Legal Notes. The oldest known written mention of Atlantis is found in two of Plato’s dialogues, Timaeus and Critias, dating from the fifth century B.C. Josephus reported that one of the columns was still standing in his time. And there is no evidence of similar people anywhere else that could be proof of the Egyptians and Mayans dispersing across the globe. The Great Pyramid was built about 12,000 BC and altered by the IVth Dynasty Pharaoh Cheops in 3200 BC. Even if Atlantis was proven to exist, it would be hard to prove that the two different civilizations came from the same place. The Atlantean Dynasties were said to have lasted over seven-thousand years. The Third Pyramid of Mycerinus, although the smallest, is structurally the most interesting as it is superimposed upon a smaller pyramid and has a curiously unbalanced series of chambers cut into the rock (as if the original plan had been altered at a later date). Another legend tells how Ra ordered Hathor and Sekhmet to destroy mankind, which they did with fire, and afterwards when they were wading in human blood, he told them to stop. In the March 1957 issue of Atlantis, Sykes published Some Notes On Egyptian Myth And Legend. Sykes believes that the pyramids were never intended as burial places but as depositories of ancient lore, to preserve it from the deluge. About Us | But, just as the pyramid case the archaeological record does not support this hypothesis. | Tradition has ascribed the architectural knowledge and the geometric skills needed for the erection of pyramidal structures to Imhotep, reputed advisor to King Zoser of the IIIrd Dynasty. | There was much talk in the 1960’s among Atlantologists about cosmic ray experiments that revealed unknown chambers in the Great Pyramid. The Giza pyramid complex is probably the finest known piece of early architectural planning, with the possible exception of the city of Babylon. There was one column of brick and one of stone, and the information was transcribed into the Book of Thoth which was placed in the penetralia of the Temples of Egypt (which at that time covered an area from Damascus to Thebes) by Agathodaemon (the son of the second Hermes and father of Tat). In Turrah, near Cairo, Herman Junker dug up in 1909-1910, a series of prehistoric tombs from the First Dynasty, in which were found the names of Den, Mersen, and others; and one piece was marked King Scorpion, who is usually considered as the King preceding Menes. Those tales show that before the first Egyptian dynasties arose, there was a tradition of ancient culture in the deserts to the West and the East of Egypt, which seems to be linked with the arrival of the first Atlantean refugees. But this is not proof enough that all these people came from the same place that can also not be found. The Thothic records were well known in remote antiquity; two references of 2500 BC were catalogued in the library at the Temple of Edfu — Laws of Periodic Appearances of the Stars and Scriptures of the House of Life. The Egyptian civilization was superimposed on a Stone Age one. Egypt, Maya, and Atlantis. Proudly powered by WordPress. At some period, probably about 5000 BC, the climate changed and they were obliged to seek refuge elsewhere.

The Flood did not completely devastate Egypt, which may only have decreased somewhat in size as suggested by the Priests of Sais in speaking to Solon. Did the link occur in the post-diluvial period when a few refugees managed to reach Egypt? Egyptologists have different ideas as to why the Sphinx was erected and what it was supposed to signify.

The story is in the Arabian Nights and is entitled Yamilka. Their forefathers, prior to the First Dynasty in about 3500 BC, had already made a star map which enabled us today to identify some of the star groups. I think with the building of the pyramids, there is enough evidence to conclude that the Egyptians built them without help from greater beings.

The Priests of Menes had writing in its infancy but knew that the year consisted of 365 1/4 days. This Assyrian Lunar Calendar was used by all the other Mediterranean cultural peoples of ancient times including the Greeks. The term Sothic is based on the name Thoth plus Sirius, and it may be taken that Thoth emerged at the time of the first appearance of Sirius in the skies of Egypt and initiated the Sothic period. If this hypothesis was true then the archaeological record should show evidence of a great movement from an unknown land. If it was true that aliens taught the Egyptians to build the pyramids then archaeological evidence should depict in some form, either in writing, pictures, or something similar, the alien beings and their teachings. In July 1968, Sykes published The Three Pyramids of Giza in New World Antiquity, in which he stated, "... the three Pyramids plus the Temple of the Sphinx are interconnected by a network of subterranean passages, the entrances to which are now concealed under the piles of rubble which have been carefully placed in the various bits of tunneling since the days of Vyse and Perring. The tale was told by Abou Balkh, who said that two pyramids were four-hundred cubits in height and that on the casing, charms and wonders were inscribed. According to Manetho (who lived in 300 BC and was the High Priest of Thoth at Sebennytos), the Siriadic Columns were set up by Thoth (6111 BC), the original Hermes Trismagistus, who brought knowledge of writing, science, and astronomy to the early Egyptians. Egypt was a colony of Atlantis according to the Emerald Tablets of Thoth (thought). This implied the existence of an elaborate and extensive literature in the early dynasties. The frescoes containing lines of accurately designed hieroglyphics (fragments of myth, legend, cosmology, astronomical lore, history, geography, religious concepts) indicated that there must have been archetypes from which the texts were prepared and copied. There are several indications that the hieroglyphic system preceded the First Dynasty, and that Thoth adapted it to a set system and so it remained for three-thousand years. No part of this publication may be reproduced, transmitted, transcribed, stored in a retrieval system, or translated into any language or computer language, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, magnetic, optical manual, or otherwise, or by prior written permission of Seachild. Manetho places him in the epoch of the gods; thus, he may have been the last Atlantean ruler. There is no evidence of high beings from space or lost civilizations aiding the Egyptians, and no advanced technology or tools have been recovered. Hathor and Sekhmet became drunk and forgot about killing mankind.

Egyptian myth and legend had already solidified before the 1st Dynasty came into power (3500 BC) after uniting the two kingdoms of Upper and Lower Egypt. Atlantis | When Manetho says that Menes was the first man to rule over Egypt, he may mean the first aboriginal king. In 1952, in Atlantis, Paul Hoffman stated about the Giza pyramid complex in Egypt, "I am perfectly convinced that the solution of a good deal of our problems concerning the Egyptian-Atlantean connection lie buried there.”, Egerton Sykes studied ancient Egypt; 1945. The only structures in Egypt that may date back to the days of Atlantis are the three Great Pyramids, which may well have been put up before the disaster. Then there would also have to be evidence of Atlantis really existing. I think there would be a more written records if anything. As the following two paragraphs reveal, other Atlantologists theorized Atlantean links to Egypt, including a reference to the Sea-People and Paul Schliemann’s reference to a papyrus. The Medinet Habu in Egypt near Karnac, contains paintings on the wall of the temple erected by Ramses III to commemorate his 1195 BC victory over the attacking Sea-People (these inscriptions name the attacking tribes as the Phrest, the Saskar, and the Denen., and the wave logo, are copyrights or registered trademarks of Seachild or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries. The Second Pyramid of Chephren was probably built before the First.

If any of this evidence was found then it would be fair to continue to test the hypothesis, but there is only evidence for the Egyptians purely using man-power to build tombs for their pharaohs.

The zodiac first evolved in Egypt. Home | The Pyramids, dubbed Cheops, Chephren, and Mycerinus (also known as Rhodopis) in descending order of magnitude, together with the Sphinx and its Temple, stood on a rock plateau overlooking the waters of the Nile, in the days before the Aswan Dam was built. Contact Us | Paul Hoffman raised a series of questions in Atlantis in November 1952 in A Possible Egyptian Time Scale, concerning the link between ancient Egypt and Atlantis: Was contact made in the pre-cataclysmic period when the Atlanteans were colonizing the Mediterranean basin?

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