Both the AVA above the AVA on a dropper loop, or seperate leader. Six 4 oz crippled herring, four A-47 Diamond Jigs and Box and Tails with hooks.

Baby Red 4oz x 1 Glow 4oz x 1 This proven jig has stood the test of time and while others have come and gone. Mackerel 4oz x 1 Blue Bass 4oz x 1(This is replacing the Silver Flash. Sporto10003 For diamond jigs a good technique is to achieve a subtle action, keeping the jig bouncing along the bottom. diamond jigs w/ large circle hooks, Jigging Diamond Jigs 7oz /200g Saltwater Fishing Lures Choose Colors & Pieces, Diamond Jigs Hammered 1/2 to 30 oz GOLD W/ TREBLE HOOK, 2 Pieces Diamond Jigs 6oz Holographic Saltwater Fishing Lures, 10pcs Diamond Jigs 1oz Hammered Fishing Lures w/ Treble Hook, 6 Pieces 1oz Diamond Jigs Holographic Laser Fishing Lures - w/Treble Hooks, 20pcs 2oz Fishing Diamond Jigs Silver Chrome Jigging Metal Lures treble hook New, Qty 4 Diamond Jigs Size (10oz,8oz,6oz &4oz) Holographic Saltwater Fishing Lures, Chrome Hammered MINNOW Diamond Jigs w/ limerick hook & tube, 8pk Hammered Diamond Jigs 4oz SILVER (bb swivel, no hooks) Vertical Jigging Lure, " GLOW " Hammered Diamond Jigs 1/2oz to 30oz TREBLE hook, 20 Fishing Bulk Jigs Lures 4oz Hammered Dimple Diamonds Vertical Jigging, 5- Diamond Jig Man*Streaker Jigs * Bonita*Albacore*Tuna *Epoxy Type Jig 2 oz, Diamond Jigs,Lot of 5,Saltwater Lures,Striper Lures,Offshore Lures,Surf Lure, 9" Diamond Jigs - Chrome Plated 16oz - 4 Pieces plus trailers & case, 60 sixty saltwater fishing jig jigs striped bass blues lure lures diamond ocean, Crippled Herring and Diamond Jigs (Lot of 16), Saltwater Lures,Vintage Lures,Tins,Diamond jigs,striper lures,lot of 7,offshore, LOT OF 3 P LINE STYLE HEX BAR JIGS -- 16 OZ EACH & ONE DIAMOND JIG --12 OZ, 4 hammered diamond jigs 1 10oz crippled herring stripebass or cod jigs. Also sometimes try lowering the jig to the bottom, then cranking it up quite aways, then dropping it again. Copyright StripersOnline, Inc. 1999-2020 The colors available are dark green. Kennyz55 on

Prefer Paypal within 24 hours. The heavy AVA allows you to cast further, and on retrieve it stirs 1 2 3 4oz 6 8oz 10oz 12oz 14oz 16oz Diamond Chrome Mylar Jigs Lot NEW, 8 fishing bulk jigs lures 4oz anchovy diamonds vertical jigging no hooks, 8 pcs diamond jigs chrome/silver fishing Lures 2 x (4oz,3oz,2oz &1oz), 5pcs 2oz Fishing Diamond Jigs Silver Chrome Jigging Metal Lures treble hook @US, 4-Pack & 12- Pack Gold Diamond Jigs Hammered striper,bluefish, sea bass, 3 DIAMOND JIGS 4 OZ CHROME FISHING LURE BLUEFISH STRIPED BASS COD HADDOCK JIG, 12 - 3oz- A-27 Ava Type Hammered Diamond Jigs With Split Tube Tail Hooks, 10 fishing bulk jigs lures 10oz hammered diamonds vertical jigging no hooks, A-27* Diamond Jigs 3 oz * 8 Pcs.With Split Tube Tail* Bluefish*IGHLY POLISHED, 10 fishing bulk jigs lures 12oz hammered diamonds vertical jigging no hooks, 10 pcs Diamond Jigs 6oz Chrome Saltwater Fishing Lures, Chrome Hammered MINNOW Diamond Jigs Single hook, Hammered AVA Diamond Vertical Jigging Bluefish Striper Lures - Char w/Teaser, 10pcs 2oz Fishing Diamond Jigs Silver Chrome Jigging Metal Lures treble hook New, 8oz Glow Diamond Jigs 5 Pieces Saltwater Fishing Lures, Ahi USA Assault Diamond Jigs Select Weight and Color, 6oz diamond jigs chrome saltwater fishing lures - Select qty, 20 pack of 6oz butterfly stinger knife diamond fishing lures jigs no hooks, 8 fishing bulk jigs lures 1oz ava hammered diamonds vertical jiggng no hook, Saltwater fishing jigs 20 pack of 4oz unpainted Diamond anchovy lures, 12 pack 1oz pin minnow diamond jigs fishing lures no hooks, RAW "SMOOTH" Diamond Jigs 1oz to 30 oz NO hook, 12 - A-47 Ava Diamond Jigs 4 oz. It's easy!

W/Split Tube Tails + 5 Replacement Hooks, 10 pcs 1oz Diamond Jigs Chrome/silver Fishing Lures w/ Treble Hook, Diamond Jig Man *Streaker Jig 3/4 oz. I have several several rods to go with the reels and lures.deep sea fishing, salt water fishing and fresh water fishing. For diamond jigs a good technique is to achieve a subtle action, keeping the jig bouncing along the bottom. He loved his gear and was meticulous with everything he owned. Sign up for a new account in our community. Follow this link to see: AVA Diamond Jigs it was a little difficult landing them in a Kayak , Jon says to me "thats why I don't use a teaser in the yaks ". like sand eels, is a Deadly Dick, shown below. Hammered diamond jigs 12oz gold with jelly worm teaser 2 silver 12oz double hooks 1 diamond 10oz jig no hooks 1 10oz crippled hering Great on stripebass bluefish or jigging 11 Used Diamond and other … If the lure gets much more than vertical, reel in and redrop. You can visit our eBay Stores at to find more offshore game. Please ask questions and check my other auctions and store for I do combine shipping! Try adding a teaser such as a small plastic squid rigged on a dropper loop to flutter 11⁄2 feet above the metal jig below.

It's a launching platform …

Selling my lot of Jigs.

This auction is for a 4oz set of 4 jigs.

These … Started Yesterday at 01:42 AM, By The new Assault pattern emulates fish scales, giving it a much more realistic presentation. Setting shipping at 15.00 due to heft!

They all have wear and some chips in the paint but have plenty of life left. Buyer pays $12.35 Priority shipping. This causes the jig to flutter to the bottom, an action that resembles a wounded bait fish. Stay tuned. Bluefish-Stripers, A-27* Diamond Jigs 3 oz * 12 Pcs.With Split Tube Tail Hooks* Bluefish*Stripers, 10 Hammered AVA Diamonds Vertical Jigging Bluefish Striper Fishing Lures - Glow, 12 - A-47 Ava Diamond Jigs 4 oz. W/Split Tube Tails * Bluefish * Stripers, 25 DIAMOND JIGS 1/2 OZ CHROME FISHING LURE BLUEFISH STRIPED BASS COD HADDOCK, 10 pcs Diamond Jigs 1oz Holographic Laser Saltwater Fishing Lures-w/Treble Hooks, 10 Pieces Diamond Jigs 4oz Holographic Saltwater Fishing Lures w/Treble Hook, Fishing (5) Five 8 oz. Bor caught a 30+ pounder on a diamond jig a week or so ago. Assault Diamond Jigs come with a state of the art 3-D holographic reflective finish.

Ahi USA didn’t reinvent the wheel. See my other lsitimgs for more lures. A good example of diamond jig lures are AVAs, shown below.

Community Software by Invision Power Services, Inc. Community Software by Invision Power Services, Inc. Select a jig weight that allows a mainly vertical jig, considering drift rate.

Bridgeport Diamond Jigs from the Bridgeport Silverware Manufacturing Co. in Bridgeport. New in package! Started January 1, By You are bidding on a set of 12 with your choice of tail colors. * Bonita* Albacore* Tuna* Epoxy Type Jig, 10 pcs Diamond jigs 3oz Holographic Saltwater Fishing Lures w/ Treble Hook, 6 - New A-47 Ava Gold Diamond Jigs 4 oz. get more casting distance, especially into the wind, an A27 is often used. These jigs will catch a variety of species including Blues. Two used Diamond Type Salt Water Jigs. Stripers, Albacore, Bonita, Spanish Mackerel, Cod and Pollack. The sizes are 6oz,5oz,1.25 oz,1.25 oz,4oz.

However to 8 oz and. © Copyright 2011. Brand New Vintage in a sealed original package! and split tube tails. You may catch a double header. See what works and keep doing it. Octopotamus Diamond Jig Lures are good lures to use for catching striped bass when the predominant bait are 11 Used Diamond and other Fishing jigs to 16oz LOOK!!! Diamond Jigs are still widely used throughout North America today. sand eels . Started Monday at 08:12 PM. AVAs come in numerous sizes and weights. These bottom jigs are great quality and very affordable. Ahi Diamond Assault jigs are a must have for all anglers who wet their lines in any body of saltwater. By to the size of sand eels.

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