They are compatible with the signs of Bastet and Isis. Now as you know about the 12 Egyptian zodiac signs according to Egyptian astrology, you know which sign you belong to. They are most compatible with the signs Isis and Thoth. There’s a reason cats have nine lives—they’re keen on their intuition and have a sixth sense about things, just like sensitive Cancer. Horus is the God of the Sky and represents order and harmony, he was born after his father’s death and is the protector of the pharaoh. They are most compatible with the signs of Sekhmet and Horus. Sekhmet is compatible with Geb and Bastet. They would do well in careers as a judge or CEO. They try to avoid conflict whenever they can. People born under this sign are strong, tough and hardworking, they also make great leaders because they are good listeners and are generally popular amongst their peers.

Mut, the goddess of the sky, is just as protective of people he loves—when they care, they care hard.

They are good communicators and love to be the center of attention. We've listed the Ancient Egyptian Gods and zodiac signs below along with each God's character traits, compatibility and qualities: Amun-Ra is the creator of the universe and of mankind and is considered the king of the Gods. Hence, the various signs are based on the gods and goddesses of Egypt. Continue Reading…, People born under the sign of Horus have a lot of courage. While Western astrology has dominated most of what pop culture takes as the cold hard facts, folks on the other side of the planet experience a multitude of ways to interpret the stars. The God or Goddess which represents your sign holds vital secrets regarding your character, your skills, your strengths as well as your weaknesses. Thoth people like to take control and lead groups of people, they are generally loveable and respectful characters. They have a hard time being in one place. Mut is a symbol for the mother. Egyptian astrology is a relatively vague subject, but what we do know is that it is each sign is based on a God or Goddess, just a Western astrology is based on the zodiac signs. They are compatible with the signs of Bastet and Geb. These bursts of emotions Anubis folks are prone to have display their extreme sensitivity. Mut people are often sensitive and reserved, but they become more self-confident with time, they are also very generous, patient and charming. You aren't afraid of taking risk and often throw caution to the wind.

Bastet is the Goddess of womankind and home life, she is also known as the cat goddess. If you’re a feline-friendly Cancer, then you’re in luck because the Egyptians say you’re closest to Bastet, the goddess of cats. It is representative of a new start. Mut is a symbol for the mother. Continue Reading…, Thoth is known as the god of wisdom.

They are very intelligent and do best in positions of authority. Let’s cross-reference our sun signs with the gods of the Egyptian pantheon and see if astrology from different parts of the globe line up. Continue Reading…, People born under the sign of Bastet are searching for peace and balance in their lives. Your email address will not be published. It takes a lot of courage to be a Libra when you feel obligated to make a revolution happen, and make things right. Sign up to read the latest in style, culture and entertainment. People born under this sign make good leaders. Their Egyptian counterpart is the goddess of nature, Isis. I’m Morgan – a passionate blog writer interested in various subjects linked with astrology, horoscopes, numerology, and lifestyle.

According to Egyptian legend, Seth is the God of chaos and notably has an influence on the weather. His primary concern is making sure the river stays fertile and rich—think of Sagittarius spreading good vibes from one place and one social circle to the next. The Nile is the beginning. Anubis is compatible with Bastet and Iris. People born under this sign are nurturers by nature and make good parents.

The ancient Egyptians believed your personality and life were determined by the sign you were born under. When they’re not having a fit, they like to keep the peace—conflict stresses them out and propels them to turn to high vibe occult activities just to tune out the noise. They are most compatible with the signs of Set and Horus.

Osiris is the God of death and eternal life, he symbolizes rebirth after death and resurrection. On the other hand, Thoth astrology people can at times be impatient to finish tasks. The charmer of the zodiac, Aquarius has no problem hopping from one group to the next, making friends everywhere. Continue Reading…, People born under the sign of Geb are kind-hearted and sensitive. At the same time Mut folks are very reserved about how much they give. Different cultures all around the world have a close and intimate relationship with the stars and the galaxy. They are logical and practical thinkers and would do well in careers in law, nursing or teaching. Continue Reading…, I don’t have one cause I was born on August 8th. Thoth is compatible with Bastet and Isis. They are compatible with the signs of Osiris and Thoth. Taurus isn’t typically associated with leadership qualities, but the ancient Egyptians believed people born during this season to manifest the qualities of Amun-Ra, god of creation. And the ancient Egyptians—doused in mystery and esotericism—have their own lineage too. These people have a very peaceful and passionate nature about them. Not such a bad trade-off, really. Continue Reading…, The third Egyptian zodiac sign in Mut. Hapi is the ancient God of the Nile and is responsible for fertilizing the land. Egyptian Astrology: What Is My Egyptian Zodiac Sign?

They are naturally romantic and are always looking for a stable partnership. THE NILE (Jan 1 – Jan 7, Jun 19 – Jun 28, Sep 1 – Sep 7, Nov 18 – Nov 26) This is the only non-god sign of the traditional Egyptian Zodiac. It would stand to reason that the boldness, impatience, and fiery temper Aries is known for just masks how fragile they are on the inside.

4. Required fields are marked *. Self-sufficient and capable, she navigates the world with a clear head and heart, no matter what the circumstances are. Let’s look at an overview of each sign in Egypt astrology. They love to be in charge and crave security. Egyptian astrology is also composed of 12 Egyptian zodiac signs but they are completely different from Western astrology.It is worth pointing out that Egyptians have a sincere belief in the Gods. You are a very hard worker and self-motivated. They trust their intuition and their feelings and can be affected deeply by things happening in the world. Yours is Sekhmet. They are optimistic and want to always be the best in life. Bastet stands out because she is pictured with a cat or lioness’ head with a human body. On one side they are strong and on the other they are vulnerable. Geb is the God of the Earth and played a hand in the examining of hearts of the deceased, in order to determine the kind of afterlife they would have. I have come across 2 egyptian zodiacs and my sign is different in each. Bastet is also responsible for protecting women and ensuring their fertility. It’ll do them well to rein it in a little bit. Virgos are known for their unbeatable organizational and analytical skills.

They come across as being very controlled and confident. Each astrology sign is represented by one Egyptian God. Morgan. Connect with friends faster than ever with the new Facebook app. Typically, those with this particular sign are great at solving problems, organizing things and often have a real knack for writing, because Thoth invented writing and scribe. The Isis zodiac sign is commonly described as “carefree, adventurous, direct, straightforward, blunt, light, playful, lucky, humorous and wise”. Certain days of the year are represented by each of the signs. Beneath Leos flair is a strong and bold connection to the heart—they’re truly driven by the stirrings that go on in the emotional realm. Isis looks out for and protects women at the moment of giving birth. Horus people are very focused, and will do their upmost to achieve their goals. They are very passionate and need time to be introspective. Think street-smart not just book smart. Continue Reading…, People born under the sign of Isis are very direct. They are most compatible with the signs of Amon-Ra and Thoth. Of all the Egyptian zodiac signs this is the first one and the only one that does not represent an Egyptian god. As tradition goes, Geb’s laughter would cause earthquakes. They strive to be the best at what they do and are motivational and encouraging to others. Isn’t it strange that Isis is associated with Virgo yet is basically identical to the personality type of Sagittarius? Isis doesn’t fit me at all. By studying your Egyptian sign we can also reveal your horoscope compatibility, ruling planets and even your personality traits.

If you’ve ever felt the flip-flopping wishy-washy nature of Gemini, you’ve experienced the full range of Seth’s thoughts, emotions and astrological prowess. Continue Reading…, People born under this Anubis Egyptian astrology sign love solitude. Shop, dine, selfie: Discover Hong Kong like a local! Let’s look at an overview of each sign in Egypt astrology. Over in Egypt, they’re ruled by the intellect, which also spills over to wisdom. Anubis is known as the guardian of the underworld, the God of death and the afterlife. Their personalities are introverted, but nevertheless authoritative, they are no pushovers and take everything in their stride; nothing is too complicated for them. Horus, the god of the sky, works on a very regimented calendar too, resulting in a personality that can be very inflexible and stubborn. You may relate to a different element from what your Sun Sign / Zodiac Sign element is. Continue Reading…, People born under the Seth Egyptian sign are perfectionists who are always seeking change. They are compatible with the signs of Bastet and Isis.

But Virgos are quite humorous, playful and adventurous too, I’m not sure about direct though. Isis is the Goddess of Pharaohs and of motherhood, she is the guardian of children, the poor and the deceased.

Ruled in the Egyptian pantheon by Sekhmet, the goddess of war, this personality makes friends and keeps their enemies closer. They love to dream about the possibilities of life. The god of chaos likes to keep life “interesting,” by diving deep into life’s lows and rising up to all its highs too. They have lots of energy and are very independent.

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