The kids fail to stop Hacker from stealing Pandora's box in Mount Olympus (a Cybersite based on mythological Greece). Hacker is sure his flower will win, but when he loses to Inez he is furious and plots a plant-based revenge! Unreliable citations may be challenged or deleted. In an unlikely pairing, the CyberSquad helps Hacker stop a villain who is zapping trees.

This results with Ledge becoming Hacker's most dangerous rival. The Cybersquad must escape and stop Motherboard from receiving Hacker's virus. they can turn him from evil to good. Watch Cyberchase episodes on PBS KIDS. Reviewed in the United States on August 9, 2016. The diabolical Hacker wreaks havoc when he steals the power pods of Poddleville, a cybercity filled with patterns. After Hacker kidnaps the kids, he crash-lands in Shangri-La, where Master Pi challenges both groups to a special contest. Three kids, Jackie, Matt, Inez, and their bird friend Digit, must save cyberspace from the evil Hacker with the use of strategy and math skills. Hacker kidnaps the Beast, a member of a famous band on Mount Olympus. Ivanca the Invincible has a treasure map that Dr. Marbles mails to Motherboard's "buddy list." In Happily Ever Afterville, the Three Pigs just finished building their new cottage at the base of Mount Evermore - a peaceful spot without any direct sunlight. The kids and Digit use logic to rescue the charms and stop Hacker. He captured an aged Doctor Marbles and stole his journal to help him locate the Reformat Button. This leads Cybersites to surrender once they can no longer bear it.

The Cybersquad also does not like Ledge because of his deception that led almost all of them into danger in Sensible Flats he had caused by pretending to help them, as he thinks more wisely of his plans. Browse the latest Amazon Prime from with Yidio! Hacker is collecting all the ooze that keeps the animals in EcoHaven healthy. Its all up to the Cybersquad to reunite the band and save Mount Olympus. New villains Olga (Annika Walter) and the Trashinator (Phil Collins) make their debut during this season. Along the way they meet Lucky, a cab driver, who offers them a chance to gain a free cab ride while they search for Digit. act 1, act 2, and act 3. In a fun-filled chase across the snowy terrain, the kids discover the power and speed of estimation in order to recover the glowing orb from Buzz and Delete before the temperature reaches zero and the site freezes over forever. Hacker instead adds more bugs so all references of Motherboard get switched to himself, and he alters two bar graphs to hide the truth. First they have to get some order in the snelfu (currency) they have stolen from Hacker's lair. After the prince of crabs takes a dare and becomes dishonest after falling in the Abyss, the kids and Digit must find the Grapes of Plath to restore his ability to tell the truth, located in the Fountain of Truth.

However, situations become more complicated now that Hacker is no longer the only villain attempting to rule Cyberspace; the Wicked Witch has been planning schemes of her own. This concludes the Encryptor Chip story-arc. iTunes Canada has released the first eight seasons, though they are not always in original airdate and some strange season numbering has occurred.

After their attempt to recover the egg from Hacker fails, they hatch a new plan to replace the egg. By studying patterns in nature, can they recreate the nest and restore peace and harmony to Tikiville? This creates chaos and misery all over Gollywood. To find the Transformatron and reverse its power, the CyberSquad must discover how an object can be pinpointed using two straight lines - before Hacker takes over Cyberspace forever! Digit's friend Pearl says her town is in trouble. Hacker steals the legendary Egg of Benedicta - and the lush landscape of Tikiville wilts and turns brown. Digit and the Cybersquad are tricked into going to a land of giants, with Motherboard unaware of their presence. Hacker is in jail and the trial is about to begin, but is his homestead really larger than what Judge Trudy will allow? When Digit heads off alone to dispose of the powerful Network Interface Card (NIC), calamity strikes. But trouble strikes when Hacker and Wicked, who are having a battle of wits above Mount Evermore, accidentally zap the mountain away. Watch Cyberchase Online: Watch full length episodes, video clips, highlights and more. [4][better source needed], In January 2017, it was announced that Cyberchase would be returning for an eleventh season, with 10 new episodes set to air later in the year. [13] which had 20 panels. A later amendment to the bargain is that if Team Hacker wins, Inez will have to become one of Hacker's cheerleaders. Meanwhile, Hacker looks make some profit by putting on a show for Cyberspace to see, after watching a viral video on CyberTube. [citation needed] The season premiered November 4, 2013, after being on hiatus since 2010. Season 9 was animated in Flash by Pip Animation in Ottawa.[29]. The team shrink to the size of tiny insects to try to help their earthworm friend Hapo figure out what is damaging his soil. Zero cause him to leave Gollywood, leading all zeros on signs to disappear and further chaos to ensure. Hacker steals the cyber slug Icky to destroy Aquari-yum, and the kids make a code to fool him. When Hacker strands Jackie atop Mount Wayupthere, the rest of the Cybersquad has to act fast to save her. Cyberchase is an American–Canadian animated mathematics series that currently airs on PBS Kids.The show revolves around three Earth children (Matt, Jackie, and Inez), who use mathematics and problem-solving skills in a quest to save Cyberspace from a villain known as The Hacker. I will definitely be showing these to my kids when they are old enough! You can also watch Cyberchase on demand atAmazon Prime, Amazon, Vudu, iTunes online. Enter the kids and Digit. Throughout the season, the Cybersquad searched for a new encryptor chip for Motherboard.

Quickly browse titles in our catalog based on the ones you have picked. Lady Lovelace comes up with a way to eliminate Hacker's virus, but Hacker traps her and Dr. Marbles in her time machine, and programs it to travel to the beginning of time. However, the virus also causes her to mail it to her "baddy list," which gives Hacker the map. His cunning contraption calls for an unusual power source: the Electric Eel of Aquari-Yum. right out from under Digit’s beak and gives it to Hacker! assume command of his domain. It turns out Hacker has put a plan in motion to turn Mermaidos into his own personal hot tub!

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