Pogonomyrmex species typically harvest seeds, which are stored as an additional food source. Through their strong chemical defenses expel them from the other ants feeding grounds.

no replacement possible on dead arrival.Attention: Breeding from a Queen is very difficult even with fungus and mated Queen. Prefers sunny and dry slopes and can be found in stony ground as well as in rotten wood. Old pieces of fungus will be removed and thrown to special midden. Only for advanced keepers! However their size is slightly smaller than for instance Messor barbarus.

purchased from other suppliers, - so we can . Scannen Sie den QR-Code und gelangen Sie so direkt zum Artikel! $15.95. Very compact and strong Ponerinae species, forages in groups, mostly on ground. Odontomachus erythrocephalus is a remarkably colored species of trap-jaw ants nesting directly in soil or under objects like rotting wood. "The giant sundew," indeed! Common "helping ant" (slaves) like Formica fusca for the predation ants e.g.

You can see very well and react to slight movements in the visual field. That said, it's a [...]. Only for advanced keepers. It is the fastest moving Lasius species with the best optical orientation and good recruition. These ants are sourced from their own private properties across Victoria in accordance with their Wildlife Trade Operation Licence and export permit. They are sold as "queen only" or "queen + workers". Small strange colored Myrmicinae which can be kept in small terrariums. More recently, in 1992, Allen Lowrie and N. G. Marchant described a subspecies named D. gigantea subsp. niger", Beispiel: 13 findet Artikel mit dem Begriff "13" und auch Artikel-(Teil)ID, z.B. They stores the seed in different granaries and create so-called ants bread in "chew-communities" especially for the colder season. They dependent on feed by their helping ants and they don't participate in any nest building activities. If you have an account with us, please log in. not recommended for a community tank. Camponotus vagus is a black, haired, strong and aggressive Camponotus species that can be found mainly in deadwood. Attention: Shipping at winter time and outside Europe at customer's risk! Cultivates the fungus of insect feces/corpus, pieces of fruits. Deutsch | Français | Italiano | Terms and Conditions | Legal notice | Shipping costs

Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly out of date. It is a very active diurnal hunter. They lay out an trash-accumulation. Gamergate has been collecting ants for sale for a long time and they are not only the best and healthiest ants you can buy, but they also offer the largest range of species and colony sizes available for sale exclusively at Ant Keeping Depot. A beautiful North American harvester ant. Myrmica sabuleti is a red-brown ant species which is distributed throughout Europe. Attention: Shipping to abroad is only possible on customers risk i.e. In addition Cephalotes have a very good sight and reacts very fast on movements in their environment. Cape Sundews hail from South Africa, and are some of the heartiest Drosera around. Camponotus cruentatus is one of the largest European ants species. With 2 foot (0.6 m) leaves the King Sundew, Drosera regia, has earned its grandiose name. With 25 - 50 workers.

Common "helping ant" (sclaves) for the predation ants e.g. Great colonies carry on long "highways" their seeds into the nest. Manica rubida s the largest stingable ant species from europe, very strong and tough ants.

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