under user accounts?Merits of flight innovation...... don't quite know what it means....I take it you enjoyed that last little bit?

Powered hang gliders come in all kinds of configurations with the possible exception of a flying bathtub. There are NO FREE PLANS for "making your own hang-glider" - why do you think that is ? The amount will vary, but the plane should balance near the top crease in the wing.

No, Daedalus is not a member, nor will you have any success in contacting him or his son...Here's a link if you want to learn.

most of the research admittedly is from intensely watching videos and looking at pictures with the best views for the wings and frames.

Soo cool, but I don't think I would trust something i built. For the dotted lines, the foam board should only be cut halfway. Wear a helmet (of course) and pads, or at least duct-tape a pillow to your chest and back.

Two nose wires attach the nose and control bar.

They basically began as large kites, and … thoughts: safety zipline when testing (see shotty image). This will give you a better place to tape them down. Good luck. The very first post includes a link to plans in a zip file. Unless you’re afraid of heights, taking to the skies is a liberating experience. I asked to question to gain info from those who know about materials and design patterns so that I could chop the errors part down as much as possible.I don't currently have an income, but I do have lots of materials available.

Fold the shape in on the creases at right angles. Did it work? As you do this you will start to feel something (it may your wings lifting you to the sky and may be the sandy hill smacking you in the face as you tumble down it) whatever it is you feel, be it lift, drag or cold hard reality, it will teach you about what was wrong and hopefully what was right about your design. Hang gliding is an exciting method of one-person aircraft travel. Use the hobby knife to make the cuts.

And that’ll become very evident as soon as you become intimately acquainted with a tree trunk. Very cool project. The nose angle is where your hang glider is pointed.

This is a project I did in less than a week, for around 100$, it is a classic rogollo hang glider, based off the "bamboo butterfly" . Any actual info on materials and design shapes? If the plane climbs when thrown, more weight is needed. There are many variations on sale online - one I may buy as a first try is a poofy overhead sail, built for a skateboarder ... the ones for waterskiers are pretty cool too, and those have more riging. This glider will provide hours of enjoyment for people of all ages. Visit http://ushawks.org/forum/search.php?search_id=active_topics there is a hang gliding community there that can help you. You can pick up 2nd hand Gliders, even classic and vintage types for a lot less than the costs of severe injury.

You are quite mistaken. You’re going to move your weight forward again, and level off at a new altitude. Lol.Edit: what would you do to improve this design if I were to build it?

Although I'm sure you could create something worthy of flight, I just think you'd be better off getting this kind of information from the experts. Anyway that's where I am heading, rather than the regular wing models which seem harder to guide and more crashable. Include a triangle shape that would be formed from two leading-edge tubes and a keel that splits the middle in half and forms the nose or forward angle of the triangle. Nothing in your question suggested that you had taken into account any factors regarding safety or for that matter common sense. Most experts believe it is unsafe to fly a home-made hang glider. Then you’re going to purposely stall out the glider, which means you’re going to shift your weight back, and stall it out, like you would if you kept climbing too long in the air, and lost all momentum.

Don't invite "ridicule" and you won't perceive it. Be careful not to launch the plane too high or low. Primarily you’ll be using a weight shift glider.

Harnesses should have adjustable straps to conform to different body types. 7 months ago The roadsters are pricey. 1 year ago. Building your own hang glider is a pretty sure fire way to aquire (angel) wings.....Cheap and safe do NOT go together, ever. As much as we’d like to think we’re superheroes, we’re not. There is a huge kite festival here in every year January. I had a tiny hill to fly this off of, I still got flights of 40-50ft. but usually that means they are tested and are legit, and safety is of the utmost importance when you're building any sort of transporting structure. ), i think you should make a small model first and go from there. Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm. What should you do if you want to experience flying, but you’re not inured enough with heights to do the more extreme free fall pursuits? Create aircraft grade steel wires in the design, which will support the different weights and stresses put on the glider during flight.

DIMENSIONS: The keel on mine was 22ft with sail going to 20ft so I had room to connect wiring. I high school, I took JROTC for aeronautics.

So when you’re approaching the ground, you’re going to switch your hand position one hand at a time. I fly hang gliders, and while the look simple, they aren't. dont do it without any experience. Use two rubber bands in a X pattern to hold the wing in place.

I break my ligaments whith a little jump on the grass, while practicing paragliding, very very easily. Gliders stay aloft longer without wind or power. All the required materials are very cheap and this project should not cost you more that $15. In the interest of preserving your time on Earth, review these particularly dangerous hang gliding situations and steer clear, especially if you’re a newbie.

Use a straight and level toss to start your glider through the air.

For the bars sticking down from the crossbar they are 3ft long bolted on the crossbar. If you’re planning to fly that high up, make sure you’re on special alert.

Using the open flap mentioned in step 5, place your ballast in the nose of the plane. Repeat until you are satisfied with your design. Rework the design, go back to the drawing board and work out the kinks, visit your local hang gliding club and school and get some instruction and a close up look at real gliders...Google is crawling with information on aerodynamics and aero structures - I can provide some very respected books that can give you a foundational understanding - research and work this out and then share your project as something that can be built and safely flown. I am a professional engineer, I LIVE AND BREATH safety factors, and clearly I have considered more of them than you have. You have to make sure your foot speed and nose angle are aligned. I am going to rebuild another glider that has a larger wingspan and more bracing. The wing shouldn't be on the center of the fuselage but a little towards the nose.

My advice; you should totally do it! Well done! The mere act of being airborne outside the confines of a plane  is magical, no matter how you achieve that rush. Reply This is common sense, yes, but sometimes weather comes on suddenly. What we are is susceptible to dangerous collisions with buildings, cars and civilians. When I was a junior one of the seniors was studying a certain effect discovered by the Wright brothers and nobody else. Porch swing needs a frame so that the porch swing can hang properly. Leave the top flap of the nose cone open so that you can add your weight here later. Reply This is super cool!

Keep these facts in mind for a good design 1. You need to examine aerodynamics, Materials science, Structural science and have a more than good look at commercial designs.

Remember, the glider will start to lift you on its own only when its aligned properly between angle of the nose and foot speed. You need a good 10mph wind to fly this thing. Building a flying machine is not a so simple as can be answered here on a comments section, you must go out and do quite a bit of leg work(no pun) weather that be in a university, a library or through tenacious backyard experiments(probably all three). But in the pioneer years of hanggliding, the sport was still for those with some guts, now it has evolved into a sport for those with many bucks.

if money was not an issue, perhaps i would just buy 1.but hey, innovators never got anywhere by simply sticking with what was already available, right...? The other two wing ribs can be used at the root of each of the wing end pieces. Sadly, I have no ideas, but if you like hang gliding then you sgould read this book "The Maze" It's a great book and an easy read. Be cautious do during the test fly,  first  on the bunnyhill. Hello, a friend and I are trying to build a hang glider this summer with a similar design! Once you’re in the landing position, you drop any landing gear that might be attached, like wheels, and take a couple steps running as you come close to the ground.

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