I asked my 17 brothers and sisters and they didn’t know either. Unless you include my cat.” – Frankie Boyle, “From what I understand about child birth, it changes you ‘downstairs’. 30 of Romesh Ranganathan’s funniest jokes and quotes I was having sex with this poor girl and I was trying my best, but I was like Scotland at the World Cup – just happy to be there.” – Russell Howard, “Not all sexual experiences have to be filled with anger. Masturbation always leads to sex. Obviously, they don’t know that yet… – Gary Delaney, Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer’s 41 best jokes and most surreal quotes I tried phone sex once, but the holes were too small.

The young couple next door to me have recently made a sex-tape. 11. But you probably can’t tell in these trousers. By becoming a ventriloquist. Doctor: “Sir, I have some bad news. What’s as big as an elephant but weighs 0 kg? What is so fragile that when you say its name you break it? I tell of all things in the world that people do. Doctor: “Because I’m trying to examine you.”, Bartender: “What’s the matter buddy?” For example, in the movie Saw, Jigsaw, the lead character of the movie, gives his victims a chance at survival by engaging them in a riddle. 105 of the best clean jokes and one-liners

What has three ways out and just one way in. While most of the times the answer is quite easy, there are times when his riddles are really difficult to comprehend. Did you hear about the constipated mathematician? Don’t look! What falls, but does not break, and what breaks but does not fall?

What goes up when the water comes down? X is the father of Y. How come? Some months have 31 days, others have 30 days. He wanted to make 3 pieces of toast for breakfast. His mom was in a jam. Put me in a bucket, and I'll make it lighter. 50 of Milton Jones’s most ingenious jokes and one-liners So what are the possible chances that he tosses it again and it lands on heads? How many dogs are left in total? What did the man with a broken leg say to his nurse? What’s greater than God and more evil than the devil. 100 of the funniest ever jokes and best one-liners A wet nose. 16 of Barry Chuckle’s greatest jokes Man: “I told her to get the hell out!” The best way to make your wife scream during sex is to ring her up and tell her where you are. What am I? If you had only one match and entered a dark room containing an oil lamp, some newspaper, and some kindling wood, what would you light first? An electric train is moving north at 100mph and a wind is blowing to the west at 10mph. Everyone else dies in the lift. 1. Can you explain what happened? 50 of the funniest Father Ted quotes

Gifer. '” – Gary Delaney, “Las Vegas and Glasgow have a lot in common: they’re the only two places in the world where you can pay for sex with chips.” – Frankie Boyle, “One sex therapist claims that the most effective way to arouse your man is to spend 10 minutes licking his ears. It then goes up to the next floor up, no-one gets out, but 12 people get in. 20 of The Young Ones’ most gloriously silly quotes.

100 of the best knock knock jokes (some of which are actually funny)

What is the maximum possible number of times you can subtract the number 5 from number 25?

What’s the difference between an oral and a rectal thermometer? 26 of Stewart Lee’s most gloriously acerbic jokes 17 of Ken Dodd’s most ingeniously funny jokes It’s too long. What gets quickly wet while drying?

No one ever saw me, nor ever will. What did one saggy boob say to the other saggy boob?

He has married many women but has never been married.

I just don’t like things that stop you from seeing the television properly.” – Victoria Wood, “I’ve got a boyfriend at the moment. What did the traffic light say to the car? Two test tickles. Did you hear about the guy who died of a Viagra overdose?

I never was, am always to be.

It is not in your tummy, but somewhere above. 36, and a bee is priced at Rs. I was still w***ing.” – Gary Delaney, “Apparently, women need to feel loved to have sex and men need to have sex to feel loved, so the basic act of continuing the species requires a lie from one of you.” – Billy Connolly, “Sex is like playing Bridge – if you don’t have a good partner, you better have a good hand.” – Peter Kay, “You should only have sex with a famous person if you really, really genuinely want to tell people about it afterwards.” – Sara Pascoe, “The annoying thing about Christmas is running out of batteries because the kids want them for their toys. What’s the difference between hungry and horny? Why is there no jam? One’s a Goodyear. The switches control three light bulbs on the other side of the door.

1. 25 of Lee Mack’s wittiest jokes and one-liners Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer’s 41 best jokes and most surreal quotes, 25 of Dara Ó Briain’s best jokes and funniest quotes, The 28 funniest Greg Davies jokes and quotes, The best Graham Norton jokes and most scathing put-downs, Here are 10 of the funniest jokes written by kids, 35 of the funniest jokes by Northern comedians, The 31 funniest South Park jokes and quotes, 100 of the funniest ever jokes and best one-liners, 100 of the best knock knock jokes (some of which are actually funny), 34 of Lee Evans’ funniest jokes and quotes, 30 of Romesh Ranganathan’s funniest jokes and quotes, 26 of Sara Pascoe’s funniest jokes and quotes, 41 of Eddie Izzard’s funniest jokes and quotes, 41 of David Mitchell’s funniest jokes and quotes, 21 of Rhod Gilbert’s funniest jokes and one-liners, 45 of the funniest 8 out of 10 Cats jokes, 41 of Stewart Francis’ most ingenious jokes and one-liners, 19 of the funniest World Cup jokes from stand-up comedians, 100 pun-based jokes that will make you laugh and cringe, 50 Edinburgh Fringe one-liners that deserved to win Funniest Joke, 31 Best Man jokes that will work for any wedding, 100 of the funniest short jokes that will have you laughing in seconds, 105 of the best clean jokes and one-liners, 50 football jokes to make you laugh – or groan, 100 of the best jokes for kids that are actually funny, 25 of Peter Kay’s most ingenious jokes and one-liners, 26 of Stewart Lee’s most gloriously acerbic jokes, 17 of Ken Dodd’s most ingeniously funny jokes, 27 of Sarah Millican’s laugh out loud jokes, 50 of Jimmy Carr’s funniest jokes and one-liners, 50 of Milton Jones’s most ingenious jokes and one-liners, 50 of Tim Vine’s most ingenious jokes and one-liners, 50 of Frankie Boyle’s funniest (and darkest) jokes, 25 of Charlie Brooker’s most cutting jokes and insults, 25 of Lee Mack’s wittiest jokes and one-liners, 75 of Billy Connolly’s best jokes, one-liners and quips, 30 of the best-ever jokes about Scotland – from Scotland, 30 of Stephen Fry’s funniest jokes and quotes, Burt Reynolds’ greatest quotes – remembering the actor’s wit and wisdom following his death aged 82, 23 of Outnumbered’s funniest (and possibly unscripted) quotes), 35 of Blackadder’s most cunning quips and insults, 29 of the most outlandishly funny Mighty Boosh quotes, 20 of the most absurdly funny quotes from Nathan Barley, 39 of the greatest Brass Eye and Day Today quotes, 25 of the most outrageous Summer Heights High quotes, 25 of the funniest ever Still Game quotes, Red Dwarf: 30 of the funniest quotes and one-liners, Derry Girls: 35 of the funniest quotes and one-liners, 25 of the most cantankerous Martin Crane quotes from Frasier, 25 of the most ‘textbook’ Alan Partridge quotes, 20 of The Young Ones’ most gloriously silly quotes, When the Nevada result will be out, why it's taken so long and how many votes it has, What time Boris Johnson's announcement is today, and how to watch the speech live, When the new Covid lockdown rules began, and how long the restrictions will last, US election results map 2020 - live: Who won the Presidential election in every state, How far you can travel for exercise during the second lockdown in England. 25 of Peter Kay’s most ingenious jokes and one-liners 45 of Ricky Gervais’ funniest jokes I can give you a five-gallon container and a three-gallon container? Did you hear about the romance in the tropical fish tank? What starts with ‘e’ and ends with ‘e’ but only has one letter in it? Which is that number?

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