Destiny 2's Prometheus Lens Exotic is the Vex Mythoclast 2.0. You are going to need to be at least level 26, to get this gun as it is a prize for completing "Vault of Glass". on Introduction, You actually need to be a level 28. Once you have beaten Vault of Glass you have a 1 in 6 chance of being given this gun. Some support this idea, others may not.

Step 3: Win!. Obviously this is a perfect scenario and loot tables and numbers are probably more matched up in the thousands... Its origins, mechanism of action, and ultimate purpose remain unknown. due pvp nerfs has had its damage was reduced by 34%, enhanced battery replaced with extended mag, and its accuracy equal to that of a musket from the 1700s.


The age of triumph vex mythoclast will be dropping at 400 light and is an upgrade from the year 1 weapons that destiny 1 released in 2014.

The Vex Mythoclast is an exotic weapon obtainable in Destiny by completing the Vault of Glass raid on Hard mode.

Again, this would seem to reference the visible sword on top of it, as you cannot really “mark” something with an item that would go inside the tomb. All the others had done it before, but I don't know if any of them have it.

With the House of Wolves expansion, the maximum Attack values for the Mythoclast and other Exotics have been increased to 365 with an expenditure of 1500 Glimmer, 25 weapon parts and an Exotic Shard [2]. News and opinion about video games, television, movies and the internet. You may opt-out by. THE LAST DESTINY DLC AGE OF TRIUMPH has been data-mined! Causing damage with this weapon increases its stability. Not so with the Vex Mythoclast.This is the most powerful gun for PVP so go have fun, but if you don't win every round, and you have this gun you have nothing to blame your losses on. One went so far as to dismantle it saying "I don't need a fourth." I just spent more than half of my 14 day free trial fixing this stupid core so I could get the exotic gun only to turn it in and get nothing, not only that but the core is gone and nothing will upgrade. Still a very good gun, I don't have friends to raid with.Is there a way I could still get it? Step 2: Grab a Friend.

There are lines that don’t spell out the exact reward, but they do reveal who is in the grave at the end of the puzzle. Hit me up for anything, I love to help you!


#2 is accurate.

Alternate view of the Vex Mythoclast.

!member !jake Geekermon 690 watching Live now Destiny: How to Get Vex Mythoclast - Exotic Fusion Rifle - Most OP Weapon in the Game? Bungies Community Manager DeeJ äußerte sich jetzt dazu. Render of the Vex Mythoclast, front side view. By continuing to use this site, you agree to the updated policies documented at, {{client.users[message.memberFromId].displayName}}. And we’ll kill what killed you. The Vex Mythoclast has an upgrade tree similar to other Exotic weapons. Get your heads out of your asses and fix this shit cause now you owe me. 1. Take a look on how you used to upgrade the Vex Mythoclast from year 1.

Take a look on how you used to upgrade … Now, I want to briefly conclude with those datamined spoilers I talked about earlier. So yes, you need to have a team to do the vault of glass. Previously before the update, with armor that allows a player carry more ammo for fusion rifles, it was 227, but after the update, was increased to 250.

But doing a bit more research and thinking about this more clearly, I have come up with one final answer that isn’t on that first list at all. I haven't gotten it after like 20+ attempts either, tough luck I guess lol. Cancel

Soliciting/Plagiarism/Phishing/Impersonation, This site uses cookies to provide you with the best possible user experience. Unless. Charge Rate: 40. The Attack value was also changed from 365 to 170 Attack. Read that and tell me that at least thematically, a mysterious Vex weapon “fit for human hands” with unknown origins and references to casual loops and shattered bits of space and time doesn’t fit with the current Corridors of Time and this maddening puzzle quest perfectly. Destiny 2 How to Prepare for Shadowkeep – What Materials to... Destiny 2 how to get Solstice God Roll Armor, Destiny 2 EAZ CHEST LOCATIONS – Solstice of Heroes Chests. Build a shrine to Atheon. This may take some time... Want to know what's funny, now that bungie is making destiny 2 tons of shit is going wrong with destiny. I’m less sure about say, the exotic swords there.

Reload: 72.

Shorter range and more recoil.

Vex isn't even worth having since the pvpers nerfed it into the ground. I need you to read a few different things here.

It's so stupid that it seems only those who have an exotic get that exotic. Due to its high rate of fire and low stability, the Mythoclast is recognized as having a high amount of recoil. It is a high profile enough weapon to satisfy fans who have watched/worked endlessly on this puzzle, but not so big that it’s impossible to consider like an entirely new planet. level 2. paul-dick. Fix your broke-ass RNG loot system bungie. Upon next completion I got a Vex. The Vex Mythoclast possesses a very high precision damage rate, at 1.5x, making it a very effective weapon for getting headshots. I think it would be a huge missed opportunity for Bungie here if this wasn’t Mythoclast, as it fits so perfectly with the nature of this puzzle that it’s hard not to see it as the perfect, satisfying prize for this massive quest.

Enhanced Impact. Inventory Size: 40. For Destiny on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Vex mythoclast drop rate. Got Gjahallhorn, next week I got it from the Nightfall. The Ishtar Collective may have gathered data on this weapon and its function and inner workings as part of their Infinity Initiative in the late Golden Age, leading to the development of Pocket Infinity. The Pocket Infinity is only available from legacy special weapon engrams which Xur sells very rarely. All who find what we’ve left here – please leave it be.

There has been a lot of focus on swords for the prize here because well, there’s a sword sitting on the damn tomb which you can easily see. Extracted side view of the Vex Mythoclast. Edit The sword appears to be a marker, along with our ghost.

The Vex Mythoclast is know as a primary weapon and at light level 400 will be deadly and we will also provide you with how to upgrade the vex mythoclast so you can enjoy it.

So if there is a weapon reward for the quest, that seems likely. Create Fireteam Side profile render of the Vex Mythoclast.

Increases Attack Power, allowing this weapon to cause more damage.

I have 3 of these now." Vex Mythoclast is a Fusion Rifle which players can only obtain from the Vault of Glass, ...a causal loop within the weapon's mechanism, suggesting that the firing process somehow binds space and time into…. Slight boosts to range and Impact. Don't get me started on Time Breaker and Chatterwhite.. I write about video games, television, movies and the internet. Plus the taken are still canceling out the defend the warsat PE on mars, Bungie here's a friendly hint.

The guide will provide you with tips on how you can complete this new challenges where in Fortnite Slide an Ice Puck Over 150M... Destiny Age of Triumph how to get the Vex Mythoclast, Destiny Xur Location 3-31-17 and Inventory Recommendation – Where is xur, Destiny Age of Triumph How to Complete Vault of Glass Challenge Guide, Best MP7 Class Setup for Warzone Season 4 – Best Attachments.

Unless you’re still out there somewhere. I am also a Senior Partner with GamerFuzion and a GamerFuzion/YouTube Partnership Account Manager.

make sure your inventory is full, it will be in your mailbox 1/2 of the time after completion, In the last 4 weeks I've had 5 or 6 of them have had 8 all together sick of them. Side profile render of the Vex Mythoclast. Perhaps it will reveal itself to you, in time...”, Mythoclast Word Origins: “The name "Mythoclast" is derived from the Greek words "mûthos", or "fable/legend" and klastós or "broken in pieces". To get it save up as many strange coins as possible and buy a ton next time he sells them. They ranged from the amazing but unrealistic (a new planet) to the truly terrible (an emblem) to somewhere in between (a legendary or exotic sword). The Vex Mythoclast is a hugely beloved Destiny 1 weapon that was the original exotic raid reward from the Vault of Glass after killing Atheon.

By clicking 'Accept', you agree to the updated policies documented at, Our policies have recently changed. Vex Mythoclast ... Destiny 2 Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. It is this reason that the Extended Mag upgrade is one of the more popularly used ones.

There are two methods I've seen to work with a 100% success rate. Saint says he has “marked” the tomb with the weapon. Am an avid gamer. More predictable recoil.



I can’t find any evidence Saint would have used the Mythoclast. This weapon has no charge time. 4 years ago, So you're saying if you're a level 34 you can't get it. Want to get the best weapons in the game ? Easiest ways to get the Vex Mythoclast There are two methods I've seen to work with a 100% success rate.

It’s no secret, given the title and image above, it’s the Vex Mytholocast.


You’ve performed miracles before. The Vex Mythoclast is a hugely beloved Destiny 1 weapon that was the original exotic raid reward from the Vault of Glass after killing Atheon. And the only way to get it is to grind! In this guide will take you step by step in Destiny age of triumph how to get the Vex Mythoclast Fusion Rifle. Or just play hard mode because there is no way to increase chances of a drop and hope RNG rolls it for you.

Tomorrow is destiny's final dlc update so how you get the vex will change. Equip Speed: 50.

Optics: 15. ), Reply I shouldn't be continuing to get responses to this daily. 3 years ago, I made an account just to answer ya bud.

Aiming down the sights of the Vex Mythoclast. Render of the Vex Mythoclast, front side view.

More recoil. When held, this weapon grants +2 character Agility.

Increases the Attack value of this weapon to the highest available in Year 1. Chronoshot ornament for the Vex Mythoclast. I did hard for the first time yesterday, guess what dropped!

It was a primary fusion with elemental damage and the game had never really seen anything like it, nor has it since. You’ve just read about how the “clast” part of “Mythoclast” means “broken in pieces.” Also, the sword that is sitting on the tomb sure does not look shattered.

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