Since the second and third idea is identical to the current Prussian Ideas its very likely that also the Prussian Ideas will be reworked.

Brandenburg has one of the following government types: No provinces in the Empire are under the control of a non-member state (directly or indirectly through a subject), Every province with a core of this country is owned by this country.

With your early pu, you can disinherit you heirs without falling under a pu, making it very easy to get a new dynasty like the Habsburg or Valois. And Prussia is a very strong nation with one of the best militaristic national ideas. At this point, the player can follow the first strategy on this page and expand towards the east, and into Denmark to the north. With some luck you could become Emperor and get the BI. At this moment as emperor I feel like I'm forced to keep everybody happy while not making any progress in the Empire because of the religion aspect of the game I don't know much about. Playing as Brandenburg - year 1532 Very early in the game (around 1480) I became emperor with some luck, been keeping the title by improving relations with the electors.

The main reason is that forming Prussia from Brandenburg is a natural progression in game. Brandenburg should then be in a good position to attack the Livonian Order, and either seize their territory or make them a vassal.

fabricate claim on saxony, declare war on anhalt on 12. december using humiliate rival cb, show force for 30 monarch points.

to begin with, this is a poor choice for you. When the Renaissance spawns, develop Saxon provinces to 10 and Berlin to 20, hastening the institution. One random owned province with Pomeranian, Saxon or Prussian culture: One random owned province with Saxon or Pomeranian culture that is not the capital: If the country does not have custom ideas. Don't forget to declare on TO to either take provinces or force vassalize them. This defaults to your Review Score Setting.

Read more about it in the. Wolgast will have will most likely not be friendly towards you so they will either ally Teutonic Order or Poland, in this case, core Stettin and try and get the union over Ansbach as they will provide you troops in the upcoming wars with Poland or the Teutonic Order. Country gets the modifier “World Renowned” for 20 years, giving the following effect: The country gets the modifier “Imperial Graces” for   15 years, giving the following effects: The country gets the modifier “Imperial Unity” for   15 years, giving the following effect: /Europa Universalis IV/missions/EMP_Prussian_Missions.txt,, Please help improve this article or section by.

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