TV Show Premiered in 2004 #7. Affiliations The baby wore black shorts, with a cute little navy blue shirt, saying 'Birthday …

Danny Phantom Fans Also Viewed Peppa Pig. Home World Danny surprised his counterpart by using the Ghostly Wail against him before locking him away in the Fenton Thermos, which now resides within Clockwork's domain. 1/2 Human1/2 Ghost He also gradually finds Dash more annoying and troublesome. Protect Amity Park and Earth against ghost attacksSurvive high school Goal

He is a 14-year-old 9th grade student at Casper High School.

What is the rhythmic pattern of bahay kubo? Living with his ghost-obsessed parents since his birth, Danny had to put up with their unique personalities that often traumatized him as well as constantly be forced to listen to their parents ramble or instruct their children on how their numerous Fenton gadgets worked. Alignment

His human half wants to be with people, but (as mentioned above) he cannot connect anymore.

After that using his powers he became the hero known as Danny Phantom. In "Reality Trip", an encounter with Freakshow and his Reality Gauntlet resulted in him accidentally revealing his secret to the general public, causing wide storm news all over America and in mad pursuit by the Guys in White. Production information Jack Fenton (father)Maddie Fenton (mother) It is only in the alternate future explored in "The Ultimate Enemy" does Danny treat Vlad as anything other than an arch-nemesis. Danny had only had his powers for a month before his first real ghost fight.

David KaufmanTara Strong (as baby Danny)[11]Click "expand" for full listKeith Ferguson (in Nicktoons MLB)Ezequiel Serrano (Spanish dub)Giota Militsi (Greek dub) His own future self turned out to be his ultimate enemy. However, his parents and his then-love interest Valerie, the three people he most wanted to believe in him, still did not view Danny Phantom as anything but a menace.

As a ghost, his hair is white, his eyes are green, and he wears a photo-negative version of the jumpsuit he wore when he first got his powers, with a stylized DP logo added in ". The most common danny fenton material is fleece. Sam always had a secret crush on Danny. The hunter ghost Skulker has proven to be Danny's most persistent enemy.

Friends In Reign Storm, after Danny defeated Pariah Dark and saved Amity Park from being trapped in the Ghost Zone, Amity Park finally recognized him as a hero. The two were on opposing teams until Dani realized her creator, Vlad, was only using her, so she joined Danny's group; though she is more affiliated to Danny than the group itself.

His primary goal is to save the citizens of Amity Park from the dangerous ghosts coming through the Fenton Portal which his parents created.

Danny's often at odds with the other half ghost as he often has to resist his offers to join his side and be his son (although by the time of "Eye for an Eye", Vlad seems to view him purely as a rival now). His own future self turned out to be his ultimate enemy. What is the timing order of an 1985 Plymouth horizon? Danny wears a tank top at the pool; this is because he gets sunburned easily.

He took on the alias Danny Phantom and now uses his ghost powers to protect his hometown of Amity Park. In Chapter 3: Reunion, Danny gets engulfed in rage when face-to-face with Vlad after five years presuming he was dead. His eyes glow green and his irises disappear.

She undeniably has a crush on Danny, but so far she has hidden it from him well. Both attend high school yet are viewed negatively by their peers. and makes similar poses while flying.

David KaufmanKeith Ferguson (Nicktoons MLB) Tucker serves as Danny's best friend as the two often share many things in common as well as share in general.

With Sam and Wulf's help, Danny managed to save Tucker and his classmates, then declared to Wulf they are forever "Amikos" before he runs--free once more.

Danny PhantomThe Ghost BoyDannyFentonFentoeneck Feat. Danny and Dark Danny have not encountered each other since Dark Danny's imprisonment in Clockwork's lair. Well you're in luck, because here they come. His voice becomes slightly but noticeably resonant as well. Unlike them, though, he is afraid of anyone discovering his hard-to-control ghost powers, making him go from being a "geek" to a "freak".

After their failed attempt made them quit, Danny put on a black and white suit and stepped into the machine. Using the Reality Gauntlet afterwards, Danny alters everything back to the way it was once was, causing everyone but his friends and sister to forget about his identity as Danny Phantom.

A future story arc could center around Danny trying to maintain his humanity and keep his ghost side from fully taking over. With a great deal of sympathy for the boy, Vlad honored his wishes and removed his ghost half from his human self. While exploring his parents' laboratory, Danny accidentally activated the newly-built Fenton Ghost Portal, causing hi… The initial attempt at activating the portal failed, and his parents ceased working on it.

Protect Amity Park and Earth against ghost attacks, Valerie cheering for Danny ("Phantom Planet"), Eye Transformation (Ghost Eyes in Human Form), Explosive snowball (cryokinesis + ghost ray).

On both occasions where Danny's parents found out that he is Danny Phantom, they readily accepted him for it.

What could cause your index finger to twitch and your wrist and hand to tingle?

Details Danny at an earlier age once connected greatly with his mother. Tell us "why you have a crush on him" Refresh this page to see the "Crushers" increase after you "Like" or vote. Not only does the fame affect his day-to-day life, but it has long term consequences. His life changed drastically when his ghost-obsessed parents, Maddie and Jack Fenton, created a portal that was designed to open into a dimension known as the Ghost Zone. Damian makes his debut in Generation: Rising Stars in episode Hank's Dilemma trying to help Hank out of his mood.

Siblings With renewed determination, Danny returned to the Ghost Zone to seek help. After Vlad ran for mayor in Danny's hometown of Amity Park, Danny had to frequently deal with him as well as new and old ghosts, now as the town's duly deputized protector. Gallery.

Some of his enemies have also figured out his secret identity and have tried to exploit it as Technus did in "Flirting with Disaster". He still wears his t-shirt, but now wears a hoodie on top of it. Living with ghost-obsessed parents since birth, Danny had to put up with his parents' \"unique\" personalities, which often traumatized him. This shows that even Danny, when pushed to the limit, is willing to kill. His skin also becomes slightly darker. Human-Ghost Physiology: Danny possesses a variety of supernatural powers and abilities due to his unique physiology. This analogy is reinforced in the fact that Danny takes up residence far away from humanity, in his loft in the Ghost Zone. [16][17] However, as Danny Phantom and Valerie were often forced to work together against their mutual foes, Danny Fenton began to see things from Valerie's perspective and gradually warmed up to her, even going so far as to briefly express romantic feelings toward her. Species He managed to succeed in "Reign Storm" when he fought against Pariah Dark and managed to lock him back in his palace. His birthday is unknown. Like Spider-Man, he was an unpopular bullied teenager in high school who got superpowers in a lab accident; he was first seen as a menace despite how many villains he fought; he frequently makes witty banter with most of his enemies during their battles (and sometimes outside of battles); he at first sometimes had the desire to use his powers to get revenge on bullies; and as he began to mature, he became more responsible of his duties as a superhero. Casper High SchoolFenton WorksTeam Phantom

Daniel[12] "Danny" Fenton, also known by his alias Danny Phantom, is the titular protagonist of the television series Danny Phantom. Unlike Paulina, who likes Danny's ghost side and ignores his human side, Valerie hated Danny's ghost side and liked his human side. Asked by Wiki User. She has since become a bit of a pain by trying to "help" Danny with her more "mature" outlook on the situation despite not really knowing what she's gotten herself into. 5 Years later Wiki is a FANDOM Comics Community.

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