However, with a factory reset, you just need to back up your data and then erase it. Step 1: – Download Software and Install on Your Computer, Step 2: – Select Partition from Which Files Deleted Automatically and Click on Scan button. Another benefit of this method is that you can perform a factory reset remotely. Let's take a closer look at these two options. Windows has a convenient feature that allows users to perform a factory reset and erase all the files, that is “Reset this PC”. Rebooting erases RAM where your computer stores the document that you are working on - like when you typed in this question. You may need to reboot a computer in the course of normal use or as a troubleshooting step to resolve a problem, and Windows and Mac OS both provide ways for you to restart your computer quickly when needed. SEE: Windows 10 power tips: Secret shortcuts to your favorite settings (Tech Pro Research). The idea of clearing your data using a factory reset isn’t such a far-fetched idea. This is clearly mentioned in this article with its cause and its possible manual methods to retrieve it. Nicky is a business writer with nearly two decades of hands-on and publishing experience. (See Be prepared: Create a Windows 10 Recovery Drive for a description of that process.) After the computer restarts, try to login with your own account details as there are chances to create a temporary account after the reboot. You will feel like your data is securely deleted while it’s really still all there. If you really want to create high standards of security for your company and your information really is that important, it may help to get special software to perform complete data erasure, or use methods like degaussing (destroying the magnetic field on the hard disk completely to destroy all of its data) to render hard drives completely useless. In case you have a burning need to permanently get rid of the data on your computer, such as when you’re selling it, you can consider hiring an expert to do it. I could not understand what could be the reason for this issue. Rebooting is a key troubleshooting step because it fixes a huge variety of problems. During the reboot process, all of the computer’s logic is reset. Hence, it is recommended to Download The Software. To run Reset This PC with the Remove Everything option as I'll describe in this article, you'll need to have created a Recovery Drive. It doesn't actually delete the data or modify the disk sectors containing the data in any way. They don’t delete everything on the computer. Please help, any recommendation would be highly appreciated!”, “Recently, my laptop was running too slow and then I restarted the machine to fix the issue. For most intents and purposes, a factory reset is enough. Step 3: – After Successful Recovery the Software will provide you Preview of All Recovered Files. After this, I realized that all my files got deleted. Factory resets aren’t perfect. If you choose the Fully Clean The Drive option, the Reset This PC tool will perform a full format of the hard disk that will involve a much more methodical and secure erasure of your data. As you'd expect, this option will take a long time to complete. I was shocked that all my files, documents, images were missing after the restart. In fact, phone companies do that with refurbished phones. By this, few files can be recovered out of the entire files. Women on Writing. This is important, especially when devices get lost.

Share your comments and advice in the discussion thread below. "Programs" like photoshop or paint are safely stored on your hard drive.

It restores the computer to factory settings. The option you choose will depend on the reason you're resetting your PC. But how? All you have to do is click on a button, and everything goes away. However, the data does sit in the background until it is overwritten by new data. Factory resets, because of their simplicity, create a false sense of security. When it boots back up, you'll go through all the steps in the first-time set up procedure. It’s important to know what caveats exist for this type of data erasure and find out which situations make it appropriate. You can set a policy for those employees who have sensitive company data on their phones to allow for remote factory resets.

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