Simpson Trial", "Persistent Simpson Lawyer Tries to Derail DNA Expert", "Excerpts of Testimony in the O.J. The detective documented what happened and hand delivered the sample to criminalist Dennis Fung who was at Rockingham collecting evidence at approximately 5:30 pm. Simpson Trial on Blood Drops Found at Crime Scene", "GREGORY MATHESON: Chief forensic chemist with LAPD; was crime l", "Police Chemist Admits Lab Mistakes Simpson Defense Keeps Focus On Evidence Collection, Storage | The Spokesman-Review", "Evidence Mishandled, Jury Told / Lab chief admits errors in O.J. If the prosecution put Simpson on trial for murder, then the defense put Fung on trial for the way he did his job. Later criminalist Renee Montgomery, using a different test, proved it was Nicole Brown's blood. Peratis drew an undocumented amount from Simpson on June 13 at approximately 3:30 pm and sealed it in an envelope and gave it to Vannatter. SIMPSON MURDER TRIAL : Defense Drops DNA Expert as Witness : Trial: Edward Blake had been expected to help attack prosecution's case in court. Juror Carrie Bess responded that she thinks the blood belonged to Simpson's children, Juror Marsha Rubin-Jackson responded she thinks Simpson's blood was left there next to the bloody footprints prior to the murders happening and Foreman Amanda Cooley responded she had no explanation for that incriminating evidence and stated it didn't factor into her reasonable doubt decision. Her results suggest he changed his clothes prior to meeting the limousine driver as evidence by his sock he left in his bedroom having Nicole Brown Simpson's blood on it. The prosecution argued that Fuhrman didn't plant the glove because he didn't know if Simpson had an air-tight alibi that night. This abandonment by the Dream Team of Gerdes contamination claim after the trial made the jury defending their verdict untenable. Martz then tested his own unpreserved blood and found EDTA was present there as well. [22][23][24], Geraldo Rivera asked several jurors what their reasonable doubt was concerning the blood drops found next to the bloody footprints near the victims that were photographed hours prior to Simpson's blood being drawn. Scheck aggressively tried to shake Fung's time line about when he received Simpsons donated blood, hoping to show that police actually delivered it the following day, June 14, instead of June 13, giving them a whole day with Simpson's blood they could allegedly use to frame him. Defense forensic DNA expert Dr. Henry Lee published Blood Evidence: How Dna Is Revolutionizing The Way We Solve Crimes (2003) and writes the cross-contamination theory was implausible and maintains he does not believe the police planted evidence. Next Ito allowed John Gerdes to testify about contamination in prior LAPD cases. [50][51][52], During cross examination she admitted that two cross contamination errors had occurred at Cellmark in 1988 and 1989 but the errors were found during quality control tests and had not occurred since. [150], Prosecutor Marcia Clark published Without a Doubt after the trial stating the jurors did not understand the DNA evidence because they were unfamiliar with it and deliberately confused by the defense about it. Fuhrman's DNA was also not found on the glove which supports his claim he did not plant it. As DNA evidence became significant in the Simpson trial, Fung spent more time on the stand than any other trial witness, testifying for a total of 9 days. Simpson Murder Trial. So the plaintiffs called Fung back on their rebuttal case to tell jurors he had goofed. With over one hundred exhibits, the defense would have to discredit all of them to establish reasonable doubt. Election 2020 live updates: Northern battleground states remain too close to call. In media portrayals, the DNA section of the trial is shortened to just the important clips, whereas the jurors had to listen to eight hours a day for nearly nine weeks of technical terminology that was difficult to follow.

All of the jurors were initially confident in their reasonable doubt about the DNA evidence. Her results show that he fled the scene through the back gate as evidence by his blood found on a trail of blood drops leading away from the victims towards and on the back gate. They said the police compromised the evidence by committing several mistakes when collecting it including occasionally not changing gloves between evidence items, using one swatch to collect blood from three drops of blood on the bronco dashboard, packaging the swatches of blood evidence using plastic bags, not paper bags as recommended, and storing them in a police van for up to seven hours unrefrigerated. Vannatter's decision to take the blood directly to Simpson's home rather than booking it into evidence was criticized after the trial for making evidence planting even possible. [39][40] Matheson stated that none of Mazzola's admitted mistakes would have resulted in contamination of evidence. And they did it. [3] However, at this time the public was unfamiliar with the precision and significance of DNA matching and the prosecution struggled to get the jury to appreciate this.

His results also showed Nicole Browns blood on the sock found at Rockingham with a 1-in-7.7-billion chance of error, the blood on the back gate at Brown's home matched Simpson and the blood found inside the Bronco belonged to the two victims with a 1-in-21 billion chance of error for both.

[132] The defense implied that Lee's statement "something's wrong" with the blood evidence in the case meant Lee supported their allegations that police planted evidence. He stated he discovered shoe imprints near the murder scene that could not have come from the shoes the prosecution claims Simpson wore the night of the murders, suggesting a second attacker was present. Because EDTA is used as a preservative in purple top tubes for lab draws, he stated the blood could have come from their reference vials. trial, DNA evidence and the Innocence Project", "EXCLUSIVE: OJ Simpson Juror Says He Underwent Intense Therapy After Murder Trial, Talks Not-Guilty Verdict", "OJ Juror Who Raised Black Power Fist Was a Black Panther", "O.J. [65][66], During cross examination, when asked about mishandling of evidence at the crime scene, she stated none of the mistakes they made would add Simpson's blood to the evidence unless it was already there. Endorsements.

Photos of the crime scene show the blood was there hours before blood from Simpson was taken so it wasn't planted. [38], Gregory Matheson, chief forensic chemist at the Los Angeles Police Crime Lab, testified from May 1–5, 1995.

The prosecution offered the defense access to the evidence samples to conduct their own testing, but they declined.[1]. All of the DNA experts were familiar with Blake and Gary Sims, who ran the state department lab, was one of his students.[97]. He also admitted the LAPD's crime lab has more safeguards in place against contamination than his own lab. Martz then compared EDTA levels in his own unpreserved blood to the evidence samples and showed they were similar. He also noted that multiple news outlets reported the jury not paying attention during the DNA section of the trial.

Last week, Fung repeatedly told jurors that he remembered seeing some damage - which he characterized as “a rip or a cut” - underneath a chip of stucco or small rock that lay atop the ring finger of the left-hand glove at the crime scene. investigator cringes at case's TV retelling", "O.J. [75], During cross-examination the claim was immediately debunked when the prosecution gave Rieders a fax copy of the EPA article he referenced during his testimony and had him read it out loud to the jury demonstrating he misread it and it does say "parts-per-million" of EDTA is normally found in blood. [139], The defense claimed that one drop of blood on the back gate at Nicole Brown's home was planted by the police.

The prosecution later demonstrated that blood is only visible under a microscope. [13] During the rebuttal phase, Peratis testified again and clarified he believes he only took 6.5mL as the records show.[14]. Although three exhibits were allegedly planted, by closing arguments lead defense attorney Johnnie Cochran had focused on a single exhibit: the bloody glove found by detective Mark Fuhrman at Simpson's Rockingham home. [157][158][159], Detective Mark Fuhrman published Murder in Brentwood and defended himself against the claim he planted blood evidence, noting he never had custody of any of the reference blood. He declined to say whether or not he thinks Simpson is innocent.

He had assumed last week that the mark was a hole in the glove, he said, but it was actually debris clinging to the leather.

The defense also declined to test the samples themselves for the “real killers” DNA or for EDTA. He also testified that detective Philip Vannatter gave him Simpson's reference vial of blood when he was at Rockingham. [103][109], During cross-examination Gerdes admitted having no experience or training in forensic evidence gathering or forensic DNA testing and had never done any of the tests whose results he was criticizing at trial himself or at his lab.

Recalling it, Fung rolls his eyes and smiles ruefully. Dr. Cotton conclusively refuted that claim by showing the blood in the reference vial is substantially more degraded than the blood on the sock, proving it did not come from that vial. He continues his same job in the firearms analysis unit, though he has never worked again with Andrea Mazzola, the criminalist trainee who also came under defense fire on the stand. They stated Fuhrman did not plant the Rockingham glove and Simpson's blood on the glove did not come from the reference vial either because it didn't contain EDTA. Next he ruled the prosecution must reserve at least 10% of the DNA samples for the defense to test themselves. .

Apparently, it’s also who far too many of us are as Californians. Simpson Not Guilty", "O.J. They were wrong", "Simpson civil trial transcripts - December 12 1996", "Was DNA Evidence in O.J. He also opines the jury may not have understood the DNA evidence as critics suggested. Give directly to The Spokesman-Review's Northwest Passages community forums series -- which helps to offset the costs of several reporter and editor positions at the newspaper -- by using the easy options below. He also revealed that, contrary to popular belief, he did want to testify again after the tapes revealed he used racial slurs in the past to explain those comments but the prosecution refused to redirect him. And he pointed out that the glove in court has dark stains that correspond with the location and size of the blood smears visible in a photo of the glove before it was moved from the spot where police discovered it. Biden urged patience, while Trump called the election into question. Endorsement: The Times endorses Hoffman, Anderson, Henderson and Han for LACCD. When he goes out to murder scenes now, the television cameras pan over to him. Seeking to debunk a theory that he inspired, criminalist Dennis Fung on Wednesday recanted testimony he gave last week in the O.J. The defense never suggested this and Simpson said he was never there that day.

[173][174] He stated that portion of the trial dragged on longer than most people realize.

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