Delayed syndromes such as myelopathy or spinal muscular atrophy may occur weeks or even months after the lightning strike, and their exact mechanism is not known [10]. The most common cause is tympanic membrane rupture due to blast waves [1, 5, 15]. Thus, hikers, campers, golfers and other outdoor sports enthusiasts most often sustain lightning injuries. It is worth noting that cardiac markers will be raised, regardless of cardiac damage, so don't use these as an indication of cardiac damage. They usually last only milliseconds and flash over the victim’s body with minimal transfer of energy to the internal organs [13]. Induction: caused by the electromagnetic field radiated by the lightning strike. Also, the extremely short duration of exposure to electrical current (0.0001–0.003 s) may prevent deep burns [11, 12]. Due to the rarity of lightning strike cases, less time and resources have been devoted to better understanding how these strikes impact long-term brain function. According to a review by Conrad, vasospasm of small blood vessels supplying the nerves may explain these symptoms [17]. Gathering in the rain can provoke the lightning energy channeling. 2015 Mar 282:8. doi: 10.1186/s40779-015-0036-3. We have analysed the incidence of cardiac, muscular and sensory disturbances, keraunographic skin markings and significant laboratory results, as well as episodes of audiovisual dysfunction and amnesia at the time of the initial admission. Primavesi R; A shocking episode: care of electrical injuries. The neurologic syndromes can be divided into the following four groups: immediate … eCollection 2015. After the lightning has struck, the victim is safe to touch - check for responsiveness. ECG is mandatory. By continuing you agree to the use of cookies. 2007 May24(5):371-2. This is the reason that placing the network underground does not guarantee lightning protection. 2014 Oct-Dec7(4):623-6. Behavioural disturbance is also common. Hettiaratchy S, Dziewulski P; ABC of burns: pathophysiology and types of burns. Lightning strikes are a common and leading cause of morbidity and mortality. 2006 May117(5):e989-1004. Our clinical information is certified to meet NHS England's Information Standard.Read more. The reason is that soil and water are also sources of electrical conduction that is easy to hit by lightning strikes. Patients presenting with electrical injuries have problems that can range from the very trivial to the fatal (in which case, they are said to have been electrocuted). Carry out CPR even if the casualty appears dead (pupils may be fixed and dilated as a result of muscular paresis - they do not necessarily represent brain death). Perform cervical spine, chest and pelvic radiographs on any casualty who was previously unconscious, as well as imaging of any injured limb. Two of our patients were struck by lightning while sitting in a car. It is worth remembering that a high proportion of patients with cardiopulmonary sequelae die despite best resuscitative efforts but this should not deter aggressive and persistent attempts. A review article by Slesinger et al.

Emerg Med J. from the best health experts in the business, Textbook of Adult Emergency Medicine (4th ed) 2015. A possible explanation could be that there simply is no cause and effect relationship. If the patient is conscious, don't forget to document the visual acuities. [6] There may also be immediate or delayed haemorrhage at the affected site. The Effects Of A Lightning Strike On The Human Body. Further neurological findings observed involve short-term loss of consciousness, coma, seizures, headache, increased intracranial pressure, and intracranial hemorrhage [2, 11]. The duration of a thunder clap depends on the length of the ionized channel. Figures in a review by Slesinger et al. According to a review by Lederer et al., injuries of the cardiovascular system are common in lightning strike victims [2]. Principals. Therefore, when it rains, always try to avoid tall buildings.

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