Thanks. the bulb loads from the end, and the shade is more of a cover, a bit elongated. I have yet to come across replacement shades of the same color tho. It has a round base with a little twist switch on the base. Earlier models of the Emeralite had the shade attached through holes in the sides (4378 series).

We've sent you an email to confirm your subscription. View cart for details. You can find a catalog at If you don’t have time to sit around waiting for one popping up on eBay, you can try to get a custom-made shade from a glassmaker making lamp shades. This might be a bit challenging to determine, especially if you are purchasing one online. it has a fancy cast base on the edge & kind of an Arts & Crafts look where the “trunk” of the lamp ends & it branches out in tubular brass arms with round sockets to hold the arms. At the time of its introduction, light bulbs gave off a very intensive and harsh light that was uncomfortable to look at. The lamp’s story actually goes back as far as 1909, when American engineer Harrison D. McFaddin filed a patent application for “a new, original and ornamental design for lamp shades”. (20% off), £69.99

Hello Cindy Like many other antiques, vintage Emeralite lamps sell for a decent price, especially if it’s in good condition. This means that the actual shade should be situated approximately at the middle of the bolts holding the shade. If you decide to get one without the shade, you should keep in mind that finding a decent replacement shade is no easy task.

U.S.A.” Can you help me with any other info such as the age? that is much lighter than the glass shades I have found currently for sale. Because of this,  it was common in these occupations wore those green visors from the late 19th to the middle of the 20th century. I found a bankers lamp at a rummage sale, in a garage that was covered with dirt and junk. If you just want a cool bankers lamp, there are plenty of retailers selling bankers lamps all around the world. Models from the 8734 production series are the most common, however, some models rarer than others. If you spot defects or missing parts, don’t be afraid to argue for a fair discount. Find great deals on eBay for emeralite lamps. I’ve contacted you, sorry for the late reply C $3,507.98; or Best Offer; Shipping not specified; 23 Watching. If the decal is missing, you might want to look for an ink stamp. If you believe you can help, please send me an email where I can send you photos of the lamp as the glass was longer than a regular bankers lamp. Many lamps are in a pretty rough condition which warrants significant discounts. In addition to the logo, you should find the production series number, as well as a made in USA/Czechoslovakia (the shades were made in former Czechoslovakia). Where would you recommend purchasing from (apart from ebay)? Learn more. This is actually why the lamp is called the Emeralite, which is a combination of the words emerald and light. Any suggestions? Emeralite and Bellova - The Lamps of H. G. McFaddin & Co. Emeralite and Bellova - The Lamps of H. G. McFaddin is a complete web site featuring hundreds of exquisite photos and a detailed history of the company.

Because of this, you want to make sure that you are getting the real deal. There are several online retailers offering them and you get them in all of the popular colors. Last 5 years have a crème colored one on the lamp now but still missing the original color. Although getting one of these might be the pinnacle of owning a bankers lamp, you might just want to settle for a replica for starters. Therefore, always make sure to ask if you spot any damage. The neat, green glass shades were made using the cased glass technique, which is when you create a single glass piece by fusing two or more glass layers with different colors. Hi. There was a problem subscribing you to this newsletter. Other lamps might still have the original wiring and/or wall plug, which is often in pretty rough condition. Carefully measure this distance and compare it to the diameter of the replacement shade you are interested in buying. One feature that was much appreciated was the design of the glass shade, which was slightly flattened on the back and sides but sloped gently towards the user in the front, which provided focused lighting for the user. Interesting. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. I have written about some of the different styles available in this article to help you get one that you like. Prices can range from $400-700, but will obviously depend on the type of model and its general condition. Thanks for any assistance you can give me ~. This neat lamp is known as a bankers lamp.

I either need to source new shades made in the lighter material or work out how to tighten the swivel joints (nothing obvious that i can see). No matter the reason, the agreement between the two companies stated that J. Schreiber & Neffen could only produce the glass shades for the H. G McFaddin & Co. which, in turn, were required to purchase a minimum volume of shades each year. On the other hand, if you decide to get one that needs some restoration, you are going to be in for a bit of polishing. 1930 PAPER AD Emeralite Desk Lamp Lamps Greist Double Twin Style … The more parts are missing, the bigger the discount ought to be. Hello, I have a bankers lamp for a roll top desk, the lamp needs new glass (the glass was completely smashed). If you ended up getting one, please be sure to share your experience in the comment section below. Although best known as the bankers lamp today, it was originally called the Emeralite, a combination of emerald and light. If you are looking for another color you can go for the edgy, blue colored shade. i broke my wife’s favorite lamp!! I’ve been searching around in order to try to find a place myself, as of now the only place I’ve found original ones are the occasional ones being listed on eBay, as for a custom made one (but not original), the only one I’ve found s far is the one place linked to in the article (but when checking it out now, it seems its out of stock). Here they have plenty of bankers lamps in different styles and colors. I have an article on the original emeralites that you can check out. The prewar models with the characteristic green glass shades are by far the most popular and are sought after by eager collectors.

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