3 crossed swords in a circle on bayonets = (from 3 different sources) Heinrich Frankel, Spital -or- J&E Schmolzer, Kindberg -or- Sorlini Varazdin, Croatia 'MD' 1 through 5 = Monturdepot (Uniform Depot) - on ammo pouch, uniforms (Depot 2 was in Budapest)

Inspection/acceptance mark on German-used M95's in WW2, Sample: 5.LR.258 'K58' - On 8x50 Romanian Mod.93 Mannlicher buttstock Picture 'Z' = Zbrojovka Brno, Waffenwerke Brunn or Bystrica 'F' Crowned = Represents Prince Ferdinand of Bulgaria, on M1888-M1895 guns 'ZP' superimposed, in 2 circles = Zbrojovka Praga, Czech bayonets, 'AOI' = Africa Orientale Italiana, (Italian East Africa), on buttstocks 'CHS' = Czech post-WW1 M.95 proofmark Known Unit Name abbreviations (please, submit additional ones): SK = Sanitatsfeldkolonne (FeldSanitatsKolonne)

AZD = ArtillerieZeugsDepot The FN copy scabbard is 320mm long while a Czech scabbard is 311mm long. 'RKM' = Reishs-KriegsMinisterium (after 1911) Leather scabbards also exhibit many variations in color and surface. GMA = GebirgsMachinengewehrAbteilung 'MHD' = Munitions-HauptDepot Woellersdorf 'H' large, on M95 chambers = Hegyes Töltény = pointed bullet, Caliber 8x56R, Hungary 1931-45

I've developed a passion for german marked czech bayonets. 'Lw [eagle] 10' = Accepted for the Austrian Landwehr, (Royal Austrian Army) marked on barrel shank. 'ST.

'Calderoni' = Calderoni es Tarsa, Budapest, Hungary, optics including scopes RA = Reitende Artilleriedivision [no unit name, just #] = Landwehr-Infanterie Regiment LST = Landsturm Regiment [no unit name, roman numerals] = Landesshutzen Regiment The press catch is in the crosspiece, eliminating the need for a pommel. British captured Italian guns in Africa, used mostly for training in India HR = HusarenRegiment (The 13th was in Budapest, Hungary) 'W' = Weiss Manfred Mûvek, Csepel, Hungary, 'AOK' = Armee-Oberkommando 'MO' on M95 bayonet blade and scabbard - Moravske Ocelarny (Moravian Steelworks, Olomouc), Czech marking

There are also some dou marked blades, as well as both high and low cut muzzle rings.

in oval = Italian mark, captured/or war reparation M.95 rifle barrel shank flange marking There is a surprising amount of variation in the construction of these bayonets. 'HWF' touching - Wiener Heeres Fabrik or Heeres Waffen Fabrik - on bayonets The blade length on my edge down VZ24 bayonet is 299mm, the same as others. 'HGM' = HeeresGeschichtliches Museum, Wien S = Sappeurbataillon FK = Fliegerkompanie (Airborne Company) D = Dragonerregiment 'CK' - on M95 buttstock Picture FW = Finanzwache number = Sicherheitswache Waffen (Bundespolizei / State Security Police) on about 15% of Steyr M1908 pistols on the rear grip 'DVF' = (Cyrillic A,B,Phi) Darzhavna Voenna Fabrika (State Military Factory, Bulgaria), repaired guns mark 'Bp [crest] 98' = Accepted for the M.Kir. ELV = unknown unit, possibly Eisenbahn (Train-mounted Unit) ZBgs = ArtillerieZeugsdepot Bergstadtl 'CSP' = Czechoslovakian Government Postal Service On rifles/bayonets Comparison of Czech and Bulgarian Lions 'VTU' = Vojensky Technicky Ustav (Military Technical Institute), Czechoslovakia, 1918-36 'M.8' = Hirtenberger ammo, on Italian contract AOI M95 ammo JR = Infanterie (Feldjaeger) Regiment 'JR' = Juraj (or Jiri) Roth, Bratislava, Slovakia 1922-1929

Visit our Shopping Site pages and buy from us direct or visit our Books for Sale pages and buy research materials from one of our affiliates. It seems the # 444 was stamped over a different # on the cross guard. the production plant II of Zbrojovka Brno was located in northwest Slovakia - Povazska Bystrica town. 'Pacholek' = Gyorgy Pacholek, Budapest, Hungary, edged weapons 'KF [crest] 13' = Hungarian acceptance, on M.95 barrel shank. = Fegyver és Gépgyár Budapest, Hungary, 1891-1918 'CIP' = Commission International Permanente

the marking on pommel is a serial number of rifle. 'SF' = 'SFM' = (in shield or in circle) Societe Francaise des Munitions, France (clip) X [crossed cannons, boxed unit #] = Reitends Artilleriedivision 'ÁH' superimposed = Állami Hadianyaggyár (State Military Factory), Csepel, Budapest, Hungary -1944 ZWdf = ArtillerieZeugsdepot Wollersdorf If you have that one I'd love to see it. 'PM' = Polte, Werke Magdeburg, Germany ZPw = ArtillerieZeugsdepot Peterwardein 'LM&Co' - Ludwig Mandl & Co, Wien FLR = Fleiger Regiment (post WW1 Austrian Air Force) 'CA' [year] (cyrillic) = Sofia Arsenal ammo marking Used 1897-1945 VMGr = Verpflegsmagazine Graz

VMW = Verpflegsmagazine Wien 'Z' or 'Z&C' = Zboril Consortium, Wien-Simmering, Austria IHW = MilitarInvalidenHaus in Wien ZSr = ArtillerieZeugsdepot Sarajevo Illegible marking on tip. 'WNPF' superimposed = Wiener-Neustadter Patronen Fabrik, Austrian bayonet maker 'URO' = Trade Unions Central Board, Czechoslovakia 'GR' = Georg Roth AG Geschutzhulsenfabrik, Wien UV = Armored Regiment Czechoslovakia RTSCHR = Reitendes Schützenregiment Thanks! 'F.A.H.' No marks on scabbard. ABT = Abteilung Used 1870-1918 (updates needed) 1970 to improve grip when dismounting the bayonet or using it as a hand weapon. 'Wn 20' = Post WW1 Austrian acceptance, on barrel shanks - No Eagle. 'Simson & Co Suhl' = Simson & Co Suhl, Germany, bayonet maker LGKOO = Landes Gendarmerie Kommando OberOsterreich AZA = ArtillerieZeugsAbteilung KMA = KavallerieMaschinengewehrAbteilung 'Ü' in circle = Austrian bayonet maker Wooden (Beech) grips were only used during the first two years of production. 'F. JR = KaiserJager Regiment, also Tirolerkaiserjaeger Regiment Scabbard:  Crossed swords, followed by "OTK", "S-4", over "K", "K.V. JBR = Jager Bataillon Reservekompanie 'St.83' = Accepted in Steyr for Austria, on barrel shank, two digits of the year 1883. 'ASS' = ArmeeSchutzenSchule TK = Technisches Militärkomitee BB = Brückenbataillon The grip was made in two halves, which were then bonded together with epoxy resin. FSAR = Festungsartillerieregiment PR = Pionier(e) Regiment in oval = Friedrich Herder Abr Sohn, Solingen, Germany, edged weapons Late-production variant with the full-length tang that protrudes beyond the grip scales. 'Zb Kp' cyrillic Zb Kr = Zbrojownia Krakow, Polish marked bayonet Picture 'BGB' = Bruder Gottlieg und Brauehbar, Brunn (Brno), helmets AJB = AlpenJägerBataillon This scabbard is dated 1967 and is made of smooth leather. Off it goes. S = Presidential Palace Guards on Czech used weapons RTTKSCH = Reitende Tiroler Kaiserschützen 'Grasser Wien VII' in oval = Carl Grasser, (not Gasser), Armee Waffen und Fechtrequisiten Fabrikant, Vienna, edged weapons 'SVK' = SchiesVersuchsKommission, Felixdorf 'RZM' = ReichsZeugMeisterei. Kralka Linz' = W. Kralka, Linz, Austria, on edged weapons

PK = Pionier Kadettenschule 'C' under a flat crown = Mark of Chatellerault, France, on French made weapons ZIb = ZJb = ArtillerieZeugsdepot Innsbruck HN = Hranicafsky Prapor (Frontier Battalion/Border Troops) on Czech weapons VA = Vojenská Akademie v Hranicích (Military Academy), Czechoslovakia

ZT = ZTm = ArtillerieZeugsdepot Temesvár GD = GebirgsbatterieDivision 'H' under a Crown = Yugoslavian mark, on M95 barrel shank 'R' in oval = Georg Roth -1918 This was abandoned due to insufficient strength, which accounts for the relative scarcity of rivetless examples. Zeitler Wien VIII' = Ludwig Zeitler, Vienna, bayonet manufacturer URE = Ulanen Regiment Erganzungs-Eskadron VMSr = Verpflegsmagazine Sarajevo 'Lakkozott vashüvellyel' = With lacquered steel casing (Hungarian) FK = MilitarFachKurse LGKS = Landes Gendarmerie Kommando Salzburg 'X' cyrillic H = Hirtenberger export ammo mfg S = ArmeeSchiesschule 'LZ' in circle = Lebende Zielscheibe Gesellschaft, Wien 'WP' = W. Perkun, Polish bayonet manufacturer Aut = Automobilkader Used 1919-1932 (updates needed) 'AB' touching = August Bickel, Thuringia, Germany - Bayonet maker 'IN' or 'INW' (the I may look like a J)= Ignatz Novotny, Wien I was at a gun show in central Fla. today and picked up a 945 with a full ring. FLArs = FliegerArsenal in Fischamend) This example still has the short tang, but incorporates the lower crossguard extension.

Man with bow & arrow = Joachim Winternitz, Independent bayonet maker in Steyr, Austria 'MO' on M95 bayonet blade and scabbard - Moravske Ocelarny (Moravian Steelworks, Olomouc), Czech marking 'NB' = National Security, Czechoslovakia 'NI' under crown = Nikita I, King of … 'P' in circle = Hirtenberger Patronenfabrik, Austria 'MFD' = Monturfelddepot (Uniform Field Depot) 'SNB' = National Security, Czechoslovakia 'C' Crowned = Yugoslavian mark, on M95 barrel shank

'PAB' = Punitra Voina Societate Anonima Brasov, Romania

'MA' = Magyar Acélárugyár Rt, Hungary, edged weapons 'MF' = Staats-Munitions Fabrik, Woellersdorf, Austria -1938 GBr = k.k. 'G&R' = Greger & J Rosam, Vienna ammo mfg AJR = AlpenJägerRegiment

'BT3' cyrillic for VTZ = Vojno Tehnicki Zavod (Military Technical Factory), in Kragujevac, Serbia 'FK' = Fridolin Keller, Hirtenberg B GBrSr = Militarabteilung der b.h.

BKFK = Brigadekraftfahrkompanie 'Z' in circle = Ceskoslovenska Zbrojovka Brno, Czech manufactured parts

'T' circled = Tiegelgussstahl (Crucible steel) = Gun barrelled with a new type high quality steel (Austrian mark). 'FP' = Franz Pfannl Waffen und Patronenfabrik, Krems VMB = Verpflegsmagazine Budapest ZCs = ArtillerieZeugsdepot Castelnuovo

I read that there may even be a dot 41. DR = DragonerRegiment

'NPw' = Nitro-Proof mark, Weipert 1919-31

The Finnish M1962 bayonet was closely patterned on the Czechoslovakian VZ–58 design. The VZ–58 knife bayonet was initially made as a forging, however, the manufacturing process was later changed to use investment casting. SC = SanitatsKolonne

'B' under crown = House of Liege Belgian proof mark (Belgian made weapons) The scabbard on this example is made of coarse-grained leather.

Bo one circle Z is for Zbrojovka Brno , plant Brno in Protektorat Boehmen und Maehren. R = Infanterie Regiment, on buttplates 'CE' in oval = Italian captured/war reparation M.95 rifle barrel shank marking MPP = Militarpolizeiwache Przemysl JBE = Jager Bataillon Erganzungs-Kompanie Kadre The piece was a romanian contract. The vz-33 has the cutting edge down. Pferdezuchtanstalt VMPrz = Verpflegsmagazine Przemysl

FKR = Feldkanonartillerie Regiment DiV 2 35.

'Winternitz' = Joachim Winternitz Neffe, Independent bayonet maker in Steyr, Austria (often with a man with bow & arrow) I know of 945, eagle 63, eagle a80, eagle 607, dot 42 &43, marked bayonets. Kr GBr = Kroatian Hengstendepot 'H' = Hirtenberger Patronenfabrik, Austria ZL = Raiload Engineers' Regiment, Czechoslovakia LUR = Landwehr Ulanen Regiment (Roth-Steyr M07, bayonets) 'Zelinka' = Janos Zelinka or Robert Zelinka, Budapest, Hungary, (or Heinr Zelinka, Wien?) FK = Feldkanonenregiment (Field Artillery) FJ = FJB = Feldjaeger Batallion GJK = Grenzjägerkompagnie Pferdezuchtanstalt Sarajevo Beck & Sohne Wien' = Wilhelm Beck & Sohne, Vienna, edged weapons, slings 'NI' under crown = Nikita I, King of Montenegro (on Montenegrin Gasser revolvers) '1FJ' = Elsõ Ferenc József (King), on Hungarian uniforms etc.

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