the voltage to a lower range that will work with a WattNode meter. Most medium-voltage CTs output 5 amps at their full scale rated current. Now, to find the correct current transformer size for a three phase service we use this current transformer sizing calculation. If you know the PT ratio at the time you are ordering the meter, you may specify the ratio as part of the option to have the ratio pre-programmed by the factory. Enough about CT’s, let’s talk about PT’s. amzn_assoc_fallback_mode = {"type":"search","value":"current transformer"};
Be aware that these are general diagrams using standard test switches which may not match some Utility standards in their configuration and are for reference only. With this information we can then size the current transformers based on the information that is given. When CT’s and PT’s are used in a metering installation, the installation is known as being transformer-rated. I have sent you an email. Learn how your meter works and save on your power bill. Note, the PT primaries are monitoring the medium-voltage line-to-ground voltages, not the line-to-line voltages. If the bill was 10-15% high, i can understand but its coming more then double compared to others. This is the same as the four-wire wye service except no neutral wire is brought out to the load. The PT Ratio values are just the primary voltage divided by the secondary voltage. What is the Multiplier ? If the CT ratio is 200:5, then the meter multiplier is 40, which is simply 200/5. Transformer-rated services run in parallel with the service. The meter will provide per-phase voltage, current, power, and energy readings scaled to correspond to the medium-voltage measurements. For service voltage above 600 Vac, potential or voltage transformers (PTs or VTs) are used to step down the voltage to a lower range that will work with a WattNode meter. One is to program it into the meter and another is to put the multiplier into their billing system. However, you can still connect the meter with potential transformers. For example, you would not want to place 200:5 CT’s in service that you know will be pulling 1000 amps on the primary side. Rating of CT’s is 600/5 and we are using multiplier of 120. Once you have determined the correct PT ratio, program this into UCPTptRatio using LonMaker®, the WattNode LNS® Plug-In, or another LonWorks tool. Older models and pulse models will need to have the data scaled externally by the data collection system. Now i want to know what rating of current transformer and potential transfomer i should install. That would mean 400:5 = 80 x 120 = 9600. How would we calculate the voltage induced into the secondary circuit? If your PT ratio is different you would need to use that ratio instead of 120 and multiply it times 80. my ct/pt is 1/1A but i m using meter with Ib 5A are they compatible.
Any advice? When you use two CTs together like this (a ratio CT combined with a voltage output CT), you should use the primary current of the ratio CT as the full-scale current rating value for the WattNode meter.

Therefore, we recommend using phase B as the reference and tying it to ground and neutral. connections are correct as per wiring diagram otherwise problems will result with the REGISTER DISPLAYS For HEALTH & SAFETY reasons it should be noted that if a current transformer is operated with the secondary (S1 and S2) open circuited, DANGEROUS VOLTAGES may be generated at the secondary terminals or leads. Would it be 2 CT’s and 3 voltage connections or 3CT’s? No problem Rich. This can use two or three element PTs. Hey, I will need some more information from you. amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "cts_pts-20";
Hi, I have a customer who employs a old CT revenue meter and wants to have it upgraded, I know our local supply company supplies the revenue meter but the consumers wants to order a new enclosure with three CT’s etc, can you please recommend any NZ or Aussie suppliers. When the energy reaches the rollover point, it rolls over to zero (like an odometer rolling around to zero). This means that their current coils are rated at 20 amps. All of the above grounding configurations (including floating) can be monitored as shown in Figure 3 below. In most cases, PTs are used with medium-voltage circuits ranging from 2400 Vac to 35,000 Vac, so this will show medium-voltage examples. Most transformer-rated meters today are class 20 meters. Note: Because CCS does not offer a model with a power supply that can operate from 120 Vac line-to-line or 69 Vac line-to-neutral, it may be necessary to tie one PT output voltage to neutral and ground as shown in Figure 3.

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