Alice runs into the room, asking where the Doctor is. Willdar is incredibly nervous. Very shortly after leaving Messaline, Jenny's ship runs out of power, but she is eventually able to reconfigure her ship's shields into a wormhole generator. The Oriel, the greatest art gallery in the world, has everything: Dogs at tables playing cards... the Mona Lisa... special tour guides... and a strange metal statue. It was capable of controlling the water, causing it to flow in unnatural directions. Streams of time distortions are emanating from the hole, reaching out for the station, even accounting for the station's continual drift.

Alice comments on it, giving the Doctor an idea. The Doctor deducted that the Flood, like the Ice Warriors, have a weakness to heat. After spending six months on the planet, trading her technical skills for the resources needed to craft her armor, Terebek reappears. The Doctor has been selected as one of the pilots. Years later, River meets Doctor Willdar at his graduation and tells him of what she had to do. Warriors ambush River, encircling her. The alarm is being caused by the TARDIS's Doomsday Circuit, which goes off when it detects the end of time, or, in this case, space. Soon, in front of him, he sees a Silurian. The Cybermen were already here, planning the attack. Flood. This edit will also create new pages on Comic Vine for: Until you earn 1000 points all your submissions need to be vetted by other However, it turns out they are mistaking him for Doctor Bell, who is supposed to be visiting the station to conduct an inspection. At that moment, the group is surrounded by Silurians. Return of the Daleks Throwback: The Soul of a Cyberman The Final Quest The Doctor quickly moves over to a nearby console. The corridor also serves as the anchor for the station, protecting it from the helix's gravitational forces.

However, the Cybermen have trashed the lower docking ring.

With no time to ponder on this, the trio quickly get inside the TARDIS and dematerialise, seconds before the station self destructs. The Land of Happy Endings commemorated TV Comic, and reintroduced for a single story the Doctor's grandchildren from TV Comic, John and Gillian.

Those words strike a brainwave in the Doctors and they establish a psychic link with their previous selves.

The Doctor yells at Cindy to run away from the docking port, as the station is being invaded by the Cybermen. The Flood's natural state was in liquid water. The Doctor heads over to Jessop and his crew, who have boarded a collection probe. Rassilon asks the Doctor how he was missed by the census. It was also capable of infecting other life forms by coming into contact with them, making them spasm and convulse as they were taken over, mainly because it was a viral life-form.

In the altered timeline, the Tenth Doctor visited Bowie Base One at the same time that the Flood infected Andy Stone thanks to a broken filter. River jumps down to help Willdar, and she finds out that Willdar has no charges left, and he didn't bring "the cutting laser".

ISBN-13: 9781905239658, 978-1905239658.

The Doctor makes a comment that the current use of validium in the links is dangerous, and that they should use mercury or rubidium instead. She picks up North's Taser and fires it at the Cybermen, rendering them visible. (, Alice remembers piercing the veil of the beyond to stop a bunch of ", The Eleventh Doctor connects to his TT Capsule via, The Twelfth Doctor uses his sonic screwdriver like a microphone. DALEK ANNUAL 1979. River spots a pot in the center of the room, which she assumes is the Dacha, when a voice rejects this, and confirms that they are the Dacha.

As the Doctor instructs Vastra to flee the island, Rose calls out to him, pointing out that some of the Silurians have been infected by the white energy before even Vastra and Flint fall victim to it.

She questions who they are, and upon receiving blank faces (as nobody can see them), she notices they're walking towards her.

The Doctor does a deep scan of the collapsing helix, and finds that it's not becoming a black hole, but a white hole. Starring: Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman. Suddenly, the TARDIS shakes. With some adjustments, the Doctor not only fixes the shields, but improves them. While the doctor is distracted by more erratic behaviour, North plants a listening device on him and proceeds to walk outside and listen to his conversation. • Genesis! The Doctor then re-aligns the energy beam, pushing the pod safely through the corridor. A starship crashes into the library, demolishing it completely but with the trio unharmed, with Nardole protecting Bill. It ended with the Eighth Doctor and Destrii still together.

In a section of space, a white … The scanners then detect approaching ships, that turn out to be Cyber-ships. The Doctor patches Cindy into the comm unit and tells her to get away from the docking port. Art Attack was a Doctor Who Magazine comic story featuring the Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler.

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